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craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events List of all international online classifieds sites Clothing - Eugene -January 20, 2020 175.00 Dollar US$ Brand new Lowa men's boots, size 10 1/2. Never been worn, bought brand new from LOWA website and paid $220.00 Contact Karen at 541-968-8976 try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL salem salem bend corvallis eugene klamath falls medford olympic pen oregon coast portland roseburg seattle tri-cities, WA wenatchee yakima > try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL east oregon east oregon bend boise lewiston moses lake pullman-moscow spokane tri-cities, WA twin falls wenatchee yakima > CL. best of craigslist >. eugene. 888888b. 8888888888 .d8888b. 88888888888 .d88888b. 88888888 888 '88b 888 d88P Y88b 888 d88P' 'Y88b 888 888 .88P 888 Y88b. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. oregon choose the site nearest you: bend; corvallis/albany Reviews on Craigslist in Eugene, OR - River Road 2nd Hand, FELLOWS, JohnCrane Property Management, Baker's Shoes & Clothing, Nick James Media, Blue Valley Bistro Coburg, Cityview TV & Computer, Buffalo Exchange, Affordable Computers, Eugene Mission eugene for sale - craigslist. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. eugene > > for sale > post; account; 0 favorites. 0 hidden. CL. eugene > for sale ... « » press to search craigslist. save search. options close. for sale + show 45 categories ...

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2020.09.09 02:49 ArmyOfHeroes02 Help!

I am working on my 84', and I discovered the seats that came with it aren't even gm seats, so I need to find a new set that I can actually use. I've tried my local craigslist, ebay motors, facebook marketplace, even summit racing and nobody has what I'm looking for. I'd like to get a split bench ideally, but I'll take buckets if need be. If you have any ideas of places I can look I'd appreciate it a lot. I live in Eugene, OR if that's helpful.
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2020.08.20 21:23 panchovilla_ Long Term bike sale

I've got a definite date I'm leaving Eugene, in the time I knew I'd be here though I wanted a bike to see the city proper. And I am super glad I did! This place really opens up once you start peddling.
That being said, I'm looking to sell my bike by a certain date but would like to keep riding it before the physical sale. Any reccomendations on places besides craigslist to advertise this kind of thing? I am not sure what the rules are on adverts, but for a small look it's the blue road bike seen on /eugenebiketag
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2020.08.18 18:37 hank_dingo 2010 Ford Transit Connect

Hey folks!
Longtime lurker here. I was debating getting a camper van for a long time, and when my beautiful 2015 Outback was stolen (truly sad) and then declared a total loss (even sadder) I decided to take the insurance money and go for it.
I’ve got about 11k-12k to spend, and I’ve settled pretty solidly on the Ford Transit Connect. I found one that seems to be a good deal, but I wanted to run it past some experts (y’all) and see what you think.
Pros: —GPS and backup camera —Already built out —I don’t need much space (solo touring musician) so this has the perfect amount of storage —Kitchen!
Cons: —Reallly high mileage, and I’m told these things have trans issues left and right —No indication of powebattery setup —Build out looks pretty unsophisticated
I could get a cheaper model and have it built out professionally, but most places in my area have a 2-3 month wait time. I don’t feel confident doing myself. So, is this van a good decision, or should I wait for a better one to come along? Thanks in advance!
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2020.08.15 19:53 happysign0 Good mobile mechanics

All of the ones off craigslist are horrible. Does anyone know a mechanic who would drive 15 miles outside Eugene for a lot of work to be done?
I got three vehicles that need suspension work can pay around $30 an hr
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2020.08.03 01:00 hcohen1 Sell me a SUP?

Anyone wanna sell me a SUP? I'm actually looking for 2, one for me and one of my husband. Really new to it, but have an extensive surfing background. We're in Eugene OR, a local purchase would be a great though I know it's a bit of a long shot! We're also down in Los Angeles a lot. Willing to drive up a couple hours if the price is right.

For still-water SUPing, no preferences for what kind (inflatable, foam, fiberglass whatever), just wanna get in the water in some local lakes and canals around here. Havent seen much action on Craigslist so thought Id give this a try!
DM me!!
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2020.07.12 13:37 nandacast "Q" is Diabolus Rex Church

I am a victim of DR and the Q story is based off of my story. Hear me out.
I am almost 100% certain that “Q” was started by a man named Nyalarthotep Diabolus Rex Church. He goes by “DR” as well as “Diabolus” and “Rex.” He started a trolling operation called the Chaos Imperium, which claimed to be the most advanced in the world. DR used to be the Magister Templi for the Church of Satan and he left due to having different views, including the belief of there being a Satan incarnate (presumably himself although he doesn't say that out loud). He used to have a website called
DR called me up in 2010 after I responded to a nondescript Craigslist ad for an Indy movie, claiming to be a producer. He went by an alias of DR Antonia Wendy and at first, I thought he was a transvestite. He is a small-framed man with one of those kind of higher-pitched voices that small-framed men can have. One of the first things he asked me was "Do you know what 'DR' means?"
He proceeded to stalk me along with a man named Gregory Coots, they were taking turns calling me at DR's direction. DR was trying to get me to partake in a porn with Gregory.
They tried to get me to meet them in private to partake in "a real-life porn version of a movie about cannibalistic, torture-loving vampires." So a snuff. They also had a minor with them at one point and I spoke to him over the phone. The boy was terrified, and they chopped off his testicles.
Please do not laugh, I am not making this up.
And obviously no one wants to be in a snuff porn. These men are out of their fucking minds and they are also strangely controlling and manipulative. DR had this long way of coaxing me towards that request. It started with an invite to be in their cheesy movie that has never been made but has been being filmed for like 15 years, then it was a request to do paid "telephone and internet opinion research" work for women or something, THEN it was a porn, THEN it was a porn involving knives that was supposed to be the "real" version of their cheesy movie.
(I am sincerely sorry if this is difficult to follow. I've been trying to get it down in a shorter, more concise way for over ten fucking years and I still suck at communicating all of this.)
I actually have a lifelong background in performing arts and vocal training and I grew up watching British comedy, so I consider myself to have an extremely good grasp on decent acting, poor acting, and reality. I've dealt with nonstop doubt over this apart from people claiming to be victims of this ring who have messaged me in private. Further, these people have a terribly cheesy movie series front that includes the worst acting I’ve ever seen, and what happened with the boy was so fucked up that it made me reflexively throw up. They really hurt a minor. They claimed to be recording the whole thing for a “Playgirl Podcast,” I assume as some form of blackmail and/or brainwashing.

DR said that he makes art with mutilated body parts. DR was also obsessed with cannibalism, slavery, and torture. Hence why I have been so adamant about discussing this and trying to hold them accountable.

Gregory runs white supremacist meet-ups in Colorado and his family has worked for Fort Carson Military Base for decades, but I knew none of this at the time.

I mentioned this all on Reddit around 2012, on conspiracy and rbi specifically, and no one seemed to believe me. I did not mention DR’s real name. An account claiming to be Gregory Coots or one of his brothers joined in the conversation and eventually I was so bullied that I deleted that original post. However, other victims reached out to me on Reddit. I have reported these people over and over again and they have continued to stalk me with fake accounts for over a decade.

I went to the police and a PI right after the incident with the boy. That PI didn’t really find anything that I couldn’t (honestly, I grew up with computers and digital detective work is probably easier for me than a person 30 years older than me or so). He didn’t even charge me because he thought the whole thing was so bizarre. He has decades of experience in law enforcement and detective work and he went to another detective friend of his who has experience researching the occult. I was told by the PI back in 2010 that I should move somewhere where no one knew my name. However, I was morally repelled by the idea.

Instead I opted to be a permanent vagabond and at one point went on a show on Discovery Channel with the hopes of one day having a platform loud enough to call these people out. The show kind of messed with me and DR and his people also upped their trolling and online harassment when I went on TV. I literally made this very Reddit account right after going on Discovery so that I could talk about these assholes again in 2015.

I have known that Pizzagate and Q-Anon were limited hangout theories for years, since I first heard about them (I guess in 2017? I hadn't heard of them right away in 2016). **I knew they were fake because they are using *my* story.** I wasn’t familiar with that exact term of "limited hangout" itself but rather the concept of them being conspiracies that were meant to throw people off the scent of the truth. My theory is that DR and his Chaos Imperium trolls are the ones who started Q.

Because the organization is a fascist occultist one, because Coots himself was discussing an upcoming coup of sorts at one of his neo-Nazi meetings in Colorado several years ago, and lastly because Trump and many alt-right politicians are such vocal supporters of Q, I feel that this is incredibly important to discuss with the public. Both DR and Coots were discussing a boogaloo-style race war future kind of thing involving some weird dystopia and were also into eugenics. I suppose if I heard this all today my brain would think "Nazi!" but they never mentioned that they were Nazis/white supremacists directly and I didn't know very much about white supremacists when I was 24 or something.

Q and Pizzagate are **dangerous propaganda** and **limited hangout theories** that are promoting semi-true stories in a completely false light, weaponized politically in an attempt to demonize anyone who opposes Trump. They were designed to mask the truth so that DR and his organization can continue operating in broad daylight and anyone who discusses them gets labelled as crazy. Simultaneously, those who actually believe in Q believe that they are opposing Satanists when in fact Q is run by Nazi-Satanists (like the O9A).

*I have nothing against peaceful Satanists, and I am not the kind of person to promote a Satanic panic. I have pacifistic friends who are Satanists. I want to make that clear.

I am admittedly also pretty pissed off about Q. I'm pissed that the truth has been covertly spun and weaponized to manipulate well-meaning people. I'm beyond pissed, actually, because I know it has provoked a lot of people to go down these man-made rabbit holes and you'll never find the truth that way. I was researching these people back in 2010, before the internet was just buried in all the fake stories, and I also bore witness to some of what they actually do. They make snuff and dolcett and tables out of legs and bronze busts out of actual human torsos. They are pedophiles, rapists, and claim to be into cannibalism. DR was raised by parents who were some of the original members of the Church of Satan and from what I've gathered, they taught him how to make body part "art" which they coined "aesthetic terrorism," when he was a very young boy. This perfectly aligns with what DR himself told me over the phone as well. 100%. He's proud of continuing his parents' work and god knows why the fuck he isn't sitting in GTMO right now, because he belongs there.

DR is an engineer as was Greg Coots' father and DR makes torture devices, namely occultist knives, because he does this shit all in a ritualistic manner.
I've had to deal with their nonstop stalking, fake accounts, threats, etc, for over a decade, and meanwhile there is a massive chunk of the population who are literally worshipping these guys, without knowing it.

Lastly, this account that I am using is actually well-known to DR as well as the CI and the Coots. It gets trolled. These people are all ACTIVE Reddit users and use Reddit as well as other platforms to spread and direct their desired narratives. So this post will probably disappear from downvotes as would any comments I leave. I also don’t have the stomach to stick around and get bullied in the comments section, so instead I will leave you with two links that explain some more of this. I haven’t put every single little detail in my articles because DR and his people continuously stalk, troll, and adapt (much like Q says “they” do, or whoever). So please forgive me.
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2020.07.11 20:39 turduckin4lyfe Going to buy this prius C

I am going to look at this and have told them I am not paying more than 11k, hopefully closer to 9k. Thoughts on it? Anything I should look for?
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2020.07.06 08:13 DyreWood Is there a website similar to the "casual encounters" on craigslist that has a presence in Eugene

Basically the title since craigslist has taken down that function I havent found a way for me or my bn partner to straightforward explore some kinks
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2020.06.30 09:07 foxxytroxxy 350 bucks for a tall (27 inch) road bike frame? Is this a ripoff?

What is the benefit to this frame? I've seen tall frames before that go for way cheaper. I have a slightly smaller Schwinn Traveler but would like the tallest frame possible, just to own one and ride it sometimes. (I have to jack up my 25ers to fit properly.)
It's in Eugene, Oregon so maybe the bike market's super steep up there. But I've seen working road bikes of this size go for 85 before.... I can't always drive that far to get them is the only thing.
What to think about this particular advertisement? Thank you
(I have a few other bikes, just looking for a tall frame for myself.)
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2020.06.28 21:35 ranomaly Looking for a roommate or two

I have a three bedroom house that I don't want to give up if I don't have to. It's 1475 a month and I split it with my sister, who is graduated and moving out in a few months. I'd love to fill her room or both rooms with a couple of roommates. I tried craigslist and it's been one weirdo after another, so I thought why not post to the Eugene reddit. I'm a redditor and gamer and maybe that makes this a good place to look for a potential roomie. PM me if you wanna chat about it. I'm a male, 29, and would prefer people close to my age. No pets (I have two cats and we can't add more).
With three people including utilities the cost should be around 550 a month per person.
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2020.06.23 18:41 Soggy_Energy Moving to Eugene from Indiana in a couple of months

Hi! I’ve been a Midwesterner my whole life and I’m ready for a change! I am a 23 year old musician, artist, working class, non-student, bisexual male. I’ve lived in this awful red state my entire life and it has caused nothing but misery. I’m currently paying $500 a month for rent and the minimum wage here is $7.25 an hour. I’ve been unemployed since the start of quarantine and I’ve been fortunate enough to have lenient landlords who live outside of the country and I’ve received some support from others in my life.
I have an opportunity to move into my best friend’s apartment in Eugene along with my partner. He moved to Eugene from Indiana about a year ago and tells me frequently that it’s the best decision he has ever made. I’m sure some locals may scoff at this for whatever reason, but trust me when I say that Indiana is an unbelievably miserable place to live. It is uniquely awful. Every preconceived notion you have about this region of the United States being racist, homophobic, uneducated, underdeveloped, and impoverished are all 100% true.
Our rent in Eugene would be $325 a month plus utilities, which seems like an incredibly good deal considering the minimum wage is $11.25, even after you factor in the higher living expenses. Where I’m living currently, rent that low is unheard of. As of right now, my partner and I have a few thousand dollars saved between the two of us and we’re currently working on renting a U-Haul and getting approval from the property owners to move in.
Although things seem to be going in our favor for right now, we still have some concerns. Primarily, finding work when we get there. We have enough to cover our own rent for a few months and we both have guarantors for our lease, but stable income is important and realistically neither of us can live off of help from our families forever. It would be ideal for both of us to have jobs lined up before we get there.
I have extensive experience working in kitchens, but given the pandemic I am trying to avoid working in dine-in restaurants. Sorry, but sweating over a hot stove, breaking my back carrying dishes, and the potential risk of contracting COVID-19 is not worth the money to me. I’ve been browsing Craigslist periodically to get an idea of what jobs are available, but obviously not all available job opportunities will be posted to Craigslist.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some jobs I might be eligible for that aren’t necessarily service industry positions? I’m particularly interested in overnight custodial work, but that’s really specific. Aside from kitchen experience, I have also done some retail work as a stockecashier and I have cleaning experience. Avoiding contact with large groups of people is a big priority for me and that’s why I’m interested in overnight positions and jobs that don’t require me to work in close relation to the general public. Again, my partner and I value our safety more than money.
I know that work is still limited because of the pandemic, but as of right now there are no jobs that I’m eligible for where I live currently. It’s also important to note that I don’t have a car, but my partner does. I’ve been told that Eugene has reliable public transportation, so hopefully this won’t be an issue. I know that the apartment I’m moving into has bus stops nearby and my friend who already lives there doesn’t have a working vehicle at the moment.
If anyone has any recommendations or advice, I would really appreciate the input! I am excited to start a new life in a place where I won’t feel like I’m being oppressed and exploited on a regular basis. Indiana is going to suffocate me eventually if I don’t act now and I finally have an opportunity to get out, so I’m trying to take advantage of it while I can. I hope to make friends with some of you eventually! :-)
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2020.05.28 03:10 foxxytroxxy (Oregon) found a totaled bike on the side of the road. It's a nice bike. What are my options to find its owner, and at what point is it mine if I don't find them?

I'm trying to semi make a living out of bicycle rebuilds. I'm good at it, have done it all my life, and have significant access to free bicycles. I don't need to keep every one though, and am not interested in the obvious risks associated with dealing stolen materials. But I'd like to keep the bike when all's said and done, if it's not somebody else's, rebuild it, and sell it cheaply (it was at least a 400 dollar bicycle when brand new, and I'd probably get 50-100 for it with my usual amount of work done).
I'm not planning on keeping a stolen bicycle, so at the very least what is my due diligence? In Oregon bike theft isn't uncommon and I'm pretty close to Eugene, which is a significant place for bike theft.
So what are my avenues of determining whether or not it's stolen? I'm assuming that in situations like this, somebody has to either recognize a stolen bike on the street and report it, or the cops have a database of that sort of thing.
Imma call the police station here soon, and potentially post it on lost and found Craigslist. Anything else? Am I in the clear if I look into this and rebuild the bicycle? Worst comes to worst, I rebuild it and then somebody claims it. Which is shit for me but not too bad considering I'm not spending money on it if I don't know for certain. Does that all make sense?
I don't know where else to ask that would have the accurate information right off of the bat. Assuming this is standard for most lost/maybe stolen items, especially if the person has the intent of reselling them. Thank you!
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2020.05.27 00:57 bushdidvietnam Can my roommate sue me and my other roommates when he refuses to find a replacement that fits our criteria?

I'm a college student with 4 other roommates, one is trying to find a subleaser and threatened to sue that we made it impossible for him to find a replacement. We gave him sites to post ads on, gave him our criteria (18-23 yr old college student), and have been open to meeting with people. He proceeded to post a one picture ad on craigslist of not even our townhouse but one in our development, and has only gotten one 50 year old lady to tour. We plan on releasing an ad on a fb group for students because one of our roommates is leaving, and are willing to advertise his room as well. Yet despite this he threatens to sue us and it just seems like we haven't made it as impossible as he thinks we have. He doesn't like us for personal reasons and this is most definitely done out of spite. Is there any way we could countersuit or will his claims even hold up in court? Thank you for your help. Some clarifications: I am in Eugene, Oregon. Also, our leasing company paired us with two other people looking to rent possibly in the same area, we met them but they never followed up with us. They also offered another 3 bed place but our rent would go up by moving there. And about the roommate, he eats our food and lied about doing so, and is consistently passive aggressive, and holds giving us an older roommate as a threat if we don’t sign him out of the lease renewal.
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2020.05.11 16:11 munin81 Looking for a vegan roommate

Hey folks I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for a roommate. Here's my craigslist ad
If you know of anybody who's vegan and looking for a place, send them on my way. 😁
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2020.05.10 22:21 munin81 Vegan Roommate Wanted

Hey folks I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for a roommate. Here's my craigslist ad
If you know of anybody who's vegan and looking for a place, send them on my way. 😁
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2020.05.09 19:50 big_tub more old school cool on craigslist!

a nice UrQ (he’s also selling a shell):
clean UrS4:
200 20vt avant:
probably the worst ad i’ve seen:
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2020.05.07 01:16 JeffreyAlbanese Should I buy this Model A?

I managed to get the last Waterrower in stock at the local fitness equipment dealer a couple months ago. Right now where I live someone is selling a Concept Model A on Craigslist. Are As at all functional for training? I kinda want to buy it just for novelty's sake but only if I can also get a work out out of it periodically.
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2020.04.29 21:40 Du_Kich_Long_Trang Hoping to narrow down my choice

Your level of experience with cycling: Always growing up and used a crappy mountain bike for transportation in college.
What's your price range, and have you considered second hand? Only considering second-hand, trying to stay below $200
What's your intention with the bike - commuting, fitness, touring, sport, etc? Overall health improvement and getting out in nice weather
How far will you be riding, and how often? Hope to do a few miles a week.
Riding conditions: roads, pavement, trails, single-track, off-road? Flat or hilly? Traffic and weather. Lots of paved paths and parks around me, probably just sticking to those. Only going out in good weather, but will see rain from time to time.
Your location (even approximate) can help other locals familiar with your conditions, too. Eugene, OR, USA
A bit about yourself: height, weight, and level of fitness can all help people understand your needs better. 6'4", 230 lbs (looking to bring that down).
I've found a few bikes on craigslist that fit both my price range and were a bigger frame for my height/long legs. Beyond fenders or a water bottle carrier, I'm not sure on the difference between these bikes/brands, and was hoping for some opinions on what one I should get. They are:
Thanks all
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2020.04.29 00:34 khalilsuns19 Looking for PC on Eugene Oregon CRAIGSLIST

Looking for PC that is capable of playing games like Skyrim at 60 fps with medium graphics. Gaming PC - New 2020 - Warranty - $650 is the title of the post. Should I build a PC on pcpartpicker instead?
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2020.04.07 03:34 RueKing Urban biking in Portland, OR with occasional off road trips at Mount Hood

I rode BMX for fun as a teenager around the suburbs, then rode an old Schwinn road in my 20's in Chicago to commute and for fun.
My budget is up to $1,500. I am fine with second hand if the circumstances make sense.
I moved to Portland, OR. I will mostly will be riding on the street in the city for exercise and to explore, but also want something that will allow me to go on trips like these.
I will ride 2-3 times a week in the city, with occasional trips for gravel/trail riding. I am uncertain on distances, but I'm guessing city rides being 15-25 miles per ride.
I will mostly ride on the street in Portland, OR, but I also want to take it onto trails and gravel.
Portland, OR.
I am a 31 year old, 5'11" male, weighing in at 190 pounds. The bike should help me shave that down to 180 at least. I have average athleticism at this point and am working towards above average status. I am not trying to race or anything like that, just have fun and explore.
I was originally looking at hybrid bikes due to my inclination towards trail rides around Mt. Hood, but the reality is I'll only be doing that 1-2 times a month and will mostly ride on the street in the city. I've read thru this subreddit and it leads me to believe a gravel bike is my best option. I know next to nothing about bikes but have done some research on bikes in my price range and found these 8 bikes as possibilities. The only used bike I could find on Craigslist that was like a gravel was this 2018 Breezer Inversion Pro. The rest in the comparison link I would buy new.
  1. Is the Breezer a big step up from the other bikes? It retails at $2k, but has an asking price of $1.1k.
  2. Is the Marin Cortina AX1 a solid choice? It's retail is $1.5k but is on clearance for $900.
  3. The ARD 1.2 is listed as an endurance bike. Should it be cut out for that alone?
  4. Are hydraulic breaks clearly better than mechanical? There are only 2 with hydraulic in my comparison link.
  5. Am I missing any solid bikes in this price range?
  6. What would you get based on what my goals are?
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2020.03.18 06:45 happysign0 Why are these trucks cheap?
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2020.03.04 19:05 jerblaster23 What platform are people using to find roommates in Eugene now? Any Craigslist alternatives?

I'm finding Craigslist has become worse and worse as a place to find roommates over the years in Eugene. Does anyone know what platforms people are using in Eugene these days? Thanks
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salem for sale - craigslist

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'One of the best channels on youtube!!!' -filmsinfocus Craigslist Eugene Oregon - Used Cars, Trucks SUVs and Vans Under $2300 - Duration: 4:05. WalterMartinSales 7,614 views. 4:05. Craigslist Salem Oregon Used Cars - Trucks and Other Vehicles Under $ ... It was just me and Maile on this road trip to Eugene, Oregon. I made myself paranoid throughout the trip because of the Ted Bundy book I'm reading, but spoiler alert: We Survived! Subscribe to ... Craigslist Eugene Oregon - Used Cars, Trucks SUVs and Vans Under $2300 by WalterMartinSales. 4:05. Craigslist East Oregon - Used Cars and Ford Trucks Under $1000 Available Online by ... 5 Best Things About Eugene, OR Want to be the first to see my new videos with 24 hour early access? Just click this to receive the alerts! - Craigslist Free Classified Ads In this video I talk about what is included in my Craigslist Training Room Videos which are new and ... Craigslist Eugene Jobs Work From Home Jobs Eugene, Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Eugene, Work At Home Jobs Eugene, Stay At Home Jobs Eugene, Daily Pay Jobs ... Driving Downtown - Eugene Oregon USA - Season 1 Episode 21. Starting Point: E Broadway . Eugene is a city of the Pacific Nort... Craigslist Scam Catches Western Michigan Student - Duration: 3:20. ... Eugene Matthews 61,107 views. 28:27. The Little Black Book of Scams: Job and Employment Scams - Duration: 1:35.