Dating Marshall amp

Model: Serial no. Year: Color: Handles: Castor cups: Backpanel: Grillcloth: Corner logo: Marshall logo: baffle cleat: baffle triangle: rubber: Speaker: Model no ... I'm pretty sure that's a 1970 too, from the serial number - you can date them that way, if you have other known examples to compare to. I've had a few 1970 Marshall pieces, all with serials in the 30000 series. The features fit as well. Marshall amps with a Barcode 1997-Present: In 1997 Marshall changed to the latest dating system which is the easiest to decipher of them all. It is simply the year followed by the week. Example: 1998-35-1234: this tells us that the amp was built in week 35 of 1998 Our world famous amplifiers. Including the 2245, 1959, JCM800 and many more additions to the series. Marshall Bar Code Dating Scheme “How old is my Marshall?” is a common question asked by owners. While the age of an amp has no bearing on how good or bad it sounds, it can have an impact on the selling or purchase price of a Marshall rig. For dating purposes it is useful to know these are only usually present on speakers made between 1969 to 1976. From 1986 onwards a two digit number is normally used instead. The code beginning with the letter ‘T’ is the model number of the speaker, for example ‘T1281’ represents a 55Hz 16 Ohm G12H. MARSHALL DATE CODES Early Marshall through the JCM800 series. July of 1969 Marshall introduced the date coding system. Some of the older amps have an inspection sticker on the top of the chassis and they usually have the day, month and year the amp was made or inspected. If your amp says Model 1986 on the inside, that does not mean it was made in 1986. This is probably the biggest area of confusion when dating Marshall amps. True serial numbers weren't really used by Marshall until July 1969, so specimens made prior to that can only be accurately dated to a fuzzy span of several years. The serial number on a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between 1979 and 1980 had the number on the front panel. From July 1969 to December 1983, the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number. For example: S/ 15679 E. S/ would indicate the model which is 50 watt Marshall believed amps are really fine instruments so he paid attention to amp quailty and detail. Decades later his amps are still some of the best gear our there. If you have any questions or want make a purchase please call our shop, drop us an email or buy a Marshall Amp or Head online.

Missing: Rita Denise Fay Jaramillo

2020.09.27 04:35 Psychological_Total8 Missing: Rita Denise Fay Jaramillo

49 year old grandmother Rita Jaramillo lived south of Albuquerque in a rural area called El Cerro Mission. Rita was the parts manager at the local Auto Zone and was close with her two daughters, Leslie and Denise, and her young grandson. Rita's daughter, Leslie, last spoke with her on the phone on September 20th, 2018. Rita had planned to visit Leslie the next morning so they could get Leslie's son ready for picture day. However, Rita never arrived.
Considering Rita's and Leslie's busy lives, Leslie wasn't alarmed when she didn't hear from her mom. She figured that maybe she’d gotten called into work or decided to spend her day on a trip. However, on Sunday, September 23rd, Leslie received a call from her grandma, Martina. A fire had consumed Rita’s trailer; a call had come into Valencia County Fire Marshals about 2 am, on September 23rd, about the fire in Rita's mobile home. One Fire Marshal, Casey Davis, declined to speak more about the case except that fire was very suspicious. Two tires were found in the home. Leslie rushed to the house but there was no sign of Rita. She also discovered that Rita had never made it to her shift at Auto Zone on the 22nd, and that her car was not at the home.
Martina Archando, Rita's mother, later stated that she had come by Rita's home on Friday and Saturday, but Rita's gate was closed. Martina figured that she had just missed Rita and they would catch up later.
The following Monday, Rita's car was found in Albuquerque by the Albuquerque Police Department, at an apartment on Wyoming and Comanche. An APD officer called Leslie regarding the car. Leslie told the Valencia County News Bulletin, “I said it’s part of a missing person’s case and to hold on. I had to call the sheriff’s department to let them know. I asked him if it looked like there was a shovel or any blood in the car. He said there was nothing.” However, when the Valencia County Sherrifs Office went to inspect the car, it was gone.
In October, the state police began investigating the case. “The case was starting to branch out into other counties as the investigation continued,” Valencia County Undersheriff Mark Kmatz told the News Bulletin. “The state took over so there wouldn’t be any jurisdictional issues.” He also said that state police had followed up on a number of tips from around the state, and that they had a person of interest in the case. Rita's car has not been rediscovered.
8 months after the fire, state police arrested Arthur Lovato, whole Rita dated briefly, on suspicion of first degree murder. “He’s evil," Denise, Rita's other daughter, said. “Evil old man, no heart, no sympathy, no remorse just plain out evil.”
The grand jury indicted Lovato on five charges — first-degree murder (depraved mind), first-degree murder (willful and deliberate), second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence. Lovato pled not guilty in June of 2019.
Jaramillo's body has not been found, and it is unclear what evidence the state police have against Lovato.
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2020.07.22 22:35 Houseofcards32 2020 Beginner MegaThread

Hello there!

My name is u/Houseofcards32 and welcome to airsoft ! this post was created to help some of you newer players out there. Hopefully you’ll get something out of it! This post is up to date as of July 2020, and has been updated 4 times. The older posts of this still contain good information, but are still slightly outdated.

The newest feature for this updated guide is that each section has a video created by me. Don't want to read a wall of text? No worries! Sit back and watch a short video on the topic! Please consider liking and subbing for more content. I do this mostly for fun and the reward I get out of all of this is seeing more new players come into the hobby. Under each section will be a video for that specific section.
  10. MSW


Are you looking to start airsoft? Do you need general information about the basics? Well look no further! This guide will have 14 sections:

  1. Basic Information
  2. How much does airsoft normally cost
  3. Best beginner rifles (AK/M4) for 150$-250$
  4. Things to avoid when playing
  5. What to bring to your first airsoft game
  6. What weight bb’s should I use?
  7. Can I start airsoft as a sniper?
  8. What Eyepro/lower face protection should I get?
  9. What is a “MED”?
  10. What is a GBBR?
  11. What is the Search Bar?
  12. Orange Tips, can I take them off?
  13. Airsoft Youtubers
  14. MSW.

Section 1: Basic Information
Video link

Your first airsoft gun is the most important purchase you will make in airsoft. As your only weapon it must be versatile, reliable, affordable, reasonably high-performance, easy to work on, and compatible with as many accessories and upgrades as possible. This means buying an Automatic Electric Gun ('AEG') assault rifle or Sub-Machine Gun ('SMG'); forget about sniper rifles, pistols, gas guns and other restrictive exotica until you have more money, more experience, and at least one backup weapon.
To play airsoft it is HIGHLY recommended that you have the following items:
•Magazine (often known as a high capacity magazine, which holds around 300-500 bb’s)
•At least 2 batteries (one in the gun and one in reserve
•a basic charger (most places will charge the barriers for you if you are renting gear, so you do not need to commit to buying anything just yet)

All airsoft AEG’s come with one mag out of the box, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you have 2-3 of these while you are playing. If you have not played airsoft before, DO NOT BUY A BUNCH OF GEAR AND A GUN BEFORE RENTING! You don’t want to buy a full set of gear to go out and play to not like the sport. I always recommend renting a gun first, to see if you actually enjoy the game. Most sites allow rentals for about 20-30$ in the US.
Eye Protection is the most important thing in airsoft. All airsoft sites require you to wear goggles/mask while playing. For more details look at section 8.

2. How much does Airsoft normally cost
Video link

Although airsoft is markedly cheaper than other shooting sports, it's still an expensive hobby. Site fees vary greatly but will typically exceed $25 for a day's play. It is reasonably common to spend in excess of $400 buying, upgrading and accessorising a single airsoft gun. Gear and clothing can be similarly expensive. It is possible to play airsoft very successfully with just basic equipment, but even the cheapest possible equipment required to play airsoft safely will still cost you a minimum of $100. If you want a competitive advantage, or to play more advanced simulation games, you should expect significant additional expenditure.
It is common for users to approach airsoft with unrealistically low budgets. If you have less than $100-150 to spend, you are not realistically in a position to play airsoft. We will not compromise your safety by recommending you skimp on personal protective equipment. We refuse to recommend Low Power Electric Guns ('LPAEGs'), spring pistols and other ultra-low-budget airsoft guns because their performance is so poor, and their life expectancy so short, that they represent a false economy. You may still be able to afford to rent gear at an organised airsoft site, but not for more than a handful of games at most.
1. ⁠I think I can afford to play. What's the next step?
If you haven't already,read the rest of this guide.
2. Why are you lying to me? I can easily find airsoft guns that cost less than $100.
In airsoft, as in most aspects of life, there is a minimum price below which a product cannot be made fit for purpose. It is possible to buy something approximately gun-shaped for less than $100. Do not confuse this with the ability to buy a gun that will be sufficiently powerful, reliable and long-lived enough to play airsoft with. LPEGs, spring pistols and ultra-low-budget airsoft guns are utterly inadequate for airsoft play and will break rapidly, at which point you will be back to having no gun and will also have lost whatever you spent. In addition, you still need to buy suitable Personal Protective Equipment ('PPE'), which is an absolute prerequisite of play and not free. THE ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule is spring shotguns. The tri-Shot ones. They shoot anywhere from 3-6 bb’s at a time and most shells hold about 30 rounds. These shotguns are only optimal for CQB arenas and highly urban fields. They have extremely limited range so keep that in mind.
3. What is the difference between a high capacity magazine and a mid capacity magazine?
High capacity mags have a door at the top of the magazine that you drop your ammo inside. There is a wheel at the bottom that you wind to feed your bb’s into the top of the magazine. These mags hold normally 300-600 bb’s, depending on if it’s an AK mag or a M4 mag. Mid capacity mags do not require winding but require a speed loader to be loaded properly. These mags hold anywhere from 100-200 bb’s.

3. Best Beginner Rifles (AK/M4) for 150-250$
Video link

To get into Airsoft you need to have a decent budget. Although most good beginner-intermediate guns cost anywhere from 100-250$, you still have to purchase: bb’s, magazines, batteries, and a charger. Some guns come with a wall charger and a battery, but most users recommend throwing away the wall chargers that come with beginner AEG’s because they are of poor quality. Most users and airsoft players recommend starting airsoft with an M4 or an AK AEG. M4 AEG’s are highly customizable and can be upgraded with basically anything. Lancer Tactical IS NOT included on this list for various reasons. Horrible QC, bad internals and falsifying safety ratings. Please do not ask me why they are not on there. The current COVID-19 Pandemic is still straining the supply chain, so a good portion of these are labeled as out of stock. Things are still slowly coming in from Taiwan, so be patient. Commonly recommended choices are:

4. What to avoid when playing Airsoft
Video link

Airsoft is an honor sport, when you get hit, raise your hand high and display your dead rag. Also yell “HIT” as loud as you can so the other player who is shooting you knows that you are dead. Not displaying your dead rag can lead to being shot more than you want to. Calling someone else’s hits are normally frowned upon as you’re going to cause problems on the field and airsoft drama is not worth it. If someone is suspected of cheating, call a ref/marshal over to observe the player. When you are in the field/game area, DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR EYEPRO!! EYEPRO is the #1 important thing in airsoft. If a bb hits your eye, you more than likely will be blind. Keep your EYEPRO on at all times while in the field. If you are fogging up, walk off the field. Avoid overshooting other players, once you see a dead rag or a red rag come up, or hear “HIT” stop shooting them. Dead men tell no tales! If you are dead, and a teammate asks where you got shot from, simply say: “dead men don’t talk” and walk back to your respawn.

5. What to bring to your first airsoft game(not as a rental)
Video link

So you’ve finally bought your gun and gear and you’re heading out to your first game. As mentioned previously, you want to make sure you come prepared. As well as your AEG, you want to make sure your batteries are charged and you brought an extra magazine or two. You also want to bring WATER! Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you need to do in airsoft. Being dehydrated will ruin your day and cause problems for you. Also make sure to have a good amount of bb’s for the day. it is highly advised that you wear boots while playing, running shoes can get dirty easily and there will be mud somewhere on the field that you will end up stepping on and getting wet. An extra pair of socks is also a good idea!

6. What weight bb’s should I use?
Video link

This question is very common with a lot of newer players. LPAEG’s (Löw powered Airsoft guns) and Walmart airsoft guns use .12 gram bb’s. DO NOT RUN THESE IN AN AEG! This bb’s are cheap and will break the internals of your rifle. You don’t want to throw your money away do you? I didn’t think so. The lowest weight you can use in your replica is .20 gram bb’s. There are a lot of brands out there for bb’s: Elite Force, BLS,, HPA, KWA and so on. All of them are good brands to buy from. If you are planning on playing indoor, most users will recommend .2-.28 bb’s for the best range and efficiency. If you are planning on playing outdoor, using .28’s and higher is optimal for the best range. Just keep this in mind: the heavier weight, the slower the bb travels.

7. Can I start Airsoft as a sniper?
Video link

You can do whatever you want, but it is highly advised by myself and most other users advise players to not start out sniping. Sniping is an expensive virtue and will take a lot of money and time for you to get a rifle that shoots far. Buying a stock sniper will mean you have to put money and parts into it, as the only “good” stock sniper rifle is the SSG24, and the Silverback SRS. The popular airsoft youtuber, Novritsch, has made sniping extremely popular with noobs as he shows a lot of action and gameplay with his guns. Keep in mind that being a sniper is not all action and takes patience and time. His videos are short for a reason. You do the math.

8. What Eyepro/lower face protection is recommenced?
Video link

Eyepro is the most important thing in airsoft. Airsoft is a sport that requires you to have eye protection on at all times while on the field. Lower face protection is required for most players under the age of 18 in most American fields. Anyone over the age of 18 can normally just get away with goggles, but you don't want to have to go to the dentist do you? Didn't think so. There are different types of eye protection for airsoft, ranging from basic shooting goggles, to face masks that protect your face. There are a lot of different goggles and masks out there, but here are some of the most populamost recommended items. Any eye protection you use MUST BE ANSI 787.1+, otherwise you cannot use them! DO NOT USE MESK EYE PROTECTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! They are not anzi rated, and their have been hundreds of cases where someone will shoot someone with mesk eye pro, and the bb will explore on the outside of the google, allowing the bb fragments to get inside an eye.

9. What is a “MED”?
Video link

If you’ve played airsoft before or are just hearing about this for the first time, a “MED” or minimum engagement distance is utilized in airsoft. Most airsoft guns have semi, and fully automatic. Most fields in the US, do \*\*NOT\*\* allow full auto within 40-50 feet. Imagine coming around a corner and getting shot with 10 bb’s because the person around the corner didn’t switch to semi. This isn’t Call of Duty, spraying your bb’s all over the place will achieve very little, if not anything. When you get closer than 40-50 feet, switch your AEG to semi. Airsoft, for the most part doesn’t hurt, but getting shot 10-20 times in a row certainly will. Don’t be that guy who full autos people from 10 feet away! It’s being an asshat, and will probably get you kicked out!

Video link

GBBR(Gas Blow-Back Rifles) are the hyper-realistic guns. If you have a larger budget and would like a more realistic experience these are the guns for you. Not usually recommended as starter guns because of the cost of gas and accessories, but not to be entirely ruled out for a select group of people. These guns are high maintenance, but most would consider the work to be put to the background in the face of the utter satisfaction of using one of these guns. Check out GasBlowBack for more information on this topic.

11. The Search Bar

The search bar is a tool that is at the top of this sub that is used to search for a post or topic. This feature is not used by any beginners as they will probably ignore this guide and ask the question anyways. Most questions have been asked before and you will find your answer. To use the search bar:
A. Open reddit
B. Click on airsoft
C. Using your eyeballs, look at the top of your screen
D. Using your fingers, type in whatever you are looking for (I.E BEST BEGINNER SETUP)
E. Using your eyeballs, look at the results
F. Realize that most people will just ignore this guide and continue asking the same questions every single day.
G. Profit!

12. Orange tips, can I take them off?
Video link

Orange tips are required for retailers, but you are more than welcome to take them off after you receive your airsoft gun. Just note by doing so you will void your warranty. Also please do not take your airsoft gun out in public and follow basic gun safety. Please check your local state/county rules before doing this though.

13. Airsoft Youtubers
Video link

A lot of users will watch certain youtubers and get a impression of the hobby that does not exist. Remember: Their job is to get views and entertain you, they cut out the parts that are boring. Clickbait content is what most beginners watch and please note that cheaters in airsoft are not as common at they make them to be. There is of course great content creators out there that don't just make clickbait and I implore you to go look for them.

14. I'm Planning on going to MSW, what should I know?
Video link
Read the Tacsop.


[GBB Guide](

[Searchbar Guide ](

[How to/How not to deal with cheaters ](

[Beginner AEG Guide](

[2020 HPA Guide](

[2020 Ultimate Hopup/Bucking Guide ](

[2020 BB Weight Guide](


[2020 Barrel Guide ](

[2020 Basic Operations Guide ](

[Diffrent replica guide ](

5/30/19-Fixed Formatting and added suggested eyepro section
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7/22/2020- Videos added for each section
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2020.05.26 21:58 terra_cascadia My father, a 22-year-old USAF bombardier, survived being shot down, held as Nazi POW, & escaped via series of remarkable events. He did not tell his story until 1996. This is a transcript of his dictated account, posted in sections.

To my knowledge this is the first time it’s been shared publicly. I will add brief context clearly marked as my own commentary - otherwise these are his words. [EDIT: date of document corrected; formatting updated; typographical cx)
Please excuse the disjointed flow - since the sub requires text only and not attachments & I’m on mobile.
Prologue/Context: He met his sweetheart when they were both age 5 (so, 1928 Cicero Illinois); he kissed her on the cheek, they remained smitten schoolchildren from that point on. They both came from unspeakably abusive households. They protected one another and were rarely seen apart. They put themselves/one another through college and married; a child was on the way as he deployed. They had long been a family to one another, aspiring to a peaceful, simple life far from the violence and poverty they were raised in. Everything he had hoped to achieve, the extent of his dreams, was to complete service to his country and return to his bride, perhaps in time for the arrival of the baby. He hadn’t thought past that and didn’t need to.
click here to see them and here as newlyweds in 1945 ​ (voice recording: First Lieutenant Thomas F. Brown Jr. as transcribed by Helen Brown March 25 1995)
"I have a story to tell; It's old as the hills but oh well; it has one twist that might interest you === Skies of gray, they turn blue; it has happened to me and to you...
On March 26, 1995 will be the fiftieth anniversary of a momentous day in our family history, the day that I hope will live in our collective memories as long as we abound/abide. March 25th, 1945 G. Willie Black and I returned to our squadron from an R & R trip to Rome. You see, for every five missions that we successfully completed we were given a pass for some R & R in a selected place. After five missions we got to go to Bari, Italy, after 10 we went to Naples, and while at Naples we visited not only Pompeii, but we went to the Isle of Capri, truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, but that's another story.
I returned to find our airplane commander and pilot Capt. Walter Steves in a high state of exultation. We hadn't flown a mission since March 15th; and between March 15th and the 25th when we got back from Rome Capt. Steves had used his time to put forth his case that we should lead the 55th wing of the 15th Air Force on its next mission. He was consumed with the desire to be promoted to major, He had come through four engine, multiple engine pilot training as a captain. I think he was a pilot even before the war and I seem to recall the insignia on his collar the first time I saw him was that of an artilleryman. I suspect he was an artilleryman in the Texas National Guard or whatever and when the war came he was called to active service and went to pilot school. Anyhow, he went through training as a captain and his overriding desire was to be promoted to major, so he was always putting himself forward, and his crew, and indeed he was successful in getting us to fly the lead position of our squadron and of the 55th wing of the 15th air force on Monday, March 26th.
You know how I hate to be rushed about anything === I still hate to be rushed === and we had just got back and I was ready to rest a little bit, but that was not to be. So between 4:30 and 5 o'clock in the morning on Monday March 26th, 1945 we were awakened by the officer of the day or one of his minions whose job it was to wake up the air crews that were going to fly. We were supposed to wake up and get dressed and get ready and go eat breakfast at the officer's mess at around 5 o'clock === and I must say that the air crews who were actually flying that day got the best of any food that was available. We had, if there were any, fresh eggs served to the combat crews flying that day. Sometimes they were scrambled, sometimes they were powdered. (We called them prefab eggs.) We always had the little vienna sausages. Sometimes we had bacon. and we always had homemade bread toasted. Then eating at 5 o'clock in the morning was difficult because one's heart was in one's throat with worry and concern about what the day would bring. I do recall having some coffee and some toast and some kind of grape jelly. I remember picking at some scrambled eggs and eating a vienna sausage or something, maybe a piece of bacon and that was it.
We were to have breakfast and get shaved and whatever we were going to do === go to the bathroom, excuse me, the latrine which was right outside of our living quarters, close by, and then we were due at briefing at 6 o'clock. Briefing is that part of mission planning where the intelligence staff tells you what the name of your target is, how you will be going there, what your scheduled route is, what time you will rendezvous with the other squadrons that will fly the mission with you, at what altitude you will fly, the course you will follow, and what one might expect in the way of either threats from German fighters or from anti-aircraft batteries. The intelligence people were frequently wrong. You know, they had maps of everything and we were always given maps and where our target was indicated and any aerial photographs that they had that would help us identify the target we were assigned, but their information on fighter protection and anti-aircraft batteries was frequently faulty, at least so it seemed to combat crews. Our target that day was the railroad marshalling yards in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Bratislava, Czechoslovakia was not supposed to be particularly heavily defended. Its anti-aircraft batteries were not known for their accuracy nor for their number.
German fighter planes as the war dragged on were less and less of a threat. Because so many had been lost in combat previously, they did not mount massive formations of fighters to attack bomber squadrons in groups as they did earlier in the war. Their practice was, since they had fewer numbers, their practice was to pick off stragglers after a bombing mission was completed and the injured ships and people were on their way home. All in all, Bratislava was supposed to be a comparatively easy target.
Since we were the lead ship in our group and wing, we were given additional information, additional maps and charts, additional information about alternates in case for some reason we could not hit our primary target. But I recall we were not particularly concerned because at a weakly defended target the lead ship in the formation was the best place to be because anti-aircraft gunners sighted and led, so to speak, sighted on the lead ships in the formation and fired off their anti-aircraft shells with the hope that if they didn't hit the lead ship they at least would hit the ships behind them.
There was only one problem with our proposed flight that day and that was our course. We were required to fly towards the target flying over Yugoslavia and Hungary which by this time was in... Yugoslavia of course wasn't in Russian hands at the time but...Hungary was... and then we would fly, after we bombed the target, we were to return over enemy territory, that is over Austria, and then Yugoslavia, and then across the Adriatic, and back home. This seemed to us to be less than desirable, but hey!, we had to do what they told us to do, right? Besides, I was young then and I did what I was told to do.
I realize that this narrative so far does not sound like, nor will it read like high adventure, and action-packed drama. I think it is necessary to relate the ordinariness that sets into military life, no pep talks, no off=we=go=into=the wild blue yonder=stuff, no go get 'em guys, it was not the spirit of the locker room for athletic contests. Briefing sessions were informational and the ordinary demeanor of the flight crews was quiet, thoughtful, attentive, trying to deal with our own doubts and concerns and fears, meanwhile absorbing the information that was being given us so that we could do our job for the day.
After the briefing was completed the chaplain came on and led the air crews in prayer which was always well-attended. And we prayed hard that day, and we did every day, really.
After the chaplain, the lead crew and our deputy lead were called aside for additional preparations. We learned that because we were the lead crew we would have more than just our usual crew on board. And I should take time to tell you who they were.
Our flight engineer was George Larson, out of Detroit, Michigan; Waist Gunner Elmer Buffo, out of Pittsburgh; Waist Gunner Bill Skinner from Oklahoma; Waist Gunner or Top Turret Gunner Truman Fuller out of the Deep South; and Ball Turret Gunner and Radioman Talmadge P. Callison, also a good ol' Southern Boy; Captain Steves, that I previously mentioned, was our pilot; and flying co-pilot that day we had a major by the name of Wilson (sorry I don't know his first name). We had never seen him before. He was obviously visiting the squadron and flying that day because it was supposed to be an easy mission. Navigators were G. Willie Black who was going to be a nose turret operator that day, in addition to being navigator. We also had an additional navigator in the nose, Robert Johnson from Ohio, and a radar navigator also named Wilson, who was flying his last mission and would be going home when we were finished and he was coming along, also because it was supposed to be an easy mission.
There were eleven of us in all. Of course I was flying in my usual position as bombardier.
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2020.05.17 17:00 zawkas [GEAR] Dubai guitar and amp guide

Dubai guitar and amplifier guide
I was asked a few times about this in my last post so I thought I would put it in a separate post for future people to search for. Here is my list of guitar and music gear shops around Dubai. First of all, next to the fish market round-about in Deira all the dealers have shops there, it is the would be great.
Please add anything that I have missed.
Need someone to do an Abu Dhabi guide.
Fender, Jackson, Gretsch Yamaha guitars Fender, Yamaha, line 6 amplifiers Thomsun: ibn battuta mall and fish market round about On the expensive side, a premium to USA prices + tax
Gibson, epiphone, schecter, Martin and Taylor guitars Marshall Amplifiers Sadek: also ibn battuta and fish market round about They have a descent website, just google sadek music Gibson sells for MSRP in USA, Marshall has a small premium
ESP, LTD, PRS guitars Orange, black star and Mesa boogie amplifiers Melody house: fish market round about, and Emaar Gold and diamond park Premium on all, but the entry level PRS SE are well priced
Samick guitar VOX amplifiers Orchestra megastore: Dubai festival center Haven’t been there and I don’t know about their prices. But the vox amps on their website (if it’s up to date) seems expensive
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2020.05.12 22:29 WelshyDota [QUESTION] Using a Computer as an Amp/Effects Board

Evening all,
I've been playing guitar for over 20 years, and have played exclusively through through a 15W Marshall the entire time. I picked up an old Digitech RP6 from the 80s effectively from some guy at the pub about 12 years ago which is now half broken, but that is my entire kit. It's fine, and suits my purposes since the opportunities for playing live are few and far between out in rural Wales where I live, but it really is time for an upgrade.
Picking up an amp from the shop isn't really an option at the moment, of course, which got me wondering about using my computer as an amp/effects board. I've had a look around for advice and guides, but the amount is a little overwhelming, and not all seemingly up to date, so I was wondering whether anyone here had any experience doing this.
I'd really appreciate advice with regards to what hardware I would need, what sort of software is best, and what the different opportunities and limitations would be. I know that my computer speakers will never sound as good as an amp, but I'm quite happy using headphones, and the ability to record my playing properly, without interference, would also be nice.
Hugely grateful for anything anyone has to contribute - this is a new area for me, so I'm looking to learn as much as possible!
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2020.04.07 02:26 DieHermetischeGarage Podcast-PlayList vom Montag, 06.04.2020

Die gesamte Tages-PlayList
Sendung Titel
BR Hoerspiel Nachruf auf sich selbst - "Hell of Fame"" von Jörg Albrecht (1)
BR Kalenderblatt 06.04.1975 Bill Gates und Paul Allen gründen ein Softwareunternehmen (2)
BR Feuilleton Als im Kino noch gefreit wurde - Kultkinos im Schwabing der 60er Jahre (3)
BR Wissen Die Seidenstraße - Legendäre Verbindung von Ost nach West (4)
BR Wissen Mykene - Historische Stadt und mythischer Ort (5)
NDR Strategien US-Atomwaffen - künftig flexibel einsetzbar (6)
NDR Wochenrueckblick Zwischen Corona und Lindenstraße (7)
SWR Zeitwort 6.4.1967: Adorno spricht über den 'Neuen Rechtsradikalismus' (8)
SWR Wissen Cyberwar: Internet als Waffe (9)
WDR Zeitzeichen Raffael, ital. Künstler (Todestag 6.4.1520) (10)
WDR Hoerspiel Warpop Mixtake Fakebook Volxfuck Peace Off! 'Schland Of Confusion (11)
Zeit Titel wo min
05:06 Interview mit Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook, Politologin Harvard Kennedy, zu: Corona (Büüsker, Ann-Kathrin) DLF 10:04 ?
05:52 'Der schwache Staat': Wenn Polizei und Justiz es Rechtsextremisten leicht machen (Klühspies, Anna) DLF 3:29 ?
05:56 Mexiko - Das Verbrechen in der Coronakrise (Mellmann, Anne-Katrin) DLF 2:37 ?
06:11 Bürger am Gängelband des Staates - Willkür im Park? (Engelbrecht, Sebastian) DLF 4:21 ?
07:20 Wir brauchen keine Führer, sondern Leute, die einen guten Job machen (Rieg, Timo) DRK 4:25 ?
07:36 USA - Ob Trump von Coronakrise profitiert ist unklar (Haase, Till) DLF
08:05 Kinderhörspiel - Tyrannosaurus Max (Jacobi, Peter) DRK 52:38 ?
08:15 Interview mit Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Soziologe, zu: Demokratie, Angst und Freiheit (Büüsker, Ann-Kathrin) DLF 13:18 ?
08:36 'Social Distancing' als Ärgernis. Vom ungenauen Umgang mit Begrifflichkeiten (Mau, Steffen) DRK 6:20 ?
08:40 Das Wichtigste heute Morgen (Büüsker, Ann-Kathrin) DLF ?
09:05 Gemeinsam isoliert - Wie Paare der Krise trotzen können (Holfeld, Anna) DRK 41:48 ?
09:37 Zwei Wochen Shutdown: Sinken die Fallzahlen in Deutschland tatsächlich? (Reuning, Arndt) DLF 6:48 ?
09:50 Vom Durchbruch zur Ernüchterung: Craig Venter und das menschliche Genom (Lange, Michael) DLF 6:33 ?
10:23 Eine Stadt im Fieber - Berlin in den Schicksalsjahren 1930 - 1933 (Walther, Peter) DRK 10:44 ?
11:15 Das muss man gehört haben... oder auch nicht: Retro (Wohlmacher, Uwe) DRK 5:25 ?
11:34 Serie Musikbuch: Paula Irmschlers Debütroman 'Superbusen' (Reil, Juliane) DRK 5:32 ?
12:00 Wer holt die Flüchtlinge aus Griechenland? (Guérot, Ulrike) DRK 6:02 ?
12:07 Marshall-Plan und Corona-Bonds: Wie deutsche Politiker die Krise lösen wollen (Guérot, Ulrike; Geers Theo) DRK 9:48 ?
12:20 Wie steht es um die europäische Solidarität? (Guérot, Ulrike) DRK 4:03 ?
12:28 Kontaktsperren im Frühling: Wie verhältnismäßig sind die Corona-Maßnahmen? (Guérot, Ulrike) DRK 5:38 ?
12:40 Masken made in Germany: Droht jetzt die Vermummung der Gesellschaft? (Guérot, Ulrike) DRK 3:51 ?
13:51 Serie 'Grünes Wirtschaften' 1 Ist ein anderes Wachstum möglich? (Dohmen, Caspar) DLF 5:19 ?
15:15 Die Welt. ein stilles Rätsel - Neue Serie 'Tales from the Loop' (Ignatowitsch, Julian) DLF 4:41 ?
15:22 TOPS: Retro-Pop für eine Welt im Taumel (Möller, Christoph) DRK 5:43 ?
16:18 Rolle rückwärts? Neue alte Gratiskultur im Pop (Plodroch, Ina) DRK 6:03 ?
16:20 'Agatha Christie. Biografie' - Die Autorin Barbara Sichtermann im Gespräch (Köhler, Michael) DLF 10:51 ?
16:30 Gletscherschmelze, Diät, Uranus (Grunow, Ines) DLF 6:01
16:50 Soundscout: Silk Mob aus Berlin und Wien (Risel, Martin) DRK 3:52 ?
18:23 Moral oder Ökonomie? Die Diskussion um Eurobonds lebt auf (Lenz, Lothar) DLF 3:50 ?
18:34 Israel: Speed-Dating gegen die Einsamkeit (Hammer, Benjamin) DLF 3:11 ?
18:40 Die Folgen der Pandemie: Finanzmärkte in Turbulenzen (Dohmen, Caspar) DLF 18:47 ?
19:08 Die Politik muss wieder übernehmen: Debatte über Exit-Strategie (Capellan, Frank) DLF 3:30 ?
23:10 Blick eines 86jährigen: ein Ex-Intendant hat Fragen an die Corona-Bekämpfung (Eckhardt, Ulrich) DRK 8:49 ?
23:35 AfD-Vorsitzender Meuthen rudert zurück mit AfD-Spaltung (Reifenrath, Isabel) DLF 0:56
23:42 Debatte um Corona-Tagebücher der französischen Intellektuellen (König, Jürgen) DRK 4:47 ?
23:47 Wann nimmt Deutschland Flüchtlingskinder aus Griechenland auf? (Geuther, Gudula) DLF 3:19
(#) Info
(1) Den Forever 27-Club hat er nicht mehr geschafft, aber 31 ist auch noch früh: Mit "Hell Of Fame" schreibt Jörg Albrecht einen Nachruf auf sich selbst. Freunde und Kollegen des Verstorbenen treten auf und ab. Lieblingsfilme werden anzitiert, Schnipsel aus Leben und Werk ineinander geblendet, Verschwörungstheorien über den Tod gestrickt. War es die Arbeit, die ihn umgebracht hat, oder der Versuch, ein möglichst gutes Leben zu führen? // Mit Sebastian Weber, Jule Ronstedt, Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow, Wiebke Puls, Ilona Grandke, Oliver Mallison, Martin Umbach, Johannes Zinner, Claudia-Sophie Jelinek / Komposition: Jakob Suske / Regie: Bernadette Sonnenbichler / BR 2013
(2) Die Schulfreundschaft von Bill Gates und Paul Allen hatte weitreichende Folgen: Die Gründung des übermächtigen IT-Unternehmens Microsoft.
(3) Die Schwabinger Kultkinos der 1960er Jahre waren das Dorado für Cineasten und angehende Regisseure. "Arri" oder "Türkendolch" waren die Filmhochschulen jener Zeit. Actionfilme mit Eddie Constantine wurden zu legendären Happenings.
(4) Die Seidenstraße dürfte die älteste Handelsroute der Welt sein. Wahrscheinlich haben ihr die Chinesen den Buddhismus und die Europäer das Schwarzpulver, das Papier und die Nudel zu verdanken. (BR 2018)
(5) Hat der Held Agamemnon wirklich gelebt? Der griechische Sagenkreis verortet ihn in Mykene, einer der bedeutendsten Städte der Bronzezeit. Doch wie das Leben dort wirklich aussah, ist bis heute rätselhaft. (BR 2015)
(6) Weitere Themen in der NDR Info Serie "Streitkräfte und Strategien": Spagat der Streitkräfte - Ausbildung in Corona-Zeiten; Militärische Altlasten in der Ostsee.
(7) Politik kann richtig Spaß machen - vor allem, wenn Peter Zudeick allwöchentlich die Sprüche und das Gebaren der Politiker und anderer Prominenter aufs Korn nimmt.
(8) "Neu" war 1967 der Aufstieg der NDP. Nicht neu war das Phänomen: Dass der Kapitalismus anfällig für Krisen ist, als deren Lösung manchen Leuten der Rechtsradikalismus erscheint.
(9) Neben Land, Luft und Wasser ist ein weiteres Schlachtfeld eröffnet: das digitale. Wie soll sich Deutschland für den Cyberkrieg wappnen? Oder muss es Regeln für den Cyberpeace geben? Von Matthias Martin Becker.
(10) Zeitgenossen nannten ihn den 'Gott der Kunst'. Er übertreffe sogar die Schönheit der Natur. Bis ins 19. Jahrhundert hinein galt Raffaello Santi aus Urbino als 'der großartigste, genialste und beste Maler seit der Wiedergeburt der schönen Künste'. Dann feierte die Kunstwelt das Universalgenie Leonardo, rückte Tizian und Michelangelo stärker in den Fokus und entzauberte ihn. autorin: Heide Soltau
(11) •Katastrophen-Musical• Ist sie zurück, die German Angst? Die Performer von andcompany&Co. schließen die aktuelle gesellschaftliche Paranoia mit Weltuntergangsszenarien der 80er-Jahre kurz. Resultat: Ein Katastrophen-Musical mit kathartischem Effekt. // Von andcompanyandCo. / WDR 2016 / Regie: Regie: Nicola Nord und Sascha Sulimma
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2020.04.04 15:11 OutlawsHeels 2020 NBA Draft Decisions Thread

Okay, here's the deal. No one knows how exactly the draft process is going to work this year with the current pandemic. I'll be creating and maintaining this thread like normal, and will create updates at the bottom for any significant draft news. Other than that, it's the same as every year. Who's gonna break your heart and who's coming back?
As always, this thread is ongoing and most certainly not 100% accurate or complete. I try my best to find good sources, but let me know if you see something wrong. Please include a source if you can!
All dates are taken from the NBA
April 26 -- NBA Early Entry Eligibility Deadline (11:59 p.m. ET)
May 19 -- NBA Draft Lottery 2020 [DELAYED]
May 21-24 -- NBA Draft Combine 2020 [DELAYED]
Aug 3/10 Days after NBA combine -- NBA Draft Early Entry Entrant Withdrawal Deadline (5 p.m. ET) UPDATE
October 15 -- NBA Draft 2020 1
Declared - Staying in, not returning
Alabama - Kira Lewis 1
Arkansas - Mason Jones 1
Arizona - Nico Mannion 1, Josh Green 1
Arizona State - Romello White 1
Butler - Jordan Tucker 1
Colorado - Tyler Bey 1
Creighton - Ty-Shon Alexander 1
Dayton - Obi Toppin 1
Duke - Tre Jones 1, Cassius Stanley 1, Vernon Carey Jr 1
Florida State - Devin Vassell 1, Patrick Williams 1
Georgetown - Omer Yurtseven 1
Georgia - Anthony Edwards 1, Rayshaun Hammonds 1
Houston - Nate Hinton 1
Iowa State - Tyrese Haliburton 1
Kansas - Devon Dotson 1
Kentucky - Ashton Hagans 1, Tyrese Maxey 1, Immanuel Quickley 1, Nick Richards 1, EJ Montgomery 1
Louisville - Jordan Nwora 1, Jay Scrubb 1
LSU - Emmitt Williams 1
Marquette - Brendan Bailey 1
Maryland - Jalen Smith 1
Memphis - James Weisman 1, Precious Achiuwa 1
Michigan - Isaiah Todd 1
Mississippi State - Nick Weatherspoon 1, Reggie Perry 1
NC State/High School - Josh Hall 1
Nevada - Jalen Harris 1
North Carolina - Cole Anthony 1
Ohio State - Alonzo Gaffney 1
Saint Mary's - Malik Fitts 1
San Diego State - Malachi Flynn 1
Syracuse - Elijah Hughes 1
Temple - Nate Pierre-Louis 1
Texas Tech - Jahmi'us Ramsey 1, David Moretti 1
UCLA/High School - Dashien Nix 1
USC - Onyeka Okongwu 1
Vanderbilt - Aaron Nesmith 1, Saben Lee 1
Villanova - Saddiq Bey 1
Washington - Isaiah Stewart 1, Jaden McDaniels [1])
Declared - No agent or considering return
Alabama - John Petty 1
Arizona - Zeke Nnaji 1
Arizona State - Remy Martin 1, Alonzo Verge 1
Arkansas - Isaiah Joe 1
Auburn - Isaac Okoro 1
Baylor - Macio Teague 1, Jared Butler 1
Boise State - Derrick Alston 1
Cincinnati - Keith Williams 1, Chris Vogt 1
Colorado - McKinley Wright 1
Creighton - Denzel Mahoney 1
Dayton - Jalen Crutcher 1
Delaware - Nate Darling 1
DePaul - Paul Reed 1
Florida - Andrew Nembhard 1, Tre Mann 1
Georgetown - Mac McClung 1
Gonzaga - Corey Kispert 1, Filip Petrusev 1, Joel Ayayi 1
Houston - Dejon Jarreau 1
Illinois - Kofi Cockburn 1, Ayo Dosunmu 1
Iowa - Luka Garza 1
LSU - Trendon Watford 1, Darius Days 1, Javonte Smart 1
Michigan - Isaiah Livers 1
Michigan State - Xavier Tillman 1
Minnesota - Daniel Oturu 1
Mississippi State - Robert Woodard II 1
Missouri - Jeremiah Tilmon, Xavier Pinson, Mitchell Smith 1
NC State - DJ Funderburk, Devon Daniels 1
Ohio State - Kaleb Wesson 1
Oregon State - Ethan Thompson 1
Pepperdine - Colbey Ross 1
San Diego State - Matt Mitchell 1
Seton Hall - Sandro Mamukelashvili 1
SMU - Isaiah Mike 1
Stanford - Tyrell Terry 1
St Johns - LJ Figueroa 1
St Josephs - Ryan Daly 1
Tennessee - Yves Pons 1
Tulane - Teshaun Hightower 1
UCF - Collin Smith, Darin Green 1
UCLA - Chris Smith 1
UNCG - Isaiah Miller 1
USF - David Collins 1
Utah - Timmy Allen 1
Vermont - Stef Smith 1
Virginia - Jay Huff 1
VCU - Marcus Santos-Silva 1
Wake Forest - Chaundee Brown 1
Washington State - CJ Elleby 1
Wichita State - Dexter Dennis 1
Xavier - Naji Marshall 1
Notable players returning to school
Alabama - Herb Jones 1
Austin Peay - Terry Taylor 1
Baylor - Mark Vital 1
Buffalo - Jayvon Graves 1
Colgate - Jordan Burns 1
Clemson - Aamir Simms 1
Dayton - Kellan Grady 1, Ibi Watson 1
Detroit - Antoine Davis 1
Duke - Matthew Hurt 1, Wendell Moore 1
Eastern Kentucky - Jomaru Brown 1
Florida - Scottie Lewis 1, Keyontae Johnson 1
Houston - Quentin Grimes 1
Indiana - Trayce Jackson-Davis 1
Iowa - Joe Weiskamp 1
Kansas - Ochai Agbaji 1, Marcus Garrett 1
Kentucky - Keion Brooks 1
Marshall - Jarrod West 1
Memphis - Landers Nolley 1
Michigan - Franz Wagner 1
Mississippi State - Abdul Abo 1
North Carolina - Garrison Brooks 1, Armando Bacot 1
Ohio State - CJ Walker 1
Oklahoma State - Isaac Likekele 1
Rhode Island - Fatts Russell 1
Richmond - Jacob Gilyard 1, Blake Francis 1, Grant Golden 1
Saint Louis - Jordan Goodwin 1, Hasahn French 1
SMU - Feron Hunt 1
South Carolina - AJ Lawson 1
Stony Brook - Elijah Olaniyi Transfer
UCLA - Jalen Hill 1
Utah State - Neemias Queta 1
Valparaiso - Javon Freeman-Liberty 1
Villanova - Jeremiah Robinson-Earl 1
Washington - Naz Carter 1
West virginia - Derek Culver 1, Oscar Tshiebwe 1
Wichita State - Morris Udeze 1
Xavier - Paul Scruggs 1
Other Aggregate Lists
247 Sports NBA Entry Tracker
NBC Sports NBA Entry Tracker
WatchStadium NBA Entry Tracker
  1. What's an agent? - An agent is someone you pay to help you in becoming and being a professional basketball player. Essentially all players have these when they're pros. The significance of it to us is that per NCAA rules, once a player has signed with or given/received money from an agent, they FORFEIT any remaining college eligibility. They are no longer considered amateurs.
  2. What about the new NCAA Rules? - The NCAA has changed the above rule, a little. Players have the option now to retain an agent after the season. The agents can pay for players’ meals, lodging and travel during the negotiation period. The agents also must be certified by the NCAA, and the players have to terminate the relationship if they return to a school. Players can also now return to school after going undrafted without losing eligibility, but only if they participated in the NBA combine. For more info, check these articles by SI and USA Today
  3. A senior has reported signing an agent, what does that mean? - Not a thing for us. Seniors, or players who have played a full 4 years, no longer have any eligibility remaining, so they really don't have a reason to not sign an agent if they play to pursue a career in basketball. Since they can't return to school, their hiring of an agent or leaving for the draft isn't really news, and won't be listed here. This list is only for players making a choice to forgo playing more in college.
  4. I believe you've missed a player, can you add them to the list? - Yep, I'm sure I'll miss some people. Make a comment saying "u/OutlawsHeels - I think you've missed [player]" and I'll add them. Bonus points if you include a reputable source in your post.
  5. A players status has changed, how should I report this? - Same as above, just ping me.
  6. Why are most of these links just links to Jon Rothstein and Evan Daniels on twitter? - I just like & follow both reporters, plus they usually break a lot of news and are the first sources I can find.
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2020.04.02 15:55 tacobell_enthusiast_ [RF] Liberal Arts

Francis walks like he knows exactly where he’s going, even though he’s in foreign territory. He strolls into the room, and pauses. He’s not alone, there’s another girl already waiting. She looks up from her phone, holding his gaze. It’s more than just a casual glance. A few seconds pass, and they size each other up. He looks away, and walks over to a tiny table where a stack of dilapidated magazines sits. Nothing interests him, and he looks back at the girl, she’s still staring, and she looks down at her shoes when their eyes meet again. She looks worried, but she wears a faint smile now. It’s enough for him, he sits down near her, and decides that he’s going to say something. This is the worst possible situation, and nothing comes to him. No funny observation. No witty remark. He goes for the first thing that comes to mind.
“What are you doing here?” Francis asks.
“Getting help,” She replies.
They’re sitting outside the therapist’s office at Carlow University. It’s perched in an office building overlooking Pittsburgh’s Fifth Avenue and the cars below inch at a crawl, working their way homewards - wherever that may be. Cheesy posters extolling “Teamwork,” “Dialogue!”, “Go Celtics!”, cling to the wall, there’s a bookcase stuffed with self-help and psychology textbooks. It stinks like Glade and Clorox baby wipes.
“You look like the last person that needs help.” Francis says.
“Really?” She breaks into a smile, choking back the tears that have been threatening for the past half hour, the worry haunting her expression disappears - it’s like the sun after a storm, and Francis senses that she’s someone special.
“Really. I’m fine too. But I need a cigarette. I don’t even smoke. I only smoke when I’m drunk.”
“I smoke.” She smiles.
“No way.”
She reaches for a pack in her purse. Marlboro Reds.
“No shit. Cowboy killers?” Francis smirks. “You smoke cowboy killers?”
“I usually smoke Gitanes. You say, cowboy killer?” The words form awkwardly - hesitantly, it dawns on Francis that English isn’t her first language. He swears she’s Italian.
“Are you Italian?” He asks.
She tosses her head back in laughter, the black hair tucked behind her ear comes loose and falls across her cheek. It’s almost too much and a stray tear trickles from her eye.
“Are you alright?” Francis is stupefied, raising a brow and leaning forward.
“No.” She shakes her head. “Or else I’d be somewhere else right now. Maybe a beach. Maybe in bed. My life is finished.”
“Same. I’m breaking up with my girlfriend and she said she was going to kill herself. It’s insane. My Pap told me to go talk to someone about it.” He blurts the statement thoughtlessly, and he looks away for a moment when he realizes it – he’s stressed and the cracks are showing.
“Do you want to kill yourself too?”
“No, not at all. She’s the one who needs to see someone. I’m basically going to the therapist for her, just to get advice. We’ve known each other since we were thirteen and my Pap is best friends with her parents. She’s basically his adopted granddaughter. He says he’ll quit paying for both my car and health insurance if I don’t stay with her. So here we are.”
Francis feels compelled to explain himself after sharing his initial revelation. He’s never seen a therapist, and he’s faltering – he doesn’t think it’s going to solve anything. Francis decides to open up to this girl, a total stranger. His words are honest, without the fear of judgement that comes with full disclosure to someone he knows well. He’s seen her around campus before, she was in one of his classes, but they never had a chance to talk. It’s strange, he still remembers the fun fact she shared on the first day. “My favorite band is the Rolling Stones.” It stuck with him, that’s his favorite band too.
“That’s sad about your girlfriend, but it’s funny that your Pap is uh, bullying you.” She smiles.
“Maybe.” Francis laughs. “What brings you here again?”
“I don’t know,” she says, brushing a strand of hair from her cheek.
“So, you’re just here for fun?”
“No! I actually broke up with my girlfriend too.” She laughs nervously, and freezes for a moment in anxiety – a crooked smile on her face.
“No shit.” Francis stares. She possesses a rare, imperfect beauty, and makes no attempt to mask her flaws. Dating another girl at this school is enough to make her a pariah. Carlow is a private, Catholic University located a block away from the University of Pittsburgh. The school is an afterthought, obscure to some even in Pittsburgh. There’s a convent on campus, and the social life is dead - if you go to a party, chances are it’s up the road at Pitt.
“It’s not as you think. I like men, but women too. The whole thing was a mistake. That’s why I’m here.”
“How do you accidentally date another girl?”
“It was just to, as you say, try it out, for fun, but she was too serious. I’m here abroad, I’m only here for one semester. She twisted me, as you say, um, I can’t think of the word. I just want to go home, if I even have one.”
“She screwed you?” Francis says. Picturing her going all the way with another girl floors him - it takes her to the edge, and that’s something he likes in a girl, that ability to break the mold and step outside the boundaries, to see something and pursue it. He lives life the same way.
“Yeah, um, she’s going to tell my father that we had the fling, she may have already. She’s a friend of the family, and she’s living here in Pittsburgh with a host and I stayed for one semester.” An ambulance speeds past on the street below, they glance out the window behind them. Two hospitals are located a block away from Carlow, and the sound of a meat-wagon howling past is usually enough to scare Francis awake during his lectures. Muffled conversation drifts from behind the closed door nearby. “That’s why I’m so upset. Because I will be uh, de-owned by my father.”
“You’re French, aren’t you?” Francis finally places the accent.
“Yes! But Italy is only a few miles away from where I live. That’s why I sound Italian. I live near Nice and Monaco.”
They gaze at each other. He feels it, there’s a connection.
“You’re something.” Francis sits for a moment and comes to a sudden decision. He needs a change, he’s desperate for it – he’s spent the last seven years in a relationship with the same girl, and he isn’t satisfied. This girl’s looks are captivating, with a unique, Mediterranean quality, stunning, and carefully refined. He risks it. “Listen, I’m a psych major. I bet you the guy behind that door is an asshole. Let’s go outside, and we could smoke a couple of those cowboy killers and talk this all out. I bet we’ll both get a lot more out of it. Besides, I’ve never met anyone from Monaco. I’m Francis by the way.” He offers his hand.
She takes it. “I’m Fae.” She pauses, considering the idea. “Let’s go.”
She stands and picks up her purse, she doesn’t think twice. Sometimes you meet someone, and once it happens you can’t un-see it.
Fae plops into the passenger seat of the Hyundai. Through the gloom Francis can see she’s wearing one of those black, quilted jackets that reach down to the knee, black skin-tight jeans that are frayed on the thighs exposing the right amount of skin, and black Vans with the laces tied neatly. Her black hair reaches just below her shoulders, and she parts it down the middle, tucking half behind her left ear and the rest falling across her face - it’s like she’s hiding, her right eye covered, but she smiles, and her hazel eyes light up as they meet Francis’s gaze. For once he can’t find the words.
“You look great.” Francis says as she pulls the door shut behind her. The anxiety she had yesterday has disappeared. There’s something distinct in her movement, she makes the simple act of getting in the car seem smooth, effortless - sexy even. Francis is excited for tonight, but his mouth is dry and his heart is thumping, he just got off the phone with Allie - his girlfriend. He grilled her about her ‘suicidal ideations,’ and she admitted her bluff – this isn’t the first time Francis has threatened to end the relationship, and this isn’t the first time she’s responded with hysterics. “You couldn’t survive without me!” She screamed, her words still ringing in his ear. Just watch me, he told her. Just watch.
Rain patters on the windshield, and the tiny four-liter engine hums patiently as the car idles. Francis’s battered, six-year-old iPod is plugged into the sound system, and music from The Walkmen’s album ‘Lisbon’ plays low in the background.
Merci, et tu, and you I mean.” She laughs, “Sometimes I say things in French and don’t even realize, I hope you don’t mind.”
“I’ll get used to it.” Francis says as they pull away from the posh mansion in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood where Fae has been staying. “How’s Katrine?”
“She won’t speak to me. Must we? Let’s talk about music, I’m so glad we have a common passion.”
“I’m glad too. I don’t know many girls who play the guitar.”
“Or are so good at photography.” She smiles – it’s white, perfect, framed by two shallow dimples. The car is sterile, he cleaned it earlier, emptying a half a bottle of Febreeze in the process, he is embarrassed by the huge coffee stain on the passenger side floor where Fae’s feet are now resting. Allie never cared, but Fae is immaculate and he prays she doesn’t notice.
“Photography?” Francis says, considering her statement as they make their way through the traffic on Penn Avenue, they’re hitting the back end of rush hour, and Francis tries to hone his focus as he splits his attention between Fae and the maze on the road. It’s dark, December – the rain picks up, tapping insistently on the Hyundai’s roof. The semester is almost over, and it’s reading week at Carlow. What Francis doesn’t know is that Fae has failed almost every one of her classes, she’s studying sociology, but the American classes don’t translate well to what she learned in the French system. Surprisingly, she finds the courses more rigorous in America. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do next. Francis is on track to make the dean’s list again, despite all the nights in the South Side.
“The picture I sent?” Fae says.
“Oh, yeah.” That photography. He smiles. They texted for hours after they parted ways the previous afternoon. They discussed their love of music mostly, but it didn’t take long until the conversation turned to romance. Francis eventually asked Fae what she looks for in a potential lover. She answered honestly – she wants confidence and sincerity, and she responded with the same question. Francis told her he wants loyalty and honesty. They made plans to meet up for what was essentially a date. It reached a point where Francis thought the conversation was over, until Fae sent a text that caught him off guard entirely. “Do you know how to French kiss, or am I going to have to teach you?” Francis wondered how far things would go. The next morning, he woke up to it – Fae striking a seductive pose in a mirror, in nothing but her black underwear. “That was nice.”
“I knew you’d like it.”
“I did.”
“I was expecting something in return.” There’s a playful glint in her eye.
“Sorry, I’ve only known you for twenty-four hours. I’m a prude.”
“No fun.” She says and faux frowns.
“I didn’t think you were that type.”
She throws her head back, and laughs. “I’m French!”
He laughs too now. It’s ridiculous, she’s the first French girl he’s ever met, and she has him hooked.
Francis parks near the door. The mall looms in the distance across the parking lot, illuminated by the soft yellow sodium bulbs of the street lights. The new movie theater juts out like a sore thumb, tacked on a couple years earlier. It looks like a sinking ship, and the rain is starting the gradual transition to snow. Francis catches a glimpse of himself in the car window, and meditates upon his reflection. His hair is black, cut short and styled with Garnier Fructis hair gel that sticks to the fingers and smells like a rotten fruit smoothie - it’s unpleasant, but it gets the job done. His clothes are understated yet suave, and Francis looks like someone you’d see within the pages of Vanity Fair magazine – cool, debonair, but grittier and more driven. His eyes are a grey-blue, placid, thoughtful, girls always remarking upon them, “You have such nice eyes Francis,” and he just brushes it off like always because of Allie. Francis is good-natured, and he knows it. He’s never had trouble getting along with other people, and he senses that in Fae – they’re extroverted, maybe even a little cocky.
The snow is sticking to their hair in white specks and making the ground slick. Francis’s leather jacket is too thin and he shivers. The red sign tacked to the side of the strip mall reads “Guitar Center” except some of the bulbs are out so it’s “Gut Center.”
“This place is the Walmart of guitar shops,” Francis says clicking the key fob and locking his Sonata.
“How so?” Fae asks.
“You’ll see what I mean.” Francis hasn’t mentioned that he comes here with Allie sometimes out of boredom, and they’d spend an hour or two playing every guitar and the drums, and sometimes the keyboards too. They’d leave after purchasing a pack of picks or some strings because they felt bad for disturbing the peace in the otherwise empty store. Francis had noticed at some point that they never seemed to sell the guitars, you’d come back a month or two later and there’d still be that Fender Duo-Sonic hanging from the wall, biding its time until the right player comes along.
“The weather was so nice yesterday. What happened?” Fae says as they cross the parking lot and head toward the door.
Yesterday, Fae and Francis went outside into the brisk December air on the tiny commons at Carlow University, and smoked a few Marlboros and chatted for about an hour. Fae was full of stories about her relationship with Katrine, who was the daughter of Fae’s father’s best friend. It was physical, and nothing else as she claimed, but Katrine had genuine feelings for Fae which weren’t reciprocated. Fae told Francis repeatedly that her only intention with Katrine was to experiment sexually. After a while, she asked Francis about his girlfriend. Francis realized he didn’t want to talk about Allie, but he was honest. He said he wanted to end things. “I don’t love her anymore.” He said, and he was lying. He still does, but she is smothering him - scaring the shit out of him at the same time.
Just think, if we get married, we’ll be buried together.” She had said. Allie haunts him. Over the summer, one of her cousins exchanged vows with a man she’d only known for three years. Afterwards, she fixated on the idea of marriage. “I’m ready whenever you are.” She brought it up constantly, and he played it off as best he could. Things finally came to a head, and one night she laid bare the terms of her love, and exposed just how deep it went – she’s obsessed with him. It terrified Francis, and he pushed her away, he went a week without speaking to her. That’s when things blew up. Francis loves Allie, but their relationship is like a burning building ready to collapse. On the other hand, the prospect of throwing away seven years of commitment to her gnaws on Francis – it undercuts his willingness to rush into things with Fae. The mere thought of Allie with another man is enough to incite feelings of heated jealousy. Tonight however, he pushes aside his misgivings, and focuses on Fae – she’s like a breath of fresh air.
“Do you know those guys?” Francis gestures towards the windows. Giant posters of Cobain, Lennon, and Clapton look on from behind the huge black panes, tonight Francis wishes they could speak. He trusts them – Kurt and Courtney, John and Yoko, Eric and Pattie. What would they say about Fae? And then he reconsiders, some of those relationships didn’t exactly goes as planned.
“Of course, I know those guys!” Fae gives Francis a playful shove. They hit it off yesterday, and this was agreed as just a short stop before dinner today, Friday. It was Francis’s idea after Fae mentioned she had played for years.
Francis holds the door for Fae.
“Merci!” She says as she steps through. They’re on the same wave length tonight, and there’s a palpable sense of attraction even when they aren’t talking - the way Francis keeps catching her gazing at him when she thinks he isn’t looking. Francis already knows from the short time they’ve spent together that Fae and Allie are the same type - outgoing, yet mysterious in some ways. When you look past her flaws, Allie is a girl of matchless beauty, but Fae is already proving herself.
Fae all but gasps when she sees the carousel of amplifiers, and the rows of mint-condition guitars waiting to make music. They make their way to the wall of instruments, the warmth of the indoors leading them to unzip their jackets. Fae is wearing a blue sweater over a white blouse, and something about the way the neatly buttoned collar of her shirt peeks above the neck line of her sweater looks distinctly French.
“Didn’t you say earlier you have a Fender Jaguar at home?” Francis asks.
“Oui, il est douane… uh custom. It has an uh, hum-bucker in the uh,” She makes a gesture.
“The bridge? That’s cool, and you like the Stones, right?”
“Oui! I love the Rolling Stones! I like Serge Gainsbourg too especially! Any rock!”
They edge closer to the wall, scanning for the right guitar.
“Oh, here is a Jaguar!” Fae spots a red Squier model and plucks it from its wall hanger. “It’s a poor man Jaguar but still the same.” She’s beaming.
“Have you ever played a Tele?” Francis reaches and pulls down a sunburst Fender Telecaster. Fae steps forward to examine the guitar, and is standing only inches away from Francis now, and she keeps brushing against him, he gets the sense it isn’t accidental.
“Yes! But I do not own one sadly. Just my Jaguar and my Stratocaster, and my acoustic.”
They plug into a couple of Marshall amps and noodle a bit. Francis knows instantly that Fae is lightyears ahead in her playing. She runs down an impressive jazz scale and plays a melodic chord progression he’s never heard. Francis is good, but not this good.
“You’ve been playing how long exactly?”
“Since I had four years! Guitar and football are my true passions!”
“Soccer?” “Yes! Football! I played at my university in France until, I, uh,” her bright mood dims, “until I tore my knee. Now I can’t ever again.” She rocks on the stool, her hair falling in her face.
“I’m sorry. It sounds weird, but at least you can play guitar for your whole life. That’s something I like to tell myself,”
“I never thought that!” She says. She smiles.
Francis plays a riff on his telecaster. “Do you know this?”
“Of course!” She responds with the serpentine rhythm part, they play for a few seconds and Fae starts to sing, quietly at first, and then more confidently.
“I can’t get no, sat-is-fac-tion, I can’t get no sat-is-fac-tion!” Her accent disappears as she sings, her voice ringing true, confident - resonant. Francis is thrilled, they play the whole song, she knows every word. They lock into each other’s groove, forgetting everything else, their problems fading into the music. They finish, and Fae finishes by flashing through a blues scale, concluding in a flourish.
Francis nods his head, playing it cool, trying to mask how ecstatic he is. “That was neat.”
“Neat?” Fae tosses her head back into that infectious laughter, and Francis watches with concern as Fae laughs, and laughs - she can’t stop. Fae has an absolute fit of laughter, and when she finally does stop, Francis notices that she’s drooling. His expression shows an edge of concern. She slowly wipes her face after finally coming to her senses. Francis job-shadowed at Western Psychiatric last summer, and he saw patients that acted just like this. It dawns on him that he met her at the therapist’s office. If it was anyone else Francis would run, and fast, but he’s in too deep now. He’s blinded, not only by the fact she’s gorgeous, but by the depth of their rapport – they give off the same vibe, they have the same personality. Not only is she ‘trop sexy’ as they would say in Nice, but she’s better than Francis at something, he’s used to being the best at most things, and he appreciates the occasions when he isn’t.
They pause, and lock eyes, neither looks away, and they’re both smiling. Fae is composed now. Francis leans forward and puts a hand on her knee.
“That wasn’t neat, that was amazing.”
“Thank you! I had a sudden idea, we are so good together, that we should start a band!” Fae remarks suddenly.
“We just met!”
“I know, but it would work! And I like you, a little too much I think!”
“I like you too.” Francis says. Then the quip about the band hits him – Allie is a superb drummer, he’s more than proficient on the bass, and Fae is clearly a gifted guitarist. Something clicks in his head. Maybe I don’t have to get rid of Allie after all, maybe we can learn to simply be friends. Maybe we can all coexist. He knows that if he got Fae and Allie together, they would click.
“What’s dating like in France?” Francis asks after they’ve been seated at Mad Mex. It’s a yuppie Cali-Mex restaurant exclusive to Pittsburgh where you can order a big azz margarita or seasonal burritos. Chili lights are strung from the ceiling and indie rock blares from the stereo, cubist graffiti art reminiscent of Picasso adorns the walls. Hipsters seriously dig the place, and Francis knows that’s exactly what he and Fae are. Not the casual sort who buy a vinyl Beatles LP from a thrift shop and let it gather dust in the corner of their dorm room – they’re the militant type who can quote Neutral Milk Hotel and tell you every type of guitar Lou Reed owned while he was with the Velvet Underground.
She collects her thoughts before answering the question. “Nothing like in America, much different. In France, it is much easier for guys and girls to be friends. Here it is uh, like if you’re not dating, or uh, if you’re not doing sex, then what’s the point? And when you do become exclusive in France, there is not so much possession. It is common to see a married woman go out with her married friend who is a man, and they are that, just friends, and nothing more. Contrary to popular ideas, I feel that French women are more conservative than those in America, because once she is exclusive she is loyal to a point of her honor.”
“That picture you sent me wasn’t very conservative.” Francis smirks. The lights are dimmed low, and Fae has a radiant, soulful look. There’s a spark in her eyes, she’s full of life and excitement. They have each other’s undivided attention.
“That was just me saying, ‘I’m interested.’” Fae explains. As the night has worn on Francis notices she is very touchy, very flirty. He likes it. He tries to ignore the thought, but she’s a more sophisticated, more attractive version of Allie. Even though Fae has an accent, it almost feels like he’s talking to Allie sometimes, they’re both very cool and easygoing. And then that remark hits him. I’m interested.
“That’s one of way of getting that across.” They laugh, and Fae leans forward with intent, rests her elbows on the table and cradles her chin in the palms of her hands. Francis can’t take his eyes off her, and he takes a moment to appreciate her. She doesn’t look like an American girl, and there’s an intangible sense that she’s European, even if he didn’t know already he could guess.
“You’re really tan for December.”
“My mother was Algerian,” Fae says.
“That’s interesting, do you think she’ll care when she finds out about you and Katrine?”
“Well, my mother is dead, Francis.” Fae looks down at the table, for a second he thinks he’s killed the vibe.
The waitress appears - she’s young, college age, and her arm is emblazoned with a full sleeve of colorful, floral tattoos. She takes their drink orders. Francis orders a Corona, and Fae asks for an expensive glass of wine. They both have fake IDs, and the server scrutinizes Fae’s heavily before letting it slide. She walks off.
“I’m sorry about your mother. That’s one more thing we have in common.” Francis says.
“What do you mean?”
“My parents died in a car accident when I was thirteen. That’s why I live with my Pap.”
The words hang heavy between them, and it’s terrible, but Francis feels a deeper sense of connection to her. He carries the weight every day, and usually waits a long time to tell people - until he can be sure that they won’t try to patronize him with half-hearted pity. Fae looks away. A group of yuppies sitting at the bar burst into raucous laughter.
“So, you know how it is?” Fae says, she stares off into the distance with a wounded expression.
“All too well.”
Neither has the words.
“Where’d you get your fake?” Francis says, changing the subject, they need to get off this. He wants things to go back to how they were just a minute ago, when it felt like everything was coming together.
“A website. I’d go insane if I couldn’t drink here.”
“I thought the waitress was going to take it.”
“As did I. The picture looks nothing like me.”
“Neither does mine. But it scans so I can go down Carson Street.”
“Lucky.” The drinks come and Francis squeezes the lime into the Corona bottle and Fae sips on her wine. They enjoy each other’s company for a few moments in silence.
“I just thought of something, Francis,” Fae remarks.
“Yeah?” “You’re more French than you realize.” Francis laughs. “How?” “Your way of acting. You are uh, laid back, yet confident, too many American men are inconsiderate.”
“I like the comparison, but you haven’t seen me around my friends,” he considers her statement, and adds, “you’re definitely not like other girls I know.” Francis says.
“How?” She laughs.
Francis pauses and chooses his words, he smiles. “You have a spark. You have this energy that’s fun to be around. Most girls I know these days don’t have that.”
“Really?” She laughs, her smile is unequaled, and the way she holds her expression is subtly seductive – it’s airy and inviting. “Anyways, what is your uh, situation, with your girlfriend, I feel you haven’t fully explained to me yet.”
“With Allie?” He doesn’t want to talk about her, he’s skirted around the subject so far. “We’re still dating technically.” He says. He feels stupid. The breakup isn’t official yet, and he doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that he’s in the act of cheating right now. The fact troubles him, and the thought of letting Allie go for good ties his stomach in a knot. The unforgettable impression Fae has made so far complicates his feelings. Somehow, he wishes it was possible to have them both.
“Oh.” She says. Fae looks frustrated, and she purses her lips.
“I’m trying to end it, but the weird thing is, I think if you and Allie met, you’d really like each other.”
“That’s a funny thought.” Fae is playing with her hands, her hair falling from behind her ear. “The truth is, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t feel something, I can’t describe it, but when we met yesterday, I wanted to get to know you. I know I sound crazy, but sometimes you just look at someone, and you feel something, you can’t describe why or how, you just know it’s happening. When we played music tonight Francis, I felt like we were in unison, the same. I wish we could have that feeling all the time.” She says.
Francis contemplates her words. She can feel it too then. He thinks she’s incredible. “How long are you in America?” He asks.
“Just until the new year,” She responds absently.
“Fae,” He hesitates. “We might be rushing things. We just met yesterday, and now we’re having dinner together. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care. It’s like this was all supposed to happen.” Francis takes a long sip from his Corona.
“Like fate?” She leans forward, her hazel eyes alive, warm.
“Yeah. Like fate. And if you’re leaving soon, we’ll have to make the most of it.”
Steph returns and asks if they’re ready to order. They’ve been caught up in each other and have forgotten entirely to look at the menu. Francis asks her to come back, and they quickly decide upon their orders while she’s gone. It hits him how hungry he is – the scent of Mexican cooking wafting around the restaurant – the tantalizing prospect of a spicy burrito.
“Not to bring up a shitty subject, but will your father really care that much when he finds out about Katrine? It’s almost 2013, if you want to try dating another girl I don’t see what the big deal is.”
“He will because he is very conservative, and, um, because I am nobility, and it is unacceptable for me to have relations with a girl.”
“What do you mean by nobility?”
“Whenever my father is gone I will be the Countess de Menton.”
Francis blinks. He doesn’t know what to make of it, but he’s intrigued. “You’re a countess?”
“The French government recognizes the fact that you are a marquis or what have you, but it’s meaningless mostly. Usually it just says that you come from an old family with a lot of money.” Fae explains.
“Is that true about you?”
She’s hesitant, Fae looks down and takes a breath. “I won’t tell you how much money I have. I feel that if you think I’m wealthy it will change things between us.” She pauses again, and Francis guesses that she doesn’t want to say too much. “But I will tell you that through my father, you can trace my bloodline back to the time of the crusades.”
Francis can’t wrap his head around the notion, but he puts two and two together. Her outfit probably cost a few hundred dollars, she just ordered a twelve-dollar glass of wine, and as subtle as it is, she comes across as somewhat arrogant, even though he can tell she’s at her most vulnerable. He doesn’t doubt her claim that she’s a countess, it makes sense. It dawns on him how high-class she is. Francis wavers, he leans back in his seat and runs a hand through his hair. He feels like he’s finally met his match, and he can’t shake the feeling that they’re developing genuine feelings for each other - it’s undeniable. He knows he’s diving headlong into things with this girl. At best, they have a brief fling, she goes home, and he never sees her again, but the way it seems now, there’s something genuine happening, and the last thing he wants is to hurt her.
Fae’s iPhone is laying on the table and buzzes to life. She reaches for it, reads the screen, and considers what she has just read. She sets the phone down, and then she bursts into laughter -it’s worse than before. She can’t stop, it’s manic, uncontrollable and she laughs until she can’t breathe, tears pouring down her face, and when she can’t laugh anymore she starts to cry. She covers her face with her hand, her whole body wracked with sobs.
“Fae!” He’s shaken. She is incredible, yet here she is having a nervous breakdown. He’s seen it before with Allie - she has her own issues. She continues. “Fae!” He repeats louder. She looks at him and gasps, her tears abate momentarily.
“Let’s go outside. You need some air. Trust me.” They stare at each other. “Trust me.”
“Oui.” They stand and walk through the mostly empty restaurant past the waitress.
“We’ll be right back.” Francis says as he leads Fae past the bar and outside through the porch and the iron gate that opens onto the parking lot. They’re on the sidewalk now, and Fae wraps her arms around Francis and buries her face in his chest and sobs, and he just hugs her as close as he can and lets her cry. There’s nothing else he can do. Snow flurries flutter through the air and his breath billows in white clouds. He closes his eyes. It’s been one day, and they’re virtual strangers. This is insane. She cries for a little while longer before going silent, and still they embrace.
“Want to talk about it?” he asks.
Mon pere.” She can’t find the words. “My father, he texts me, he says, I had a conversation with Katrine’s father, about the sickening things you’ve done.” She collects herself. “He says, don’t come home. You are on your own.”
Francis grits his teeth and pulls her closer.
“I’m sorry.” He doesn’t know what else to say.
“I didn’t want to go home anyways. I hate home… and I can’t go back to my host. Katrine is there. I have nowhere.”
Francis speaks without consideration – he goes all in. “You can stay with me. I live at home with my Pap in Regent Square. We have a guest room, and you can stay as long as it takes for you to get things figured out. I promise.”
Merci. Merci beaucoup Francis.” She releases him, takes a step back, and smiles. It’s the first time he’s seen her without worry. “That’s why I like you.”
“Why?” He laughs.
“We just met, but we don’t play games. We’re honest. Boys in France are taught to flirt, they flirt endlessly, and go in a circle and you get nowhere. But yesterday you said, let’s go talk, and we went outside and we’ve been nothing but honest with each other. I’ve never had this before.”
Francis gazes at her, the white puffs of their breath clouding the air between them.
“Fae, I can’t describe how I feel about tonight. I don’t care if we just met. We understand each other, it’s natural, and it’s like we were meant to find each other.”
Fae looks at him and smiles. They stare at each other wordlessly for a while, there’s something quietly passionate in the way they stand admiring each other.
“Want a smoke, cowboy?” She laughs. Fae reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a pack of Marlboros. Francis laughs too. She hands him the cigarette and he places it in his mouth, he cups his hands around it and she lights it for him, the pungent smoke filling his lungs. He exhales. She lights her own cigarette. “So, what are we doing tomorrow?”
Francis takes a step forward, “We’ll think of something.” He pulls her close and they kiss.
{I had to cut the final scene because of excessive character count. If there is some interest or demand, and if the mods are gracious enough to allow, I will post it either in the comments or a separate post}
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2020.03.26 04:32 VirtualCtor low level knowledge guitarists

Guitar pickups and pedals and amps all change the pitch of the notes. To reproduce those same notes, you’ll have to buy all the same equipment as was used to record the original song. This is why some guitars become extremely expensive. You need to catch up to humans with your knowledge. You’re way behind being up to date, with knowledge. It’s your responsibility to catch up with the rest of the world. Expensive Stratocaster guitars exist, and they exist for a good reason.
The Marshall amp makes notes shift slightly high in pitch and Mesa boogie shifts the pitch of notes lower than acoustic tuned / without amplification notes. Millions of guitarists play Hendrix songs but they don’t realise they’re all wrong cause they weren’t able to buy the modified wah pedal which shifted the notes to a lower tuning.
Until the Hendrix signature wah pedal was invented, all guitarists had notes that were too high in pitch, and were completely wrong. Hendrix himself warned us all. The problem now is the Hendrix wah pedal requires other pedals to be in the signal path for it to operate correctly. The original modified wah pedal Hendrix used doesn’t require other pedals to work properly. That’s why it’s worth lots of money.
Now, in 2020, we approach tuning from a new perspective, and that means we need to tune the notes by plugging into the correct equipment which tunes them to signature artist note tuning. Guitarists can tell you’re not plugged into the artists equipment. Seymour Duncan pickups can lower the pitch of every note. No other pickups can make those notes, no matter how hard you try. Only the people who buy the Ritchie Blackmore guitars can make the Ritchie Blackmore notes.
You’re not born with this knowledge. You must buy signature artist equipment to gain this knowledge. So now we have low level knowledge guitarists and high level knowledge guitarists. Those who are thrifty and those who aren’t. You can’t communicate with guitarists any more cause the knowledge gap is too wide. It’s going to take you years to catch up to signature artist brand buyers. We have way more knowledge and experience than the average guitarist. You’re 30 years behind. Seriously, you must update yourself every decade or so. You’re not getting away with having just any pickups on your guitar.
Play a strat unplugged then play a les Paul unplugged. Notice how a strat unplugged sounds like a stat, and doesn’t sound like a les Paul. The Ritchie Blackmore strat only sounds like the Ritchie Blackmore strat unplugged. It doesn’t sound like any other Stratocaster guitar. You can’t learn this knowledge instantly. It’s going to take you at least 5 years and a lot of money to gain this experience. I’m getting dumber watching you tube and talking to low level guitarists.
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2020.03.24 16:05 Texas1971 Carollaisms

Haven’t updated in awhile, but here’s some “light reading” for everyone while we’re locked in. These just crack me up. Enjoy, stay safe and wash up. 🧼 GETITON

Band Names/Rap Stars

Mitt Romney and the One Percenters (ACS)
ManAyz - Rap star (LL)
D'Bagz - Rap star (LL)
Maxi Pad - An all-girl band that knows how to rock (LL)
Dick Tingle - One of the best blues men in the business (Show?)
Lynette and the Lackeys (ACS)
Straw Hat and the Bowties - Jerry Springer's dixieland band who plays at the Knott's Berry Farm Good Time Theater (ACS)
Gut Fluffer (ACS)
Johnny Beaumont and The Legionnaires - All wear matching powder blue tuxedoes (ACS)
Automatic Vaginismus – Great band name (LL)
Dissuade/D’ Suede - Rappeproducer of Kanye/one of Kim's ex beaus (ACS)
Starchy Deuce - Band that should be produced by D' Suede (ACS)
Narthex - (ACS)
Epileptic Declawed Hamster - That is a helluva punk band right there (ACS)
Loretta Lynch - Country singer who sang "Stand By Your Man" (ACS)
The Areolas - Covered an Eagles song in the ‘90s (ACS)
Fleece and Flannel - One of the best lesbian acoustic duos you will ever see (ACS)
3 Chainz - Rap star (ACS)
Blues Squatter - Adam's dad’s band name (ACS)
Tampon Kayak - One of Seattle's greatest, but least heard of indie bands (ACS)
Jizz Grenade (LL)
Dryer Fire - Hot indie band name (ACS)
Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Prince's backup band (ACS)
Rape Kit - Name of Adam's band from high school (ACS)
Nog Bong - A band Adam was in in high school (ACS)
Bum Blazer – Adam’s band in high school (ACS)
White Trash Kimchi - Another good band name (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
White Noise - Adam's rap name (ADS)
Promethazine - Lil Wayne's sister (ADS)
Light Rail - Great Rap name (ADS)
Danny In The Joint - Good indie band name (ACS)
Anal Cleft - One of the worst reggae singers to leave Jamaica (ACS)
Anal Cleft and the Taints - Great reggae group (ACS)
MEL-ROL - One of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
D'bris - Great Rap name (ACS)
Cisgender - A militant female rapper....for the ladies (ACS)
Krav Maga (1) - Country singing Jew (ACS)
Lynette and Paulette - Sounds like a singing duo from the 60's (RD)
Nuts In The Sink - Name of Ray’s new band (Ray) (AOTH)
SubDude - Pete Holmes' rap name (ACS)
Ray And The Enemas - Blues singer and his backup band (ADS)
Yakov Crutchfield - He has a show in Branson (ADS)
Mac 18 - Adam’s favorite rapper (RD)
Tremble Lean – Adam’s rap name (ACBSL)
Sticker Back – Worst band out of Canada ever (ACS)
Pennywise and Pound Foolish - A band from the ‘90's (RD)
Strawberry Shortcake's Neti Pot - Great band name (Twitter)
Puffy Elon Musk - Worst rapper ever (ACS)
Pantera Club at Laguna Seca (Twitter)
Savage Body Attack - New wave romantic band Ace was in when he was 19 (FBL)
Jumping Jazzy Jews - Jeff Goldblum's jazz band (ACS)
Snore Cherry - Great band name (ACS)
Pat Benatard - Pat Benatar cover band (ACS)
Rancid Nuts - Good band name (ACS)
Gary And The Knotholes - Good band name (AOTH)
Tampon Canoe - Good indie band (ACS)
One Erection - A good boy band (ACS)
Flushin' Dew - A good country duo (ACS)
Armo Jeweler - Great band name (RD)
Radon - (Lynette thinks) there a Whitesnake cover-band (ACS)
The Taste Of Ace - Great band name (ACS)
King Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Concord Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Gary Taco - Love that band (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - Good punk band (Gina) (ACS)
Daddy’s Got A Dually – Good country song (ACS)
Dip Curtain - Good indie band (ACS)
Crystal Lobbyists - Sounds like a great techno band (ACS)
Narcissistic Monk -Great indie band (GS)
Sporty Prius - Worst of the Spice Girls (ACS)
Laden and Bravado - 70s duo who opened for Seals n Crofts (ACS)
The Bouncers - great band name (ACS)
Hurry up and make sense (1) - a good talking heads album (ACS)
Appropriate Sombrero - Maxapada’s next band name (Bryan) (ACS)
Flirtatious Contrail - great rap name (GS)
Jack Johnson - Guy from The White Stripes aka The Black Stripes (ACS)
Sophistry - A great Carol King album (ADS)

Song Titles

Meatless Mondays - Horrible Bangles song (Show?)
Measles and Commuter Trains - Worst Christmas song ever (ACS)
White Guys Be Ownin' Everything - Adam's next hit (ACS)
Blood On The Grout - John Cougar Mellencamp song (ACS)
No Blood In The Peckeroo - Good John Cougar song (ACS)
Mellen's Gold - A three disc box set of nothing but John Cougar Mellencamp hits (ACS)
Freaks, Retards and Jews - Not a Cher song (ACS)
Pedophile Cops - Good Cheap Trick song (ACS)
Pig Anus Soup - Favorite Rolling Stones album (Bryan) (ACS)
That Dog Don’t Mess With Olga and Natalia Don’t Spit No Mo’ - Sounds like a Mississippi Delta blues song (Bryan) (ACS)
Goggles Are For Pussies - Trace Adkins' number one hit (ACAFBSL)
Whistle While You Masturbate - The lost Disney song aka "Whistle While You Jerk" (ACS)
12 Pack & Dick's Hard - Name of Adam's new album (Gina) (ACS)
Blood and Soil - A good Smithereens song (ACS)
Pina Colada in Amsterdam - Worst Jimmy Buffet song ever (ACS)
Tough Times In The City - Great Nick Gilder song (ACS)
I've Got A Hamster In My Scrotum And He's Looking For His Keys - That's a good country song (ACS)
Gay Hitler -Great Elvis Costello song (ACS)
Tard On The Tool Shed - Good Mellenamp song (AOTH)
Condo in Redondo - Sublime song (ADS)
Animoji - Band that sung "Obsession" (ACS)
People Who Have Lost People - Worst Barbara Streisand song ever (ACS)
Tilted Heart - Great Tammy Wynette song (ADS)
Yoga wood - Great Beatles song (ACS)
Anal cleft - Song from the Sound of Music (ACS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
I’ve got a Saturday and two friends - great country song (Gina) (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (2) - Title of the next Guns N Roses album (ACS)
Circling Back To Baldwin - Good name for a country song (ACS)
Keistered in Winnipeg - (Bald’s) favorite Willie Nelson song (ACS)
Anal ipecac - Good indie band (ACS)
2 Tits and a Pulse - Ace likes that Beck song (Bryan/Adam) (ACS)

Football Players/Athletes/Teams:

Legs Akimbo - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Feral Katz - Nose Tackle (ACS)
L' Brarian Booker - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Oscar Buzz - Linebacker (ACS)
DeVigorous Lover - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Nadir Zenith - Placekicker (ACS)
DeGluten Free - Offensive Lineman (ACS)
Tangy Mango - Fullback (ACS)
N'Farious Plan - (position?) (ACS)
Modular Holmes - (position?) (ACS)
Fortuitous Bounce - Safety (ACS)
Operatin' Thetan - (ACS) Quarterback for the Washington Redskins (ACS)
Minority Banks - HOF OLB who died tragically in a car wreck shortly after his HOF induction, a natural athlete, he played option QB in college along with being a stand out member of the track team, and in high school he was captain of the basketball team. Survived by his twin brother Majority Banks, who also played in the league, and daughter Recuser Banks who many believe was the best athlete in the family (ACS)
Coach Platitude - "Take a knee son...helmet's not a chair" (ACS)
Glendora Bevmo - Mother of DeVigorous Lover and L' Brarian Booker (different fathers, of course) (ACS)
Marshall Law - (Allison) (ACS)
Orlando Ceeworld - (position?) (ACS)
Du Vatine - (position?) (Show?)
Raja Slate - Super fast wide-out out of Marshall via LSU (AOTH)
Moe Greene - Great corner for the Washington Redskins in the 80’s (ACS)
Bronx Defenders - Sounds like a AAA hockey team (RD)
Medical Error - Slipped in the draft due to a video being released just prior (ACS)
Homeo Stasis (position?) (ACS)
Capybara - The greatest name for a major league skipper (ACS)
Ejaxico Johnson (position?) (ACS)
Radiant Barrier vs. Attic Fan - The worst WWE matchup ever to grace the stage (AOTH)
Bamboo Brick - one of the greatest mixed martial artists on the planet (AOTH)
Dexter Methorphan - He did not participate in the combines, but his coaches say he can run a 4.3 (Twitter)
Bob Jacuzzi - Great point guard for the Celtics aka "THE COOZE" (ACS)
Shame Negation - Picked to leave Clemson early and go very early in the draft this year. (ADS)
Entertainment Crackers - Another name for the Washington Generals ACS
Hardibacker - Good name for an inside backer (ACS)
Osmosis - Black dude. Forward for the Knicks who might or might not have been traded (ADS)
Onus Wilson - NFL draftee (ACS)
World Be Mine - Adam’s new basketball name (ACS)
LBJ - Worst Mexican wrestler name ever (ADS)
Cold stone Steve Austin - Can’t wrestle on hot days. Tag team partners with the Klondike twins (GS)
Cicely Tyson - Greatest Italian boxer of all time. (ADS)

Porn Star Names/Terms/Gay Code:

Spoodini - (LL)
Rocky Stucco - (AOTH)
No Can Doo - Backdoor anal queen of China (ACS)
Kristallnacht - Worst porn star name in the business (ACS)
Madison Avenue (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Hero Du Jour (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Kindle Fire (ACS)
Jackson Hole - Gay porn actor (ACS)
Col. Duke Lacrosse - Adam's porn name (LL)
Duke Circumference - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Rich Data - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Tom Foolery - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Honey Dijon - Great porn star name (Show?)
Aids Machete - One of Adam's gay porn names. "Very short stint, I only did 2 weeks with that name, so it was like 41 movies." (ACS)
Bryce Canyon - Great gay porn name (ACS)
The Italian Coastguard - A gay move. "Let me just start with basic anal, then I'll slide into the Italian Coast Guard." (ACS)
Tetanus Gym - Good gay porn name "Who you working with?" "Tetanus Gym." "Oh boy, make sure you're on top" (ACS)
Shared A Back Fence - gay slang (ACS)
Mea Culpa - Adam's porn name (ACS)
Hand Twins - Gay code (ACS)
Backscatter - Porn technology (PM)
Cajun Tree Climber - Gay code (AOTH)
Snow Blower- Gay code (AOTH)
Stump Grinder - Gay code (AOTH)
Tumbler And Coaster - Adam's gay slang replacement for "top and bottom" (PM)
Go For A Bike Ride - Gay code (ACS)
Artie Fartie - Adam's porn name from the 80's (ACS)
Road Island Ray - Ray's porn name (AOTH)
38KKK -A type of porn that comes out of Kentucky (ACS)
Tech Screw - A dirty website for geeks (ACS)
Bearvalanche - Worst gay move ever (ACS)
Wacked Off Pieces Of Cactus - Gay code for gay rough trade (ACS)
Brad Nail - Good gay porn name (ADS)
Lightning Rod - Good gay porn name for Milo Yiannopplous (ADS)
Milk Barn - Another name for Adam's bathroom sink (ACS)
Meat Thievery - That's just good gay code (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Asian Persuasion - Sounds like a good name for a porn series Asian persuasion 16 (ACS)
Cock Holster - Good movie series, cock holster 14 (ACS)
Celebrity Du Jour - Great porn name (ACS)
Europol - Another great porn name (ACS)
Roy Wood - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Tank slapper - Gay slang (Gina) (ACS)
Porch Pirate - Gay term (ACS)
Mad Chuck - The world's worst name for a gay porn star (AOTH)
Sweat lodge - Gay code (ACS)
The L.A. Underground - Sounds like a gay bar (M&J)
Skin and grin - Gay slang (ACS)
Rear Admiral - The name of one of the best bars on west side (ACS)
Loaded for bear - Now a gay term (GS)
Fruit Of The Year - A porn Dave (Dameshek) starred in (ACS)
The Lebanese Comedian - Ace's favorite sex position (ACS)
Cockout - When a gay guy doesn't try very hard (ACS)
Margana Wood - Porn name (ACS)
Hugh Bris - Porn star (RD)
Matte Clear - Fondalier’s gay porn name (AOTH)
Palatial Estates – A good 80’s fake tittie porn name (AOTH)
Cokie Roberts - Great porn name (ACS)
Armenian Christmas - An unspeakable sexual act in prison. "Johnny ratted out the white supremacists to the warden, so they gave him an Armenian Christmas" (Show?)
Ride The Pine - Gay slang (ADS)
Meet Gaze - Gay slang (ACS)
Asshole Rider - Gay slang (ACS)
Cash Widedick - Ace's porn name if you can call an apple a honey crisp. (ACS)
Shanda Lear - Great stripper name (Gina) (ACS)
Fiery Cherry - Good porn name (ACS)
Jerk the wheel - Code for masturbation (ACS)
Giddyup Titties - Gina’s porn name (Gina) (ACS)
French astronaut - Great gay slang (ACS)
Mr Bandera - gay code (ACS)
Beefmato/Clamato - sounds like names of venerial diseases (ACS)
Spanner - Australian gay code (ACS)
Rocky tenure - Adam’s gay porn name (ACS)
The End Game - One of Stormy Daniels movie titles (RD)
Room for cream - Great porno title (Gina) (ACS)
Pedialyte shower - Worst sexual act ever (Sklar) (ACS)
Foot Zunki - Add-on to the Pedialyte shower (ACS)
Self rimming sink - gay slang (AOTH)
Harvey Mudd - gay bar drink where vermouth and bartender shit is mixed in a goblet (ACS)
Barney’s Beanery - ultimate name for a gay bar (ACS)
Parallel park both ways - euphemism for being bi (GS)
The Big Three - Gerago’s junk (RD)
73 - When a fat guy tries to 69 with a chubby prostitute he met at a ham radio convention(ACS)
Backlog - Stormy Daniels movie title (Bryan)(ACS)
Madison Bear - Sounds like an dating app for gay hairy dudes who are married (ACS)
Back pay - Good porn title name (ACS)

Miscellaneous People

Trajectory Hagar - High school kid "heading down the wrong path" in life (ACS)
Slick Mouth - Adam's prison name (ACS)
Rich Carless - Cool homeless guy name (ACS)
Keyless Chuck - Best homeless guy name (ACS)
Nasal Ranger - Worst superhero name ever (Gina) (ACS)
Krav Maga (2) - Good name for a sheriff (ADS)
Hubcap Annie - Horror that hangs out with Keyless Chuck (ACS)
Becky Honkington (Allison) (ACS)
Monica Chugscock - (Pronounced "Shuggscawk") (ADS)
Tyvek DuPont - Best rich guy’s name (AOTH)
Mattress - A Model/actress (ACS)
Hofmeister Kink - Nazi war criminal who's been in hiding in Brazil for the past 61 years. aka Jake Johnson (ACS)
Serpiginous - The world's wimpiest swordsman. Sir Piginous of Wussville (LL)
Chick Fil a - Great play-by-play guy for the Warriors from the 70’s (Show?)
Peri Menopausal - Best P.I. working the Chicago beat (LL)
Whiskey Dick - The neighborhood pedophile in the clown outfit (ACS)
Surge - Guy that drives for ÜBER (ACS)
Babbling Brook - Great name for a female cattle auctioneer (PM)
Terra Firma - Name of the "woman of color" that heckled Adam at a Ventura live show and was removed by force (The Ranker Podcast)
Octomom - Great Batman villain (Bryan) (ACS)
Larry The Cabinet Guy - Failed Israeli comic…"Don't get 'er done!" (ACS)
Rod Blagojevich - Joe Francis' slimy brother who sells above ground pools out of a primered van (ACS)
Cockchug Man - The gay superhero in The Village People that wears just all leather (ACS)
MEL-ROL- She's one of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
Hand Farts - A new comedian Adam had never heard of (ACS)
Juan Jeremy - The greatest international film star ever (ACS)
Bitchathane Jackson - Good name for a "sista" (ACS)
Tobar - Perfect caveman name (ACS)
Vroman - A fast moving Roman (ACS)
Korn Syrup and Fructose - Women of color who work at the strip club with Jade (stage 4) (ACS)
Fred Meyer - Lucy's neighbor (ACS)
Kimchi - The Asian flutist (ACS)
Pacoima - The mechanic from Taxi (ACS)
Dick Salt - NATO Alliance General (ACS)
Dick Salt (2) - Manger of the Mariners in the early 70’s (Bryan) (ACS)
Caramel And Fudge - Two more African-American prostitutes that lived in the apartment above Adam’s (ACS)
Peaches - The whore that lived upstairs (ACS)
F. Me Bailey - Greatest lawyer of all time (RD)
Agua Caliente - Loves that guy. He does a great John Madden (ACS)
Senior Penis - One the most dangerous drug lords to ever work (ADS)
Shill Du'Jour - Good Bond secretary name (RD)
Brexit Romero - Sounds like an International assassin (ACS)
Lugansk - That gay diver who hit his head and gave the whole Canadian team AIDS (ACS)
Leak O'rama - A Dutch action star, starred in “Sudden Death” (AOTH)
Vaginismus - Great black guy name (ADS)
Normcore - Guy that owns Westwood one (ACS)
LaTolstoy - Great black guy name (ACS)
Shapiro – Artist who is really good at anime. Died in the 60’s but was a real trendsetter (ACS)
Chuck Spears – Good name for a racist. “Hey you workin’ with Chuck Spears over at the Klan?” (ACS)
Norethindrone - DAG’s Sister (CLL)
La Tuskegee - Black airline pilot (ACS)
C-clamps – Nickname for Adam’s step-mom. “Ol’ C-clamps locked me out of the house again.” (ACS)
Harry Nilsson - (Gary thinks) he does the voices on The Simpsons (ADS)
Nutella - Great name for a crazy black woman (ACS)
Sia - The perfect person to break up with. Would be perfect if she was dating Jack (hit the road Jack) (ACS)
The Ball Catcher - What Adam used to call Ray's ass in junior high (ACFBSL)
MOAB - Matt's new nickname (Mother of All Buttholes) (AONTH)
Trip Reeb - Great name for a white guy (ACS)
Merle Horn - One of the greatest best ropers to ever come down the Pecos (ACS)
The Boring Machine - Lynette's name for Adam (ACS)
Avocado Hand - The nickname of Eric Clapton's brother (Chet) who works at a Mexican place and is charge of the guacamole (ACS)
Bagel Hand - Clapton's Jewish cousin (ACS)
Fa-Sheeya (fascia) - A heavy set woman of color that works at the DMV (ACAFBSL)
Ghrelin - New AM/PM mascot (ACS)
Krav Maga (3) - An Israeli Captain from 1946 (ACS)
Cuban Boa - Sounds like a dark skinned trannie (ACS)
Gabardine - She's a very chatty woman of color middle-aged and she'll talk your ear off. (ACS)
Guy Dudebro - Greatest name ever (AOTH)
Otto Warmbier- Simultaneously the greatest and worst beer master brewer name ever (ACS)
Leif Geragos - Greatest rocking attorney ever Viking rocker attorney (ACS)
Ernest J. Bigot - "I'm just asking....I'm just wanna know...." (ACS)
Panzanella - Cobra's full name (ACS)
Sheet Metal Nibbler - Great name for Matt the porcelain punisher (AOTH)
Big Grenadine - Sounds like a large black neighbor (ACS)
Silent gym - Next to Keyless Chuck, best homeless guy name ever (ACS)
Nuchilla - Sounds like a black vampire (Theo Von) (ACS)
D' poleon - Black Napoleon (ACS)
Luke Rockhold - Sounds like a character on The Flintstones (GS)
Sissy squat - She was hot (AOTH)
Beulah - The town horror (RD)
Ronan Farrow - One of the best wheel men in Europe (ACS)
Duke Bagg - Comedian Ian Bagg's brother (ACS)
Root Ball Grinder - A horrible term for a bitchy wife (Ruth Ballgrinder and Harriet Mulcher) (Tim Allen) (ACS)
Paul Funyun - Just a big dude who likes to have fun. Has a pink ox as a sidekick (ACS)
Page/Savage - A great lawyer team (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Ivar the Boneless - Ace’s dad’s nickname in high school. aka Jim the spineless (ACS)
Bash Worthy - Comic strip's character name/title (ACS)
Uncle Tom-bién - Mexican Uncle Tom (ACS)
Alist Poon - An Indian exchange student who has cerebral palsy (ACS)
Indignant Asswipes - Good name for an improv troupe (Gina) (ACS)
Flora in Fauna - two black chicks that work for him (ADS)
Cheap - Name of a he/she that literally went under sexual assignment surgery last month (ACS)
Heroin (1)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) A character in Lord Of The Rings (Bryan) (ACS)
Yersinia pestis - Ace did Celebrity Apprentice with that dude. He won that year (ADS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
Rachel Bias - Great stripper name (ACS)
Buzz Ramjet - Aviation attorney (ACS)
Black Cherry - Stripper name Bryan (ACS)
Saffron - Sassy black woman in Meg Whitman movie (ACS)
Vibranium - a new black kid name from Black Panther (ACS)
Bird Nerd - Marvel superhero (ACS)
Merch Galore - Worst Bond secretary ever. Total sellout. Always wearing her own swag (GS)
Bathroom Goalie - New code for fat chicks sitting next to you on an airplane (ACS)
Skip Loader -Kurt Loder’s older brother (ACS)
F. Me Money - greatest attorney rapper ever (RD)

Morning Zoos/DJ's/Radio Stations

Gum and Condoms - (Show?)
Dusty Labia - Adam's handle when he used to do AM Mornings. (ACS)
Asscrack and Backsack in the morning with Sludge (LL)
Crockpots and Headphones (ACS)
Booger and Floor Wax (ACS)
Almonds and Water (ACS)
Cold Butter And Calves (ADS)
Schluter And The Drain - Schluter has a thick Austrian accent , while "The Drain" has a super low voice (AOTH)
Ace Rockolla - Just Google "Ace Rockolla Lightning round...." (LL)
Fungus and Mold (Show?)
Stupid and Petty (Show?)
Eunice and Edgar - Bubba the Love Sponge's parents (ACS)
Flip Flops and Fanny Packs (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Does a KCRE show in the weekends (ACS)
Deep Bra Grooves - Should be a Sirius XM station Channel 248, C+ and above! (ACS)
Andy and Opie - Great Radio Show (ACS)
QuietRock - Sounds like an easy listening rock station (AOTH)
Quiet Crush - A good easy listening radio station (ACS)
The Tool Box - SiriusXM took tune station aka KTOL (ACS)
Ray's Enema Antics - New podcast on Carolla Digital (Bryan)(ACS)
Doug Gets Blown While He Eats Pudding - Doug Benson's next podcast (ACS)
Cat Packer - Used to do mornings with her brother, Fudge (ACS)
Duke and Shinola - good morning show team (ACS)
Mother Trucker - Adam’s Podcast with caller Miguel (AOTH)


Boobville - (LL)
Pedoph Isle aka Pedophile Island - Island where are all the pedophiles are sent to live. (Also a TV show/movie idea) (LL)
Lil' Lord Fauntleroy’s Academy for Albino Hemophiliacs - Drew's childhood school (LL)
Doesntexistizcan - Where presidential candidate Platitude's grandfather was from (ACS)
Boga Raton - The world's worst resort spot (Show?)
Meat Yard - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Mister Fister's - Adam's all-time top name for a gay bar (ACS)
Sub-Par - Worst name for a submarine sandwich shop (Show?)
Queen Mary - Great name for a tranny bar (ACS)
NuvaRing - A German racetrack. "The new Nissan GTR turned it in 7:21, faster than the Corvette." (Show?)
Louis Pasteur Middle School (ACS)
Helm’s Deep - World's first gay bar bakery (ACS)
Kal Penn - One of the best sounding names to get an engineering degree from (ACS)
Alaska State Motto - Love fishing but I hate your kids? Alaska! (PM)
Duke University - John Wayne's college (ACS)
Planned Possumhood - Planned Parenthood in Arkansas (ACS)
Fruit Stand - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Poo Poo City - Where Charles Fletcher Loomis' house is located (ACS)
Blood Bank - Great name for a check cashing place in the hood (ACS)
Bass Manor - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
The Dead C - Sounds like the worst name for a lesbian bar ever (ACS)
Wood Bar - Good name for a gay bar (ACS)
Ghost Load - Ride at Calico Ghost Town (ADS)
Nasacort - Country club for Jewish folks where they play tennis at (ADS)
L.A. HOTT (1) - An 80's bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Fairy Wings - Good name for a bar on the west side (ACS)
Second Hand/First World - Store that sells rich whitey’s high end stuff (ACS)
The Lance Hunter - Perfect name for a gay bar (Dumb People Town)
Pervert Park - Theo Vaughn grew up there (ACS)
Big Sur - Great name for a big and tall shop (Show?)
Studio Centric - Sounds like a Utopia. Between Valley Village and Sherman Oaks (AOTH)
Asstard - Thor came from that planet (ACS)
Grand Entrance - Great name for a gay bar (AOTH)
Thermopolis - Where the Bun Boy is (ACS)
The Turkish Embassy - Gay bar (ACS)
Low Tide - Gay code for boner in the rear view mirror (ACS)
Corumption - On the way to Vegas, where Heidi Fleiss lives with her macaws (ACS)
C.C. Fichens - Sounds like a pretzel stand (Gina) (ACS)
Timpani Barn - where to get timpani to go, has three big Mexicans in the kitchen (ACS)
Heroin (2)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) The health food store in Venice (ACS)
Pocket Passers - Next to Mister Fister’s (Gina) (ACS)
The Mexican Faire - Worst fair ever (ACS)
Hanoi Hospice - Only place worse than the Hanoi Hilton (ACS)
Kaleblazer- Gay juice bar (ACS)
Hot Dog Cannon - good name for a bar next to The Abbey (ACS)
Dyskeratosis - where Vinnie lives, lots of Greek folks, a family oriented community (ACS)
Kind of, Italy - Where Ace’s family is from. Where he gets his kinky hair. (ADS)


Cleaning The Pink Turtle - Bryan's name for pleasuring oneself (ACS)
Analingus - A new type of breath mint (LL)
The Milk Of Arthritic Goats - A rabbi's curse: "May you suckle at the teet of the milk of arthritic goat!!!" (ACS)
Carbon Dating - A black dating website (ACS)
RU486 - Vanity plate for a guy who runs an abortion clinic (ADS)
Jet Green - Amsterdam's Airlines (ACS)
Stromer, Oldhafer and Carolla - World's worst law firm (AOTH)
Ira Carolla - Sounds like an affliction "Oh my Ira Carolla's acting up" (ACS)
Sawjay - Sounds word for sausage. "I was strokin' this dude’s sawjay" (ACS)
Smokeless Cigarette - Name for Dr. Drew's honker after his prostate surgery (ADS)
El Niño - Name of "Sinn" strip club DJ's cock (ACS)
Blue Man - Crazy hairdresser's macaw who doesn't judge (PM)
Lucia - An Italian moped (ACS)
American Jewish World Service - A van that's begging to be shot at (ACS)
E-aye? - Canadian version of EBay (ACS)
Sweatpants Lesbian - What Adam would be. An in-between lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian, not a butch dyke (ACS)
SuckStrong - Bill Clinton's bracelet (ACS)
Gaybus - Gay and bogus (ACS)
Flappy Bird - The most offensive name for the vagina (ACS)
G8 (Summit) - The Pontiac that Oprah gave away on her show (ACS)
Oracle A The Delphi - Big new startup company (ADS)
Crewkakke - A type of sweater (ACS)
The Flying Dutchman - Great name for an Amsterdam airlines (ACS)
Cleaning My Chain - Euphemism for beating off (ACS)
Awesome Town - A gathering of three or more polar bears (ACS)
Avocado - The Greek word for nut sack (ACS)
Doucherette - A gum/patch that douchebags chew/use (ACS)
Urban Milling -Black guys standing around (AOTH)
Synesthesia - When you eat your own hair (ACS)
Tuck Rule - When a guy pretends he's a chick and stands in front of the mirror (ACS)
My #2 Pencil Is Out Of Lead - Another term for erectile dysfunction (ACS)
Float A Bond - When a politician farts (RD)
Vaginismus - black people's holiday, accompanied with a lot of ceremonial garb (ADS)
Vaseline and Gauze - Elizabeth Taylor's new scent (ACS)
Jewber - A drunk on a 10-speed (ACS)
Chickpea - What Gina does when we camp (ACS)
Oscar Squad (2) - Bad gay code (ACS)
Airbus - Worst name for an aircraft. Sounds like “air donkey” (AOTH)
Shailene Woodley - Sounds like the most fantastical verb/adverb combo. “I want to Shailene Woodley through a field of poppies with you” (Gina) (Twitter)
Asshole Rider (2) - Worst piece of exercise equipment Vinnie’s ever endorsed (ACS)
Diario La Prensa - Stealer of the jersey in Spanish (ACS)
The Sicilian Fly Swatter - Sounds like a WWF move (Gina) (ACS)
Jellyfish - Sounds like something your grandpa would buy for you at the mall (ACS)
Fruit Fly - More politically correct term for fag hag (Show?)
Jewgling - When a Jew "Googles" their symptoms (ACS)
Tavares - David Wild's boner medicine (ACS)
Jew -Over - A mulligan from a barmitzva. "Uh, I misread that...can I get a Jew-over?" (ACS)
Ossified - That's a Don King word, there (ACS)
Zero for Cecil - Worst charity ever (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
A++ - A bra that Gina will never see (ACS)
Joycelyn - A good name for Curly from the Three Stooges to say (ACS)
Phallisee - Latin for "to see the penis" (ADS)
Coffee Nap - Euphemism for pooping in your pants (ACS)
USS Monitor - Doesn't sound like a ship of war, sounds like a night nurse (ACS)
Dotard - A skirt a man wears (ACS)
Wilding- Something derogatory that takes place in public pools in certain counties (ACS)
Caveat - Latin for shitting on Adam's point (ADS)
Festiva - Sounds like a boner medicine (ACS)
Depeche Mode - French for “who dealt it?” (ADS)
Beefy Clutch – The purse Gina thought Lady Gaga took to the Emmy’s (ACS)
Sig Sauer - Something you would yell at Oktoberfest before downing a stiff stein of stout (ACS)
Jeans day – Sounds like the special day for your special need son Gene, to raise money (ACS)
Wilding - What takes place in public pools in certain counties (GS)
4F - Can’t/won’t be eligible for the draft (ACS)
Groupie - a kind of fish (ACS)
The African chick - Horrible name for a boat (ACS)
Inclusion rider - Snowboard for retarded kids (ACS)
The Urethra - Bad name for a car (ACS)
Mercury retrograde - when you take your index finger and shove it under your sack before you blow, and you belch it up later (ACS)
UEFA - Transsexuals playing soccer with a balled up maxi pad (GS)
Missed Connections- The worst airline ever (ACS)
Carollo - Sounds like a Tool you’d use rarely (ACS)
Brembo - that Mexican food company that makes that bread (Matt) (ACS)
Preemptive gay strike - Worst video game ever (ADS)
Futon - Chinese for bear trap (ACS)
Sexual Battery - Batteries especially made for sexual devices. Somewhere between AA and C (ACS)


Deer Bits - A venison cereal. Made of frosted deer flakes (Show?)
Coco Chanel - Nestlé’s newest coffee flavor (ACS)
Honey Dicks - Best cereal name ever (ACS)
Dawson's Beard - A pudding flavor Ace saw at Whole Foods (ACS)
Mighty Mutts - Worst breakfast cereal ever (ADS)
Chillax - A cinnamon based drink from "Hector's" country (ACS)
Black Dick - An English desert (ACS)
Tardy Digression - Sounds like a finger food..."would you like another tardy digression?" "No, I'm saving room for the main meal" (IFYWABC)
Double Bird Strike - Mixed drink created by Ace and Teresa. Made with Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, a splash of Canadian Club, and a splash of Hudson River water (ACS)
GAYtorade - A sports drink for gay people, because they lose essential body fluids (ACS)
University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign - Sounds like a carbonated drink for black people (ACS)
Flinch Fuck - Part of a nutritious breakfast, and a healthy relationship (ADS)
Phantom Punch - Something Bill Cosby gave his lady friends (ACS)
Pansy Sauce - Goes good with some shrimp (ADS)
Tilted Pillar - Kick ass IPA (AOTH)
Shaver - A good name for a miniature pastrami sandwich (Cousin Sal Show)
GPA - Something they add to children's cereal (ACS)
Stellwell's - A new low fat snack cracker (ACS)
Conchata Ferrell - A great cheese/unwanted cat (ACS)
Poopwell's - One of the worst snacks Nabisco has ever put their name on (ACS)
Belldini – Latest Taco Bell offering (ACS)
Fuzzy Zoeller – Zima with a jigger of peach schnapps (ACS)
Millennial Malaise - A sweet honey dipping sauce (ADS)
Jelani Cobb - Sounds like an Indian dish (Gina) (ACS)
Air Doodle - The very worst Super Bowl snack on the planet (ACS)
Faygala - Jewish sports drink (ACS)
Stroke Cane - Sounds like some sugary treat, mixed with a reach around (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - good name for a mint (ACS)
Lesbian Squirt - Sponsor of the Dinah Shore Classic (ACS)
Son of Goose - Worst vodka ever. Comes in a plastic squeeze bottle (ACS)
Orange Hitler - Worst Hi-C flavor ever (ACS)

TV Shows/Movies

Cunt du' Jour - A great Bond villain name (ACS)
Coffee and Donuts - (Charlie Coffee III and Johnny Donetti) Johnny's a tough street wise cop whose jive talking and plays by his own rules and Charlie's super uptight (LL)
Pedoph Isle (aka) Pedophile Island - All pedophiles are sent to live on an isolated island, and a 747 full of Boy Scouts crash lands there and they have to fight to survive (Also a place) (ACS)
Anus and Eyeball - Buddy cop TV show duo (ACS)
Pussy Pioneer - John Candy's last movie (ACS)
Red Velvet - Made up movie character Clown played by Paul Giamatti. "Was secret service, and someone died on his watch. Now he's takin to clownin'." Wears a red velvet clown outfit. (ACS)
Destination Of The Semen - (Adam Ray) A movie Harrison Ford passed on twice (ACS)
Gay Eye - Movie where Adam plays Buddy McKlan, a racist homophobic mechanic who is blinded in a freak hot transmission fluid accident. He gets the donor eyes from a gay guy who perished on a moped accident in Antigua. Co-starring Larry the Cable Guy as his best friend. (Co-written by Bryan Cranston) (ACS)
Grinders - Sitcom where Jon Gruden moves in with Johnny Manziel (ACS)
Squishy Red River - Movie that started John Wayne (Show?)
Gusset And Cable - Perfect Cop buddy duo team (AOTH)
Just One Of The Gays - Stars Shia LaBeouf (ACS)
Hard Impact - Sounds like a Van Damme movie from the 90's (ACS)
Hammer Pants And Ice - Worst cop detective duo from the 80's (ACS)
Living With The Kilowatts - Adam's new animated series where they just leave toaster ovens on all day (ACS)
Keep Calm And Rape A Lot - Worst Monty Python film ever (ACS)
Medical Mishaps - New show Dave Coulier and Tawny Kitaen could host (ACS)
Roaming With Bison - Another great Bill Murray movie (ACS)
Gainesville Florida Financial Planner - Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit (ACS)
Blame the Bee Gees - Adam's next documentary (ACS)
Adam Knees Your Dad In The Nuts - Adam's new game show (ACS)
Navigeddon - Terrorists take over all of the GPS systems of cars, and send them careening into the Grand Canyon (ACS)
Rings Of Honor - Terrorists take over Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, and the athletes have to use their individual skills to escape. (Cameo by Randy Couture as the salty old coach) (ACS)
Endless Time/Ample Time For Backup - Adam's new Netflix series (ACS)
Tarred n' Feathered - Buddy flick starring a retarded guy and an Indian chief (Show?)
Mr. Will Doo And Can Doo - PSA Motivational cartoon bathroom characters Will Doo (Played by Will Arnette) and Can Doo is shaped like a toilet. Filmed in kitschy Clutch Cargo style animation (ADS)
Robot Lawyer - Great Phil Hartman bit (ACS)
Umpire News Network - Adam's channel with umpires reporting. Unbiased reporting (ACS)
Sofa Tard - New CW show coming soon (Matt) (AOTH)
Junior Fantasy Island - Show where kids of reckless parents are shipped off to live with Bill Cosby and Felicia Rashad (ADS)
2 And A Half Denali's - Hasn't been same since Sheen left (ACS)
So Kanye - Sitcom from the 90's (ACS)
Ridicuopothy - Sounds like a Mike Judge movie (ADS)
Master Buck - One of John Candy's most controversial movies (ACS)
LA HOTT (1) - An 80’s bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Mother Hitler - Coming to TNT. Starring Patrick Swayze's bother, Don (ACS)
Sink and Bounce - Movie about roller boogie from the 80's, starred Lil' Bow Wow (ACS)
The Debs - A made up CW network show where you just put all the hot chicks in Hollywood (ACS)
The Origin Story Of AIDS - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan)(ACS)
Everybody Hates Vinnie - Horrible sitcom (ACS)
Chick Clan - Good movie title (ACS)
Condo in Redondo - Best movie I ever did (ADS)
Red Lobsteria - New show Dr. Drew was talking about where African Americans form their own country (ACS)
Earthquake rehab - Reality show Dr. drew seismic expert and a civil engineer come together (Rainn Wilson) (ACS)
Rooster Jones - Great John Wayne movie. Super Fly meets True Grit (ACS)
Ernest Bigot goes to..... (ACS)
Nickels On The Job - First and only Jewish gum shoe on the job. ABC, Friday nights, 10:00 p.m. (ADS)
Solicitor General - Great Danny Kaye movie (RD)
Disjointed - Lorena Bobbitt biopic (ADS)
Habib and Company - Horrible children's show (MS)
Bobby's Room - Howie Mandel animated project from the 90's (ACS)
Page/Savage - Great cop duo show from the ‘80’s (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Paper Asshole - Great Tatum O’Neal film (ACS)
L.A. HOTT (2) - Failed Steven Bochco series pilot (ACS)
Pieces Of String Too Small To Use - Lena Dunham film from the late 90’s (ACS)
Oscar Squad - New Marvel Movie (Gina) (ACS)
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Anoscope - Worst way to see a movie (ADS)
Practical Rapist - New SNL character (Gina) (ACS)
Superfoot - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan) (ACS)
Celebrity Food Chain - Would be a great show (Jeff Cesario) (ACS)
Backsack and Anus - Worst cop duo ever (RS)
Korean moyle - ABC’s next sitcom (Jeff) ACS
Nanny Huntin ‘with Ted Nugent - Great reality show I’d watch (ACS)
Progressive pope - New sitcom (Gina) ACS
Nick Mancuso: Construction Fluffer - New TV Show (AONT)
Rush Blitzer - Adam’s character from his movie, “Snapper” (BSR)
The Baldwin’s and Beyond -Great reality show (RD)
The Rogue Deuce - The next Star Wars movie (ADS)
Mr. Goodbar To The Rescue - Ace loves that movie (ACS)
Wrestling Squatters - New show on YouTube Red starring Eric Stromer (AOTH)

Books/Coffee Table Books

Dade County Black Prom, 1985 (ACS)
Here Are The Pajamas We Picture You In (ACS)
Three Shitty Homes, One Washing Machine, Zero Dryers - Title of Adam's new book (Ray) (AOTH)
Chapstick And Batteries - Title of Adam's next bestselling book (ACS)
Who The Fuck Put Their Sombrero on My Keys? – Title of Adam’s next book (ACS)
Cunt With A Grunt - Adam's favorite Dr. Seuss book (PM)
You'll Never See A Cockroach Jog (PM)
Kemo Skinny Calves - Adam's new children's book (ADS)
You're Dyslexic And I'm Dumb - Adam and John Popper's collaborative next book (ACS)
I Get It If You’re GWAR - Adam's next book (ACS)
Bulk Magazine - Costco magazine that Jimmy Kimmell graced the cover of twice (ACS)
Do You Have To Take Your Top Off To Dye Your Pubes, Drew? (LL)
Glamping With Moriah - Adam's new book (ACS)
From The Mouths of Babes (Hot Chicks Not Babies) (ACS)
(The) Sweet Spot - Adam's next book (Bryan) (ACS)
I Thought Things Would Be Better When I Was Rich (ACS)
Radio Station Kitchen (ACS)
Post-it Notes In Radio Station Kitchens (ACS)
Comedy Club Green Rooms And The Sofas That Were Not Made For Them (ACS)
Jethro, the Mexican Jew - A great children's book (Gina) (ACS)
Professor and the Construction Worker -The worst children's book ever (ACS)
Willie and the Weed - Good name for a children's book (ACS)
What Black People Think White People Complain About (ACS)
Everyone Eventually Becomes The Man (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (1) - Name Of Adam’s next book (ACS)
In Defense Of Black Face - Adam’s next book (ACS)
Hurry Up And Make Sense (2) - Biography title of the Talking Heads (ACS)

Native American Names

Chief Thunderbear (LL)
Dances With Cocks (ACS)
Dances With Lipstick (ACS)
Ol' Urethra Windows (ACS)
Oxnard - Indian name meaning the balls of a bull (ACS)

V/P Names

Absorbent Rag - Good name for T's V (ACS)
Hurt Locker - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Judge's Mansion - Another name for T's G - Another name for T's V (ACS)
City of Industry - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Dutch Mook - Another name for T's V (ACS)s V
No Safe Spaces - Great name for T's V (ACS)
Hobo Stove - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Sausage Grinder - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Dixville Notch - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Snake River Canyon - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Dakota Access Pipeline - Another name for G's V (ACS)
The Holidome - Another name for G’s V (ACS)
Discovery Bay - Great name for G's V (ACS)
B.O. Box - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Sea bag - Good name for G's V (ACS)
El Portal - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Harry Belafonte - Adam's name for his junk, if he were a woman (Show?)
Top Gear - Another name for Adam’s junk (ACS)
El Gordo/King Taco - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
Port of Karachi - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
submitted by Texas1971 to AdamCarolla [link] [comments]

2020.03.12 05:16 amyranthlovely Japan Travel, COVID-19, And You: Guidelines On Travel During An Outbreak.

Worldwide, multiple governments have moved to advise against all non-essential travel for their citizens, and have requested citizens abroad to return home. Please see below for links providing more information. It is best to assume that any travel to or from Japan in the next 6 to 8 weeks will be fraught with cancellations and delays - we urge EVERYONE to rebook their trips at this time, as the overall risk is not worth it.

We will be rebooting the Megathread within the next 24 hours to better reflect the information that most users need to know with Level 4 Travel Advisories being declared by many countries. A backup of the original thread with minor changes is found in our FAQ. Please check here for the original post from when this situation began.
All comments and links are under Moderator review and removed or approved as necessary. We expect ALL users in this sub to be civil at ALL times - no matter what. It's fair to be afraid, but it's unfair to spread panic. Remember the human.


As of this writing, there are 1087 confirmed cases in Japan, 22 people have died. 696 were affected from the Diamond Princess Cruise, we will no longer include this in our daily total, as reports have indicate a large amount of those infected have recovered, and are no longer a concern.
NHK News Japan has a breakdown of existing cases in Japan by prefecture here. You will need to have a translation system turned on in your browser, as this page is direct from the NHK in Japan - not the english website. This information is provided by the Ministry of Heath in Japan, and the link is updated as necessary.
NHK World, the english subsidiary of NHK News Japan, has provided this graphic of a breakdown of cases in Japan.
The Johns Hopkins CSSE map will be our only source for confirmation of cases going forward – the link can be found here.


US Government has moved the travel advisory to a level 4. All Americans abroad are urged to return home as soon as possible. All Americans with flights booked are urged to cancel their trips immediately.


Australia has moved to close borders to non-citizens and non-residents starting tomorrow night.
Japan will now request tourists from Europe and related areas to self quarantine for 14 days on arrival IN Japan, as per the official directive from the Japanese Government. The 90 day Visa Exemptions that Europeans were privy to have also been suspended until April 30th.
Taiwan is also requesting anyone flying back FROM Japan, or completing a layover TO Japan from Washington, New York or California to complete a 14 day quarantine before continuing onwards. This is in effect immediately for tourists from Europe, and will go into effect March 19th for all other tourists.

More and more governments are requesting that their citizens return home from vacations as soon as possible, Ireland, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom have all made requests in the last 48 hours that residents arrange return flights right away, or cancel trips to curb the spread of the illness. This is no longer a situation where we can wonder "how it is" in Japan, but "how hard will it be to get back?"


Canadian Government has just specified that they will NOT repatriate Canadians stranded abroad - there will be no rescue planes sent to collect Canadians who have flights cancelled on them and cannot rebook to reenter the country.
We are beginning to see reports from users who are having return flights from Japan cancelled by various airlines.
If this happens you have the following options:
Contact your travel insurance agency to request guidance. Rebooking your flight may be covered by them.
Contact another airline to book a new flight out as soon as possible - note that this will come in at a higher cost than you initially paid.
Prepare to stay in Japan longer than expected, which may involve having to book different hotels or hostels depending on longer term costs.
There is an assistance program being set up to help stranded Canadians overseas, more information will be available through the Government's website in the coming days.
"If you're abroad at this time, it's time for you to come home." - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Again, we do recommend rescheduling or cancelling trips to Japan at this time, as each individual country makes decisions on how best to curb the spread of the virus. This is not going to get better any time soon, and any country that has yet to place travel restrictions worldwide will just be heading in that direction in the coming days.


American Airlines suspends all Asia routes from US, except 3 weekly flights from Dallas to Tokyo. This takes effect on March 16th, and will run through May 6th, as per the linked website. Please contact the airline regarding refund availability.


Airbnb has provided information on cancellations due to COVID-19.


We are beginning to see reports of train schedules being affected by the lack of crowds, and fewer travelers. Please see the comments from our users on JR Hokkaido Limited Express Trains, Nozomi Shinkansen, and JR West and JR Kyushu lines specifically.
Canada has also issued a worldwide Travel Advisory to its citizens, locally and those abroad. As noted below:
"Official Global Travel Advisory - Avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice."
"To limit the spread of COVID-19, many countries have put in place travel or border restrictions and other measures such as movement restrictions and quarantines. Airlines have cancelled flights. New restrictions may be imposed with little warning. Your travel plans may be severely disrupted and you may be forced to remain outside of Canada longer than expected."
"Contact your airline or tour operator to determine options for cancelling or postponing your trip."
"If you are still considering travelling: Check your destination’s Safety and security, Entry/exit requirements and Health sections."
"If you are outside of Canada: Find out what commercial options are still available to return to Canada. Consider returning to Canada earlier than planned if these options are becoming more limited. Ensure that you have sufficient finances and necessities, including medication, in case your travels are disrupted. This advisory overrides all other risk levels, with the exception of areas for which we advise to avoid all travel (including regional advisories). The avoid all travel advisories remain valid."


The US Government has moved to issue a worldwide Level 3 Travel Advisory to its citizens. We FIRMLY recommend following up with your airline and looking at cancelling your trip - as it is uncertain what exit and re-entry requirements will be at this time, among other serious concerns of transmission, hospitalization, and quarantine. This situation is changing day by day.


Narita Airport has posted a list of citizens that will not be allowed to enter Japan if they have been in the areas listed 14 days prior to their trip, as of 03/11.
Specifically, people who have visited China, Korea, Italy, Iran, or the Republic of San Marino will be excluded from entry and expected to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Please check the link for more information, or call the JNTO "Japan Visitor Hotline", which provides multilingual support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for foreign travelers in an emergency. They are also able to respond to concerns regarding COVID-19. 【Telephone】050-3816-2787(from overseas:+81-50-3816-2787) 【Hours】available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 【Available languages】English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
More closures and extensions of closures are coming through, we are updating the list below when we have verified information to pass along.


"Japan's Cabinet OKs bill to give Prime Minister ability to declare emergency amid virus outbreak." THIS IS NOT A STATE OF EMERGENCY. PLEASE READ THE LINK ABOVE, OR OUR SUMMARY BELOW:
"The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a bill that would enable Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to declare a state of emergency, if needed, as Japan scrambles to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Abe, who faced criticism for being too relaxed in his initial response to the outbreak, has sought the power to prepare for a “worst case scenario.”
"Moreover, the prime minister has extended a government request to event organizers nationwide to refrain from holding such gatherings by about 10 days. The request was initially until March 19."
"The legal change would allow the prime minister to declare a state of emergency lasting up to two years if coronavirus infections spread rapidly across the country and fears are raised of a grave impact on people’s lives and the economy."
"Once an emergency is declared, prefectural governors can instruct residents to stay indoors and ask for schools to close and events to be canceled."
"Local governments can also demand that essential supplies such as medicine and food be sold to them. They can temporarily take over private land and facilities to provide medical care."
"Abe has already requested that schools across the nation close and big sports and cultural events be canceled or postponed. But under the current law, the government does not have the legal power to enforce school closures or event cancellations."
"The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People say the prime minister should seek prior parliamentary approval before any declaration of a state of emergency."
Once again, this bill does not enact a State of Emergency for the country, it merely means to reflect and strengthen the laws put in place from previous viral outbreaks in Japan.
Also of note is the recommendation by a panel of experts to continue closures for another 10 days beyond what has already been noted in the comments. We will be updating the closures thread as necessary as companies extend the break.


Border control increase begins today in Japan. NHK has an article on the general guidelines for border control at this time.
We have reprinted the article in full below.
Japan increased border control measures on Monday in an effort to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
The government is asking people arriving from China and South Korea, including Japanese nationals, to stay at home or other private accommodation for two weeks at their own expense.
Officials are asking those travelers to refrain from using public transportation, including planes, trains, buses and taxis, and use private or rental cars from the airport of their entry to their homes or accommodation facilities.
Visitors are asked to declare to quarantine officials where they will stay during the first two weeks as well as their means of transportation from the airport. They will be asked to remain at the airport until arrangements are ready.
During the two-week period they will be asked to check their health daily. If they develop a fever and other symptoms they are asked to call a consultation center and visit a designated hospital.
The measures are expected to remain in effect until the end of this month. They are not legally-binding, but the health ministry is asking for cooperation.
Once again, we would advise if you have a stopover in any of the affected countries (China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau - named specifically.) that you contact your airline to change your flight as soon as possible. These measures will be in force until the end of this month at the very least.


"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: "We will ask people entering Japan from the two countries to stay at places designated by the quarantine chief for two weeks and not to use public transportation systems in the country."
A more in depth explanation of the restrictions is explained here.
This appears to be seperate from a bigger bill aimed at reducing the number of overall tourists at this moment to halt the spread of the virus. The NHK has posted an article on the other measures of the bill, and how it will allow the Government to enact a State Of Emergency - giving them the power to "control some businesses' operating hours, close schools and instruct people to stay indoors. Authorities would also be able to use buildings and land without their owners' consent for medical purposes."
In short, if you are a Korean or Chinese National, you will not be allowed to enter the country without facing a 14 day quarantine. Any planes arriving from either location will only be processed at either Narita or Kansai Airport, starting March 9th, and lasting until March 31st. It will also include visitors from Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Japanese Nationals coming from these countries - we are assuming this includes those returning from vacation in those areas. Entry Visas are being cancelled, for China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Iran which sounds like it means you will be quarantined at the border, and could be sent home after the 14 days are up.
If you have a flight with a stopover in either country, you would be wise to contact your airline right away and arrange to either fly direct, or re-route through a different area to avoid getting caught up in the quarantine. We have no confirmation that stopovers are excluded OR included in this requirement, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


The Japanese Government has rolled out requirements to help curb the spread of the virus, as the next two weeks are crucial for transmission within the country.


The JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) is advising any and all tourists arriving in Japan to have travel health insurance in case they require treatment or hospitalization as a result of contracting the virus. The Government of Japan will NOT cover the costs associated with treatment during this time, and you will be required to pay out of pocket should an infection occur, and you have no insurance.
More information can be found at the following link from the JNTO, along with links to companies that will provide travel health insurance IN Japan on arrival.
We strongly recommend you add Trip Cancellation and Travel Health Insurance to your budget before you depart - for precisely this kind of occurrence. Please take the time to research travel insurance, and confirm with your bank or personal health care plan what is covered, or not covered, and purchase a plan that meets your needs in accordance with your trip.


The NHK has published an article reporting that JNTO has a phone number to call should tourists currently in Japan require assistance. We would not recommend contacting this number if you are not currently in the country, as this line is intended to assist with possible cases and have them directed to medical facilities for treatment. The article has been removed, but we have a link to the phone numbers here. There is also a link to the JNTO for further information, if needed.
"The Japan National Tourism Organization is offering phone consultation services for foreign tourists who are concerned about the new strain of coronavirus."
"The Japan Visitor Hotline offers 24-hour services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean."
"The hotline can refer callers who may be infected with the virus to the nearest medical institution. It also provides information on measures to prevent infection such as hand washing and gargling."
"The organization encourages foreign tourists to call if they have any concerns."
"The hotline number is 050-3816-2787."
Calling from Overseas? Use: +81-50-3816-2787

"What Are The Current Travel Restrictions To And From Japan?"

This information was provided by JonJonJapon in the /japanlife subreddit. They provided an excellent breakdown of the situation currently, and have allowed us to repost this here with credit.
Coronavirus-related Travel Restrictions
The IATA Travel Center's link above is regularly updated with details about travel bans and restrictions related to the novel coronavirus, not just for Japan but worldwide. As of Feb 28, the post was as follows:
Active Travel Bans on Travelers Coming from Japan:
Israel (under protest by JP gov't as of Feb 25)
Iraq Saudi Arabia (as of 27 Feb)
Mongolia (as of 27 Feb, includes transit)
French Polynesia
Solomon Islands
The Marshall Islands
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Active Travel Bans on Travelers Entering Japan:
European nations noted in the link above.
Hubei Province, China
Zhejiang Province, China
Daegu City and Cheongdo County, Republic of Korea
Travel Warnings Going To Japan:
Note that we are treating all advisories as a Level 3, regardless of the individual rating scale. This situation is no longer "should I travel?" but "how do I get home?"
Europe (Level 3 - Avoid non-essential travel, return home) active March 18th
United Kingdom (Level 3 - Avoid non-essential travel, return home) active March 17th
Ireland (Level 3 - Avoid non-essential travel, return home) active March 17th
Germany (Level 3 - Avoid non-essential travel, return home) active March 17th
Canada (Level 3 of 4 - Avoid Non-Essential Travel, return home) active March 13
United States (Level 2 of 3 for CDC, 3 of 4 for Dept of State - Request to Avoid Non-Essential Travel), active March 12
Australia (Level 3 of 4 - Avoid non-essential travel, return home, mandatory quarantine on arrival back in Australia, this is enforceable with fines and jail time.), active March 15
Taiwan (Level 2 of 3), active Feb 22
Thailand (no unnecessary travel), active Feb 17
Kazakhstan (follow-up monitoring for all arriving from Japan)
Kerala Province, India (follow-up monitoring for all arriving from Japan)
Kyrgyzstan (mandatory quarantine on arrival from JP)
Turkmenistan (examination on arrival)
Oman (14-day mandatory quarantine)
Qatar (14-day self-quarantine)
Paraguay (14-day quarantine)
India (no more visa on arrival - this is JP nationals only for now)

Do you have a list of the current cancellations and closures in Japan?

We do! We have been collating this list for the last few days as closures are extended and cancellations occur. It is not a complete list, and if you have an official notification that you'd like us to include - please reply to the comment below. Many locations are extending closures right now, and some are remaining closed indefinitely - with no reopening date listed.


Tokyo - Attractions & Events:

The Ghibli Museum is extending the closure until April 27th. Please check the website for more information.
My Chemical Romance has pulled out of Download festival, which appears to be postponed entirely at this time.
TeamLab Planets and TeamLab Borderless are closed, opening TBD for Borderless. Teamlab Planets will now reopen on 03/22.
tenant1313 has provided us with another update on the Yayoi Kusama Museum. The museum will now remain CLOSED from March 26th to April 1st. Please see the link provided for further information.
The Spring Koshien has been cancelled.
The Nico Nico Cho Kaigi has been cancelled.
Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea is NOW closed until Early April. *One of our users, Shirahugs, * has provided some information on the cancellations in this link
21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo has extended the closure until 03/31
Shining Moon Tokyo has extended the closure until April, they will reassess to confirm before reopening.
Knotfest Japan (03/20 & 03/21) in Tokyo have been postponed indefinitely.
Cherry Blossom Festivals are cancelled at both Naka-Meguro and Ueno Park.
Reluctant_swimmer says "Spa LaQua in Tokyo is closed 03/01 to 03/08 and Spa World in Osaka is closed till 03/15th.*
Lady-Zsa-Zsa says "Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo has a closure listed on their website for the rest area in Shoten-tei and Rakutei as well as the information centre. It appears to be "from March 3" with no re-opening date."
thesethie shares "The Tokyo Yayoi Kusama Museum emailed they will be closed from 03/12/ to 03/22, and will be issuing refunds.
According to Spiffytease - "Mazaria the Bandai VR Arcade (and a ton of other smaller VR Arcades in Tokyo for that matter) is closed until 03/16."
Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo is closed until 03/15
Miraikan, The National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, is closed until 03/15
Japan Olympic Museum in Tokyo is closed until 03/16
Daimaru & Matsuzakaya department stores nationwide are closed on 03/03, 03/10, 03/17, and 03/24.
Tokyo's Sega Joypolis has extended their closure until 03/19.
Toyota MegaWeb has extended their closure, the new opening date is TBD.
Tokyo Skytree Tower will remain closed, reopening date will be determined later. Solamachi Shopping Center is open, but operating under reduced business hours.
Mori Art Museum & Tokyo City View is extending their closure until 03/19. Fate 15th Anniversary Museum at Sony Music Museum Roppongi is also closed.
Edo Tokyo Museum is closed until 03/31.
Sumida Aquarium at Tokyo Skytree is closed until 03/15.
One Piece Tower at Tokyo Tower is closed until 3/17.
Nissan Heritage Museum is cancelling tours.
Saitama Railway Museum is closed until 03/15.
Tokyo Metro Museum is now closed indefinitely.
Kidzania in Tokyo is closed until 03/23.
Snoopyland is extending the closure until 03/22.
Anime Japan 2020 has been cancelled.
New Japan Pro Wrestling has cancelled all shows until 03/15.
The Nippon Professional Baseball Organization has decided that all games for the pre-season will be held without spectators, the season itself has been delayed until 04/10.
Tokyo National Museum is now closed indefinitely.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is now closed until 03/31.
"Tokyo Free Walking Tour has canceled tours until the end of March according to their website." - betelguese_supernova
Japan's Soccer League has cancelled matches scheduled for 02/26, and will postpone the remaining matches from 02/25 to mid-March.
Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo is extending the closure until 03/20.

Tokyo - Food/Drink Establishments:

Toyosu Market is now closed until 03/31.
Robot Restaurant is closed between 03/02 to 03/08. They will review the closure on the 8th and may extend it.
Pokemon Cafe in Osaka will be closed the same dates as the Daimaru to help curb the spread of the virus - 03/03, 03/10, 03/17, 03/24.

Kyoto - Attractions:

Kyoto National Museum is closed until 03/23.
Shukkeien Garden in Hiroshima is closed until 03/30
Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Eigamura) in Kyoto is closed from 03/02 to 03/13. Please also note that this closure period may be extended.
The Miyako Odori has been cancelled.
Kitano Odori and Kyo Odori geisha dance recitals have been cancelled in Kyoto.
Ninomaru Palace at Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto is now closed until 3/22.
Kyoto Tower Observation Deck is closed until 03/15.
Higashiyama Hanatouro has been cancelled in Kyoto.
Daimaru & Matsuzakaya department stores nationwide are closed on 03/03, 03/10, 03/17, and 03/24.
Kyoto Railway Museum is now closed until 03/31.
Kyoto Manga Museum is closed until 03/15.

Kyoto - Food/Drink Establishments:

(None listed yet. Please reply to this post with relevant links.)

Osaka - Attractions:

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, Santa Maria Cruise Ship, and the Ferris Wheel will extend closures until 03/22.
RADWIMPS have postponed their “RADWIMPS こんにちは日本 〜KONNICHIWA NIPPON〜 TOUR 2020” for Osaka in 20th & 21st March. Further cancellations could be announced
USJ Osaka is extending closures until 03/22.
Umeda Sky building observatory is extending the closure until 03/19.
March Sumo Tournament will be held in an empty arena.
Osaka Mint Cherry Blossom Festival is cancelled.
Osaka Natural History Museum is closed until 03/15.
Abeno Harukas observatory & Museum in Osaka is is now closed indefinitely.
Daimaru & Matsuzakaya department stores nationwide are closed on 03/03, 03/10, 03/17, and 03/24.
Osaka Castle Museum is now closed indefinitely.

Osaka - Food/Drink Establishments:

Osaka's Nipponbashi Street Festa is cancelled.

Other Locations in Japan:

Hiroshima Peace museum is closed until 03/19.
Matsumoto castle is closed until 03/27.
Nagasaki Peace Museum, and Oura Cathedral are both closed due to the virus. It appears as though the Atomic Bomb Museum is still open.
Ninjadera Kanazawa is extending the closure until 03/27.
Huis Ten Bosch is closed until 03/15. Some indoor facilities will remain closed between 03/16 and 03/22.
Sanrio Harmonyland in Kyushu is extending its closure until 03/22.
Matsumoto City Museum of Art is closed 3/4 to 3/31.
Nismo Omori Factory is closed until 03/18.
Matsumoto Castle is closed until 03/17.
Himeji Castle has extended its closure until 03/26.tps://
Fukui Dinosaur museum is closed until 03/15.
kvom01 says "Fukuoka Museum of Asian Art is closed until 03/30."
Hiroshima Castle is closed.
Naoshima's various Art Facilities closed from 03/03 to 03/16, including Benesse Art Site, and Chichu Art museum, as well as various others on the island.
Nagoya Castle, Hommaru Palace, & Seinan-sumi Yagura closed until 03/15
Yokohama Cosmo World is closed until 03/15.


Note that most of these locations have not indicated reopening dates. Please check the websites linked to confirm.
Gekkeikan has issued a temporary suspension on their Sakekoubou tours
Sapporo Beer Museum is also closed from 02/25.
Kirin has announced closure from 03/01.
Asahi Brewery in Osaka has cancelled tours from 02/22.
Yebisu Beer Museum has cancelled tours from 02/25.
Suntory Hakushu Distillery has cancelled tours from 02/29.
Yamazaki Distillery has cancelled tours from 02/29.
Nikka Brewery has cancelled tours, closed the Restaurant and Retail Store from 02/22.
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2020.03.03 03:42 Handfullofkeys PART 6: I’m a quarantined Diamond Princess passengers who was repatriated to the USA. I’ve completed a 14 day quarantine at Lackland Air Force Base, and have the federal and state governments fighting over our release! AMA!

**PART 6**
I’ll post up to date, first hand information in real time regarding our quarantine period, and our integration into normal life.
Verification #2!
Check out my blog!
Please read part 1/2/3/4/5 in their entirety before posting questions, as many repeat questions have popped up. It’s hard to keep up with questions given the volume of replies - by reading through questions, I can get to some of you sooner! :)
Here’s part one!
Here’s part two!
Here's part three!
Here's part 4!
Edit: Thanks for all of the awards!
Please ask before using any pictures on this post. All rights reserved (c) 2020 Tyler Torres.
By request, here is the remainder of our registry:
Update: this post has gotten huge! I’ll reply to everyone as I can, and will post more updates as they come.
16:00 Conference call! It’s been a stressful day. They apologized for not having a call today since this morning. There were some shifts that happened with the state of Texas, and concerns released today regarding quarantine release. Many CDC officials around the country are working on the issue.
What we know: 1. the city of San Antonio declared a public health emergency. There is specific language within this declaration that prohibits us from traveling in or through the city. 2. The city may have a federal restraining order, which would again keep us away from the city. 3. We have had some productive meetings, and are working to find some solutions around these issues.
We don’t have a final solution at this time. After this brief call, we will continue to have these meetings. I’m hopeful to find a way forward, despite some of the challenges that we are having.
What does this mean from the federal prospective:
The quarantine order has expired. CDC authorities @headquarters took over the call to explain what’s happening.
We know that you have been under extreme pressure and stress for the past few weeks.
We will have to have you trust us with what we will need to do. Hold on to that trust just a little longer so we can get through this.
Many people are working on our safety, and concerns of the public.
Back to the CDC head;
Q: What authority are we being held from? Is it the state of Texas, or federal government? A: As of right now, your quarantine order is still in place. The order carries us through the day today. We were hoping to work everything out today, because at midnight you are all released, legally. This is why we wanted to talk about the declaration of emergency mentioned previously. Within this declarations, there are a number of components. One that is quite significant is:
  1. Pursuant to (code), this declaration lets the city do whatever they need to do to ensure safety of the city such as additional quarantine, fining, etc.
  2. The mayor declares travel throughout the city by Lackland residents.
  3. Effective immediately. Concern and fear is what happens to you all when you enter the city of San Antonio. We are trying to get you out of here and to home.
Q: Can we just get on a plane from Lackland and go to California to bypass Texas? The mayor is clueless! A: We are looking into this. There are a lot of options on the table.
What about us Texans?
The CDC is unfortunately getting hammered by politics. The CDC is trying everything possible to get us out of here.
Q: Being that this is a federal establishment, Will we still be quarantined here after our order expires? A: We are trying to work through these things, but don’t have a final solution as of yet. Again, our goal is to get you home without additional quarantine under a different jurisdiction (I.e. state/city quarantine).
Q: Are we staying overnight? A: As it gets later in the day, ideally we want you home. We also don’t want you to worry about local authorities. I have concerns moving you off the base at this time, because I don’t know what would happen with this health declaration of San Antonio.
Practicalities of the next few hours: CDC head will continue to work on solutions. The federal quarantine order expires at midnight. We have had discussions with leadership at the base. There are no issues with you remaining in the space that we are in. It’s a safe space, and ours to use. If there is not a way to facilitate safe movement this evening, we will stay overnight. Safety is our primary concern. Options given: 1. stay in our room, meals are ordered for night/morning, goal is to move tomorrow 2. Some can depart, as no federal quarantine order will be active after midnight. We would rather you stay with us, as it would be safer.
A few of you are still under a longer quarantine period. Our individuals who are extended will continue to isolate themselves inside their room so that the rest of us aren’t exposed.
Well, my moms birthday is tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s looking very likely that I won’t make it.
18:45 Just had dinner (a cheeseburger, pudding, and potato salad). Interviewed with NBC5, Good Morning America, KENS5 San Antonio, Dallas Morning News, CBS11, and possibly Univision. No news as of yet.
20:10 The restraining order has failed to be put in place.
20:33 Supposedly the San Antonio government was trying to keep us for another two weeks.
21:05 There will be a conference call with more info in 10.
21:21 CDC staff coming to our rooms for those of us who finished quarantine. We are getting our rescind order for our quarantine, and medical clearance letter. -we got them as she announced this. The CDC came without PPE, and said we no longer need our masks.
Flights are being rebooked for tomorrow around 2PM. That is the best that they can do for now, pending negotiation with the Texas government and San Antonio. Some people want to take morning flights, and are keeping them.
Tonight, we are free to stay in our rooms OR can leave as of right now.
Options to get us off base if we choose: 1. 15 passenger van with multiple trips. They can only reach the front of the base. 2. If we do leave, we will have to show our resend orders to be released.
We will have breakfast in the morning. They will work hard to get flights set up, and get on our busses. Early morning flights are being held.
Earlier today, there was mention of the declaration of health emergency - this is still in place. If we leave base, the CDC has no control, and we may be quarantined by the city of San Antonio, as well as the entire county.
That being said, we will stay on the base tonight to stay safe. It’s too risky for us to leave.
Supposedly the mayor is okay with us going to the airport via CDC transportation tomorrow. It is less likely that the city will intervene with this transportation.
We will just have to trust that we won’t be detained by local authorities.
Q:We have an insurance company who will fly a plane into a private area of the base. Can we do that? A: I’m not sure if that’s allowed - we think the pilot would need clearance. This was an idea that came up earlier. If cleared, it may be okay for you to do that.
If only we had a private jet. 😜
“We’ll try to do the same plan we had today, tomorrow. This is Groundhog Day.”
5 flights before 8AM. The operations will start very early.
Q: My wife and I live in San Antonio. I just need to pick up my truck at the airport. A: I think you just need to ride with us to the air port.
Wonder what happens with him being as he lives in San Antonio?
Supposedly, the city wants San Antonio residents to be screened, and put in touch with the local health department. Sounds like a potential quarantine, but they have not mentioned that this will be the case. They should be able to remain in their hone. Keep them in your thoughts!
The CDC is strongly recommending staying overnight, and getting out of town ASAP.
No temperature checks in the morning.
Q: I’m concerned about the city doing something to us between now and tomorrow. What if we make another reservation for tomorrow, and they shoot us down when we could get out tonight? A: You will have to make your own decision. Either way, regardless of if you leave today or tomorrow, there is a risk of the local government interfering.
We have to have you all off the base, as you haven’t signed in as a visitor.
Q: We are Texas residents, and live in a different city. We are nervous about leaving the CDC protection and into the state. We need a rental car. A: If you get on a bus to the airport, you can grab a rental car there. The latest discussion with the state government concurred with HHS. Being as we’re going to different areas of the state, you should be safe.
Q: Are we free to leave at any time? A: Yes, as soon as you have your paperwork.
They have guaranteed that as of midnight, we are free to leave as we please. It’s a shame that we have to be afraid of our own state government.
Can we just have Whataburger run for office?
Q: It’s very difficult for us to make a decision tonight - we’re between a rock and a hard place, as there are two health declarations out. Do you have anymore guidance on enforcement of the declaration, and if they are patrolling the outside of the base? A: The difference on our end is where we can take you tonight vs. tomorrow. The people who have been working on this go up to extremely high levels in the US government, including our agency director. The highest levels of HHS, such as the assistant secretary of health that we met previously. If there are problems, I have a lot of people I can reach out to. We however don’t have much we can do, as it’s out of our jurisdiction. All of the Texas declarations are based out of fear, and we disagree with them.
Negotiations have not been made with the county. We are hoping that this doesn’t impact our travel.
Q: How will we be protected? A: We are running the busses no matter what tomorrow, and can’t guarantee anything. It is risky, as is leaving tonight.
We can stay tomorrow night if we would like, but the majority are leaving tomorrow.
We want to get you guys home safely, so we will keep pressing forward.
My wife and I are amazed at how we’re just causally talking about how to get out of the county to not get arrested or requarantined. We have a plan, and we intend to carry it out!
——————————————————————— This next bit, Rachel and I kept under wrap as we did not want anyone to know at the time being - we were unsure what would happen with the local declarations once we left. We were fully cleared by the CDC.
23:44 After a lot of discussion, Rachel and I decided that we should try to make it home tonight. We didn’t know what things would look like in the morning, and had an opportunity to get a ride to the airport from a friend to get a rental car.
Our plan was to go downstairs, exit the quarantine zone, take a shuttle over to the gate of the military base, be dropped off just outside, be picked up by a friend who we won’t disclose, go to the car rental, and make it out of the county. Our plan is to make it past Austin, so just under two hours of driving.
We left the room with all of our luggage, taking one last look around what was our home for two weeks.
23:52 Our shuttle is here! We spoke with the marshals at the gate. They asked if we were positive we wanted to leave, as they could no longer protect us once we left. We turned in our phones and room keys, had our clearance letters copied, and went on to the shuttle pickup. Some nice gentlemen helped us load our massive amount of luggage. We got on the shuttle with military escort, and the driver joked that “you must be this tall to ride this ride” before we all got on. There were four of us, total. I believe that there was only around 10 or so people who chose to leave.
23:59 We’ve just made it outside the base. We were dropped off in the parking lot.
00:05 We are in our ride and en route to the airport.
00:40 Made it to the rental place. We are safe from the media, as there are none here. We thought that this might be a huge perk of leaving at night.
1:03 We have our rental car and are ready for business! They allowed us to just go to the parking lot and get whatever car we wanted. Now.. do I remember how to drive this thing?
1:30 So we found out why Rachel had so many issues with her phone - her cellular data was still off from japan! We had a huge laugh over it.
1:46 We made it out of county lines, and should be in the clear! We were thinking that we wanted to keep driving, so we wanted a snack. WHATABURGER!
4:36 We are about an hour and a half from home - we debated stopping at my parents to sleep, as they weren’t quite as far. We decided that it were best that we just make it home, so we stopped at Czech Stop (those of you who have every drove I35 will know this one) to grab a kolache and wake up.
06:07 WE MADE IT TO OUR APARTMENT! It’s so strange to be home. Driving was definitely a hurdle - it took me about a good hour to remember how to fully control the car. We also just noticed that if we google “honeymoon” we are the top search result - oops!
07:00 After showering, putting on our real wedding rings, and setting our belongings down, we headed to sleep. It’s been 25 hours. Tomorrow: we pick up Remy, see my mom for her birthday, drop off the rental car, and see Rachel’s parents! Let’s see how this whole “integrate back into life” thing goes.

11:27 Just woke up! We noticed that the mayor of San Antonio I mentioned that he’s happy with the changes made to the CDCs plan.
I’m now moving over to be full time on my blog - I will continue to answer any questions! All updates will be posted to the blog.
2/7/2020 10:00 Hey all, I’m back! I will be coordinating with people on the new cruise quarantined off of California, and those still at Lackland. People are requesting care packages. Please message me if you are interested in sending a package.
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2020.02.18 19:32 iheartnargles Weekday/night Dinner Specials

Madison Friends, I need your help!
Frequenting Reddit, as i'm prone to do, I have noticed two things: (1) There is a real desire from much of our community for a comprehensive (and current) list of weekday/night deals/specials/promotions; and (2) There is no such list.
So, i'm doing it. I started building a website yesterday with all this information so it'll be easy to find it all in one location. In this post, I've included the list i've put together. It's by no means complete - and any assistance would be great:
If you know of a Weekday/night Special (Sun-Thur) that is missing from my list, please let me know in the comments. Some things i'm looking for particularly:
Local. Chains don't need the help getting foot traffic, and we have such a solid local food scene, why bother? I think we can make an exception when it's an establishment that has proven a steadfast tradition (like.. .what kid went to college here and hasn't been to BWW to watch a Badger game and eat cheap wings?)
Price. Specifically I want to know how much the deal is (or if it's "half off" or whatever). Yeah, The Dane does "Wing Wednesday" and "Taco Tuesday" but don't list prices on their websites for the days they have those promotions. I like transparency - so include the price when mentioning the deal. I'll still include places without a listed prices, but so far i've been keeping them separate.
Honorable Mentions. There are some places that might not have daily deals, but maybe have an awesome game day deal, or treat you like a king on your birthday - I want to know those too!
Sunday Edo Garden - $29 AYCE Sushi (3-9pm)
Monday: Tavernakaya - $10 Ramen & Beer DLux - $5 Burgers Rigby - .25c Wings Tipsy Cow – ½ Price Wings & ½ Price Topped Fries BB Jack’s – ½ Price All Pizzas North & South Seafood & Smokehouse – BOGO Crab by the Pound & ½ Price Wine Silver Eagle – ½ Price Pizzas VFW Post 8483 – $10 AYCE Wings and Fries Big Ten - .60c Tacos Edo Garden - $29 AYCE Sushi (3-9pm) & BOGO ½ Off Specialty Rolls Eldorado Grill – All Day Happy Hour Old Fashioned – BOGO Burgers Green Lantern - $11 AYCE Shrimp
Tuesday: Tipsy Cow – $3.50 Fish or Avocado Tacos Grampas Pizza - $40 Date Night (1 Appetizer, 1 Pizza, 1 Dessert, and 1 Bottle of Wine) Merchant - $45 Date Night (2 Entrees, 1 Dessert, 1 Bottle of Wine) La Kitchenette - $45 Date Night (2 Entrees, 1 Dessert, 1 Bottle of Wine) Salvatore’s - $40 Date Night (1 Salad, 1 Pizza, 1 Dessert, 1 Bottle of Wine) The Icon - $5 Tapas Daisy Cupcakery - $2 Tacos Rigby - $2 Tots Tex Tubbs – All Day Happy Hour North & South Seafood & Smokehouse – 2# Crab Legs for $35 & Two-4-One Margaritas Eagle Crest – Taco Tuesday (HUGE Tacos for like $6.00) Buffalo Wild Wings – BOGO Traditional Wings El Poblano - $1.00 Tacos BelAir Cantina - $2.00 Tacos Edo Garden - $29 AYCE Sushi (3-9pm) Old Fashioned - $1.75 Tacos
Wednesday: Rigby - $1 Cup of Soup Tex Tubbs - $25 Cheap Date Night (Guac & Chips, 2 Taco Entrees, 1 Sundae) Tavernakaya - $5 Sushi The Icon – Wine Wednesday ( ½ Price Bottles) The Tin Fox – ½ Price Wine Lucille - $40 Date Night (1 Salad, 1 Pie, 1 Dessert and 1 Bottle of Wine) Daisy Cupcakery – Free Cupcake with Dinner Bierock – ½ Price Appetizers & ½ Price Beer Pitchers Red Rock - $1 Burgers (all toppings extra) Silver Eagle – Chicken Salad Sandwiches (important to me) Barrel Inn (Marshall) - $10 AYCE Wings (5-9pm) Club Lamark - .50c Wings
Thursday: Rigby - $5 Burgers Tex Tubbs – All Day Happy Hour The Icon – Paella Night $40 (Paella and Bottle of Wine – serves 2) The Tin Fox - $4 Date Night (1 Appetizer, 2 Entrees, 1 Dessert & Wine) Buffalo Wild Wings – BOGO Boneless Wings El Poblano - $1.00 Tacos El Patron (SP) – ½ Price Margaritas
Sporadic Specials/Worth Mentioning: Antler’s – Packer Game Days, 2 for $4 Chili Dogs Silver Eagle Birthday Bonuses! (Free Rails/Taps, Free Shot, Free Burger and Fries)
No Price Listed: Great Dane – Taco Tuesday/ Wing Wednesday/ Sunday Fried Chicken Next Door Brewing – Taco Tuesday/ Wing Wednesday/ Burgers Thursday Quaker Steak and Lube – AYCE Wings on Tuesdays
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2020.02.18 00:17 Handfullofkeys PART 3: I’m a quarantined Diamond Princess passenger who evacuated to Lackland in San Antonio via a chartered government flight! AMA!

Part three
Working on seeing if there’s a way for you guys to send care packages to the quarantined passengers as a whole rather than just us - we should have most everything we need tomorrow!
Update on care packages to those on base: If someone calls hospitality and asks for something that isn’t available, they will message us with the items/room number, etc. I’ll then send that info over to y’all!
Update: I’ve sent out a request for wish lists to not only Americans, but Canadians, Australians, British, and Hong Kong citizens being evacuated. When I get these requests, I’ll send them out to someone requesting to send a care package. Thank you all for being incredible!
*Please read part 1/2 in their entirety before posting questions, as many repeat questions have popped up. It’s hard to keep up with questions given the volume of replies - by reading through questions, I can get to some of you sooner! :)
My wife, everyone! If you have a question from her prospective, ask on this thread and she’ll get to you when available.
Check out my blog!
Here’s part one!
Here’s part two!
I’ll post up to date, first hand information in real time regarding our quarantine on Lackland air base.
Verification #2!
Official Princess Cruise statements:
Edit: Thanks for all of the awards!
Disclaimer: this verification/picture has nothing to do with the corona beer company. Please ask before using any pictures on this post. All rights reserved (c) 2020 Tyler Torres.
To those who have asked, here is our dog that we miss very much! Meet Remy:
Also, to the requests of wedding pictures:
By request, here is the remainder of our registry:
Update: this post has gotten huge! I’ll reply to everyone as I can, and will post more updates as they come.
The docs came - she’s fine! Back when we had our health screening when arriving, there was a guy who was taking temperatures who was fairly rough with everyone’s ear. I was convinced that my wife was going to karate chop this man. He’s been titled “the ear guy.” Now, a third medical professional walks in with a thermometer, flat affect, and asks us to take our temperature via ear probe in a mono tone. He is deemed “the ear guy 2.0.”
17:41 We saw a squirrel for the first time in a month!
18:10 We were looking around our room, thinking of what could make it better. Back in japan, there was this magician passenger who doubled as a comedian and did “discount magic.” He would have a card with a few dots on it, and ask how many dots were on the other side. When we guessed, he’d cover up x amount of dots, shout “NO, 2 DOTS, YEAAAHHHH!!” - the crowd went wild! And so the brainstorming began. We’ve determined that we should move the entertainment center from the room with the broken AC to our current room along with that TV, plug them together and have a little discount magic of our own! “YEAHHH!”
18:42 Food is here! We are so grateful to be back in the US. It was rice, but it was Tex mex! My wife cried because it was so good compared to what we have been getting. We’re not used to people showering us with soda and water - they just kept asking if we wanted more and we stocked up on a fridge full of water and soda. We also got an apple, orange, brownies, and a cinnamon roll.
Food is delivered much like before on the cruise ship, except it’s by military/DMAT personnel in hazmat suits. I’ll get a picture tomorrow.
19:04 The CDC is here at our room. Both of our temperatures are nominal (98f, 36.6ish c). We’re good to go!
Update on replies: actively replying starting will the oldest comments - around 70 to go! Had a lot of catching up to do. My mother in law is being an absolute saint tomorrow and driving down our laptops, Nintendo switch, my razor charger, and a few goodies. With the laptop, I plan on starting a blog, as many of you have suggested I start one!
Thank you all for the constant love and support - we are truly overwhelmed today now that we’re back in the states.
20:20 FYI my wife is here for any questions you may have specifically for her! Here is her comment thread.
22:27 Still replying to the many comments of support that you all have posted! We heard taps being played on a trumpet, and heard the USA national anthem being blasted. What a crazy experience this is?! It truly is good to be back in the great state of Texas.
No new news other than a letter from the quarantine officials outlining procedure. They have phone numbers for us to contact should we need anything. The CDC will check our temperature twice daily, and asked us to let them know if we have symptoms. Should we have symptoms and require testing, we would be sent to the hospital for isolation until the test resulted. Lastly, we were instructed to stay in our rooms until further notice, and to wear masks when opening to door. They are currently working on a schedule to let us outside, as they recognize that staying in the room is incredibly difficult at times. We are loving it - it is SUCH a huge upgrade from our last two weeks. I wonder how our apartment will feel?
I will be off to bed soon, as we’ll be interviewing with the Mark Davis show at 8am. I’ll continue to reply in the morning, and will get much speedier once I have my laptop hopefully tomorrow night!
I called my grandpa and mom, my wife called her family as well. We FaceTimed with one of my best friends as well as the best man to our wedding. We’ve been taking it easy, and are going to watch some American Netflix before bed.
2/18/2020 01:00 We are having a problem with jet lag. We’ll keep working on catching up, but in the mean time I looked out the window. There are guards stationed in a tent watching over our building.
07:00 Rise and shine! We both woke up to get ready for the Mark Davis show. Remember when we moved to the other room in our jack and Jill because the AC wasn’t working? To our dismay, the AC in the new room went out last night, too! We called dispatch - they will come to fix it in a bit.
PS I’ve began to get requests for care packages off of Facebook. I’m messaging those who asked to send care packages one by one to ensure that the individuals don’t get 5000 packs of beef jerky.
08:30 Just finished up with the mark davis show - he’s always a pleasure to talk with! I’ll post the link when available. Rachel’s mom is sending a care package + our laptops + our Nintendo switch. Many of you have been asking - we plan on starting a shared blog later. Mine will be over travel/food/life/nursing, hers will be cooking/crafting/occupational therapy. We’ll post a link later! We noticed outside that there are people getting trained how to use hazmat suits.
09:00 Breakfast is almost here! Two people in hazmat suits dropped by to give us water, and let us know that they were a few bags short of breakfast. They’re headed to get our food now. They also let us know that the building is converted to winter mode, so it’s blowing hot air. We were told that it’s okay to have our windows and doors open - FRESH AIR! We turned off the AC in both rooms and opened the windows. It’s already significantly better - things are good! We’re asking everyone who comes to the door to spread the word about care packages, and asking them to spread the word amongst the staff as well.
10:00 Sound check with fox and friends - we’ll be live tomorrow morning.
11:00 Rachel and I were getting pretty hungry, so we called dispatch. They sent breakfast for one - unfortunately, it was cold as it was cooked a few hours ago. Lunch should be here soon, so we may just wait it out. Last thing we need is an upset stomach! Luckily, now we have a spoon and milk, so we can munch on a stockpile of cereal! The doctor that came to drop off our food also taught me about DMAT - I’m very interested in signing up for disaster relief. It sounds like an amazing way to help others!
11:27 Just interviewed with KUVN Univision! Not sure when it airs as of yet, will update. We noticed outside that everyone is now in full hazmat suits, similar to the plane. The Dallas morning news also reached out to us, as well as KENS TV.
11:30 The quarantine officials came by to take our temperatures. Both temperatures were normal. They also informed us that three people here in the quarantine zone have tested positive overnight.
11:55 There are a lot of people in orange construction vests carrying boxes outside.
12:04 Apparently they are covering all vents and doors with paper on the Diamond Princess. No one on the ship knows why this is a thing yet.
12:12 We got so hungry that we nuked our breakfast in the microwave and devoured it - totally forgot to take a picture! It was an Apple, hash browns, eggs, and sausage. It was SO good! Best thing we’ve eaten in the past three weeks. Rachel jokes “if we’re gonna’ keep doing good on this ‘not fighting in quarantine’ thing, they’re gonna’ need to send us more than one meal!”
Also, we called dispatch again. If someone calls hospitality and asks for something that isn’t available, they will message us with the items/room number, etc. I’ll then send that info over to y’all!
12:30 LUNCH! It was bomb! Pot stickers, rice (groans) and an Apple.
13:26 Noticed a dominos guy delivering food to the DMAT workers below - I guess maybe they can get through! I wouldn’t really want to be that delivery guy though, going to a Q-zone with hazmat suits and all.
14:15 Rachel’s moms package got here! We were under the impression that we were getting our laptops + some tortilla chips + Nintendo switch. Instead, we got anything that we could have possibly wanted and more!
14:32 We found out why the food is so good! They contracted out a local food company to provide us meals for the duration of quarantine.
18:03 Jet lag caught up to us - we passed out for a good three hours! We were woken up by a knock on the door by two people in hazmat offering soda, water, and tea - plus dinner! Tonight we have a meat sauce rigatoni, Texas toast, a salad, and an Apple. It was awesome yet again! Our AC is also working, plus a cool front went through. It feels great, we feel great, and just overall thankful that we made the decision to leave the Diamond Princess.
Good news! We’re about to get to go outside for a few minutes! We were told that there were puzzles, entertainment, etc. in the parking lot, and that we were allowed to walk down briefly with our masks to grab some. Maybe rachel and I will also get a new mask.. these old ones have taken a beating from the plane ride!
Also, we’ve asked several news sources to get the message out that many of you are looking to send care packages to those in need.
18:30 Here are some pics from outside! We noticed any room occupied has an “X” marked on it. I’m assuming this is to mark which room people are in. The tents have coloring books, sudoku, crayons, etc. Before grabbing anything we were required to use hand sanitizer, as well as after. We’re also fenced in.
We also received our news letter, which outlined a few key components coming in the following days.
HEB is available for delivery.
The CDC is offering voluntary COVID-19 testing in the coming days - my wife and I will volunteer. We would rather get any treatment needed sooner than later, as we just want to be home.
We will have photographs of our passports taken tomorrow for identification purposes by medical professionals.
No food delivery is available to us due to military base security requirements. Specific dietary needs (diabetic, etc) can be addressed.
Those taking pictures and videos such as myself should be considerate of other passengers.
Local family members may no drop off packages at the base gates - they must be mailed.
There will be a 2-3 day delay for package deliveries due to screening by US marshals.
20:13 Oops! We heard some shouting outside - one of the tents collapsed due to the strong winds from this cold front.
22:14 Bucket list item complete - NBC aired a picture of our pup on TV! From having a “ruff time” being thrown out of a truck by a stranger to famous on TV in two years. What a dog! I’ll post a link when it’s posted.
We’re very thankful for everyone taking care of us, and everyone around in this situation! Hundreds of you are reaching out regarding care packages. I’m in the works of getting the planned logistics in action so we can get more people the help they need.
It’s been a great day today. Rachel and I are starting our blog on our laptops now (typing from it now, actually), and excited to be on fox and friends [email protected]:50 eastern standard time. Currently working on getting all of your questions answered.
23:08 I’m in contact with an Australian friend on the ship - they’ve been given luggage tags, and are evacuating in about 7ish hours. One major concern as of now: they don’t have toilets on their plane!
23:15 We have a care package request: she’s been alone for two weeks and will be alone for another two weeks. See this comment to shower her with love!
2/19/2020 06:00 Early morning! We're getting ready to interview with fox and friends - catch us [email protected]:50!
07:00 Finished up on fox and friends. We were pretty creative when trying to figure out to have out phone not aim up our nose during the interview - an ice maker, diffuser, alarm clock, bible, and something similar to find Waldo were harmed in production today.
Noticed that nearly a dozen packages have been sent to our shipmate at Travis air base - thank you all!
08:20 Breakfast! Today we got yogurt, honey nut cheerios, milk, and a banana.
Fun fact! We also were greeted by three people from the DMAT team who mentioned that they're following Rachel and I - small world!
They mentioned that we would be allowed to go outside per the CDC as soon as gloves and masks were delivered to the base.
So here's a shout out - thanks for taking good care of us, y'all take care as well!
09:43 We just found out that our Australian friend who sat one seat over from me at dinner tested positive for COVID-19. His partner will be traveling to Australia while he stays in Japan. This really comes as a shock to everyone, as he is symptom free and feels normal.
It looks like the Canadians are being evacuated on Friday (japan time.)
If you missed fox and friends, we'll be interviewing with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business news @12:20 central time.
12:00 It's been a quiet day again here in San Antonio. It's been a nice difference between Texas and the cruise ship - on the ship, we heard constant sirens and helicopters from the media. Here, it's peaceful and quiet. Military guard us 24/7, no sirens, and we feel safe. We have so much room in our rooms that we don't feel one bit stir crazy.
It's cloudy, cold, and rainy today. Yesterday, we were concerned about the AC - today, it feels great! We completely turned it off and are just enjoying being comfortable.
In other news, we also found out that people are being disembarked from the Diamond Princess if they test negative right now. Many people will remain on the boat, as their loved ones tested positive - they have to finish out their quarantine.
12:42 Lunch! We got what appeared to be a little of a downgrade from every other meal, but we're still well off with more snacks than a hibernating bear. We received a cold sandwich, an apple (man, I'm going to go years without seeing another doctor after this, surely!), a cinnamon roll, and a bag of chips. Heres a picture!
14:00 Just finished up with Neil Cavuto, & NPR Here and Now podcast - we have around 20+ interviews now. I will post the link to them all in a bit when I round them together to give y'all an inside look on our experiences.
18:30 Still catching up from jet lag - we woke up to a knock on the door by the CDC. They temperature checked Rachel and I - both 99.7f. We figure this is because our faces were buried in pillows for hours. It was one of those sleeps where you forget what your first name is after waking up for a solid thirty minutes.
As we opened the door, they say, "are you the honeymooners?" PS - Hi CDC! Thanks for taking care of us!
Anyway, I was wondering when food may come by. I asked Rachel, who informed me that it came by around twenty minutes ago. We had chicken fried steak over mashed potatoes and white gravy, a salad, and a muffin. Here's a picture!
I had a moment of vertigo there for a second and asked Rachel, "Were you the one talking about the chicken fried steak? Because I dreamed about it." "Yeah, we had a whole conversation about it.. you just didn't respond" she said. Jet lag does some mysterious work!
20:15 Hey guys! Not much happened here in San Antonio today, but here's a good bit of news from all of the passengers.
I have some news regarding how some of those quarantined are feeling.
Aboard the Diamond Princess, there are still people awaiting results to get off of the boat. Disembarkation of those that test negative continues. When we left the ship, we noticed that for the last few days of our trip that the daily count of coronavirus cases stopped being announced. Many are feeling isolated with lack of information again. I can't speak from first hand experience on what is happening now, but several people on our quarantine facebook thread are mentioning lack of communication. They are worried about the worsening situation that COVID-19 is imposing.
The Australian evacuees have landed safely!
Some Americans are worried about lack of communication. Many feel as though our country saved us, but feel like we have been forgotten about. They say that they deserve to know what our plans will be due to planning and working hard to go on vacation only to end up in a travelers nightmare.
I feel safe, and not in a struggle with things here in San Antonio. We get a nightly new letter as to what will be happening for us over the next few days - this is keeping my wife and I content.
While we're content, we really would love to know when our "light at the end of the tunnel" day is - as of now, we just know that there are meetings being held to determine this.
I'm continuing to get my blog site ready - I should have it completed enough for use by tomorrow. I will link it here at that time.
21:28 Unfortunately, two people off of our cruise ship in their 80's have passed away due to COVID-19. Not great news. Keep them in your thoughts.
22:04 All 61 US citizens who remained in Japan are now on a temporary federal no-fly list. If they fly to Mexico or Canada and attempt to enter the country, they will be stopped by Border Control.
23:23 Managed to get Netflix hooked up to the TV in the room - quarantine just got even better!
We’re really hoping for more info on our situation tomorrow. We heard about the three positive yesterday, but no news today. Another day has passed - on to the next one!
PS our fellow ship mate has had nearly 20 packages sent to her. Several individuals have been sent packages. Thank you all so much for your generosity!
2/20/2020 00:50 Rachel and I were watching New Girl on Netflix, but thought we heard yelling outside. We looked and saw that there was a woman shouting at some of the quarantine officers saying that we deserve information. Her family joined her shortly after.
01:09 Two ambulances pulled up to our building, one of which pulled through the gate. One of the quarantined cruise-mates walked into the ambulance.
01:15 The second ambulance took another individual. We noticed that there were some individuals not wearing masks on the other side of the fence.
Rachel called dispatch and asked for some answers, as we didn’t get a newsletter today and had just watched two ambulances take people in the middle of the night. It reminded us of how people were taken in japan. We asked when our official release date is, and what they are being told for now is the second of March. Dispatch was awesome - they noticed that rachel was upset and stayed on the line, brought her Dr. pepper and candy, and reassured both of us that everything was being done to ensure our safety. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of people out here caring for us.
As far as the two people pulled off - no one can reveal whether or not there are more positive cases, as this information comes from the CDC. The ambulances were supposed to come around noon, but there was some sort of delay so they came now. The dispatch guy was awesome!
There does appear to be an information gap between the CDC and everyone else.
Here’s a video that might help - please watch DMAT/CDC!
08:07 DMAT came to bring breakfast! They reassured us that everything will be okay. They especially checked on rachel, as she had a hard time last night. They said that everyone is here rooting for us, and realize that it’s a tough situation for everyone. They let us know that the CDC will be coming by to test everyone for COVID-19 today.
We’ve got bacon (oh sweet, succulent bacon), an omelette with pico de gallo. We had yet another Apple that we’re stockpiling as a snack. We’ll have to go trade then in at the Apple store for some bananas!
Here’s breakfast:
One thing to remember.. this is a tough situation for DMAT/CDC/military as well! DMAT has been pulled from their families with very little notice, and they’re living in our little bubble as well.
09:35 The CDC came by! We received four masks, had our temperature checks done, and received new quarantine orders. The quarantine orders outlined why we were being held. The message to receive is that there are no less restrictive alternatives. Given that the infection rate of the Diamond Princess was higher than that of the rate reported in Hubei Provence, China, we are at a much higher risk. No official date has been communicated on paper by the CDC, but we are being told March 2nd by dispatch.
10:30 Two behavioral health professionals came by to check on both of us to make sure we were handling everything okay. They stayed in the hallway - we stayed in our room. They asked if we needed anything, or needed any questions answered.
Rachel and I are taking it easy today, and only have one radio interview. Yesterday was pretty busy, so we’re going to take some time to watch Netflix and work on the blog so it can be up and running.
12:00 Had a Skype conversation with u/planningmindfully regarding blog constructing help. She’s great! Check out her blog:
13:00 Lunch is here! We have some chicken, rice, vegetables, and a salad with a cinnamon roll.
Here’s a pic!
13:30 The head of CDC operations on site came to our room to just say hi, as well as answer any questions we might have. She says that the release date will be March 2nd*. They are working on getting a conference call set up for later today to answer questions. She explained that the air system is based on water. When it was hot the other day, they drained all of the hot water and pushed cold water through so our AC worked. This process takes roughly 48 hours. Funny enough, now it’s frigid outside! Now they’re trying to reverse it again for heat. A news letter is available and being passed our. Tests will be conducted on everyone that is symptomatic, or anyone who requests it. Two tests will be done - a nasopharyngeal test, and a oropharyngeal test. If one of these comes back positive, then we will be considered positive and transported to a local hospital for treatment.
*for those who test positive, their roommates quarantine starts over.
She asked if we would be willing to talk to government officials that are visiting tomorrow, as we are very involved with everything coronavirus and the media. We will be talking personally with the admirals/senior officials from the health department to share how things have been.
13:53 Had a call with the CMO of Princess - he has been incredibly helpful with the logistics in all of the operations behind the Diamond Princess passengers. I’ve kept in contact and will continue to keep in contact to give an inside look on our situation. Princess continues to try to give us quality of life improvements.
15:00 Package! Is here! Thank you so much u/angelsgirl2002 for the ornament!
17:00 We took yet another nap being as we stayed up till 4am on Netflix. After waking up, we called in to the conference call to get news. The call was to the head of CDC operations on site.
Many people are worried about the virus after seeing all of the news behind it. They recognized that we’ve been through a lot in the last month, and they are here to support us.
There have been some “growing pains” with lodging, such as space for those who don’t have double rooms, or the AC being finicky.
We will be having conference calls every few days to keep us updated.
Being as our rate aboard the Diamond Princess was the highest in the world for COVID-19, the CDC considers us an extremely high risk to the public.
As far as testing is concerned, they are making rounds of the complex to perform voluntary tests.
If someone tests negative, they are not free and clear. This is because they could contract the virus throughout the quarantine.
Dinner is here! Here’s a picture!
It was bomb today: spring rolls, some sort of general tso chicken, fried rice (you cooks are hilarious with your rice after all of these posts 😉) and a brownie. We also got some soup. All very good!
As far as infection prevention is concerned, we are to stay in our room to minimize exposure and protect ourselves.
They have noticed people outside. “We will not be policing you - that’s not our intention. Our intention is that you understand from a public health standpoint so you can make your own decisions.”
As far as social distancing when going outside (whenever allowed) - we must remain 6 feet from other people other than the people we room with. We must also wear our N95 masks, and most of all: speak up so we’re heard and problems can be addressed.
We’re advised to not share towels, cups, etc. just in case someone is positive and the other is negative. Hand washing remains to be the BEST way to prevent infection - this goes for anything.
In the next few days, we may be moving to a new living place to improve living conditions. We are happy with what we have, but we won’t say no to that! The new quarters would be more up to date, spacious, etc.
Heat and air are an issue around the base as described previously.
Questions around quarantine: orders have to be re-evaluated @72 hours, which is why we keep getting new orders. This doesn’t mean that we are starting the 14 days over, but just continuing it.
The quarantine officials at the Atlanta CDC headquarters gave an official release date of March 2nd, except for those with close contact with those who are infected. These individuals will have their quarantine start over from the date of last contact.
The quarantine period 14 days is to make sure we capture incubation period, and have some wiggle room. The CDC is comfortable with this time frame, and does not think that we will be a threat past this point.
Signs and symptoms to look out for are fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. People are coming around to ask about signs and symptoms when taking our temperature, but a 24 hour team is on site if we become ill. If we become ill, they are only a call away.
“Somebody was having a lot of fun on Amazon, there are lots of packages, I think it might be Christmas!” GOOD JOB REDDIT! Not all of these are from you guys, but I’m sure it’s noticeable. Process of delivery: given the security required on base, packages may be a little delayed when delivering. No personal deliveries are available - all packages must be shipped. No food delivery (grub hub, etc) will be permitted due to security purposes. Unfortunately, that means no whataburger for now, but we’re coming for you.. HEB is available - we place the orders, someone picks it up, we have our order delivered to our rooms.
A hospitality email was given to us for if one the case we need fresh linens/towels. This is to help free up the dispatch phone. Some people have had frustrations from dispatch not picking up the phone - they are very busy. They requested that non-urgent needs go through as a text instead of a call, as urgent needs must be met if they arise (for example, medical issues).
At this point, the line was opened up for questions. It was organized - for questions, we dialed *6 to be added to a queue.
Q: If we turn out positive, how many days did it take for the result? A: The tests go to local lab, get processed there, then ships to Atlanta/CDC. It is then processed there, after their lab runs the test. Once this is confirmed, the CDC in Atlanta will announce official cases. (To those asking, this is why the local CDC hasn’t been able to confirm cases as of yet). They’re receiving samples from all sites around the country - our samples our priority. All of that being said, it takes 2-3 days for results.
Q: If test results are positive, but we’re asymptomatic, where are we sent? A: If positive with any symptoms then we would move you to an appropriate facility. The 14 days aren’t relevant to those positive. At that point, we wait for you to be asymptomatic then test you. If you have two negative samples, then you are clear. The virus waxes and wanes, so it’s possible to get a negative followed by a positive test. This is why repeat testing is important.
Q: If I don’t test myself, but I’m still exposed and asymptomatic, I’m just free? A: I wouldn’t think of it like that - the 14 day quarantine covers this. If you were exposed by say your spouse, then your quarantine would be 14 days since last exposure.
Q: So in your professional opinion, should I get tested? A: Yes, it’s safer for you and to your close contacts.
Q: How many people have the virus since we’re gotten here? A Several people were presumptive positive, and are being retested. We let the official CDC announce cases after their tests, so as of now we can’t say until Atlanta does.
Q We ask about medication, I love my medication. How long before I can get my medication from USPS? A: The USPS tends to be an additional 2-3 days to be delivered. Medication is expedited - just call is and we will keep a look out for this. *this question was answered by someone in package screening/call center
Q: Can we go home after the 14 days, and will it be safe to go home if we are asymptomatic? A: If you’ve had no exposure to anyone who has been positive and remain negative and asymptomatic, then you may go home - you do not have to be tested before you go home.
Rachel and I wonder about those who are positive but weren’t tested and don’t show symptoms. That being said, we trust the quarantine here.
Q: Will we have paperwork when we go home? A: Yes - you will get a few pieces of paper. You’ll get a resend order for quarantine saying that you successfully completed it (our graduation!), and medical clearance letter saying we’re not at risk for work, etc.
We totally are going to frame our “graduation certificate” on the wall.
Q: If we move to the new quarters in the coming days, how do we keep from being shoulder to a shoulder to positive individual like we were when we came to America? A: The move will be very different than it was during your evacuation, and we think you’ll notice this. For you, it will be a short move. For us, it’ll take a good part of the day. We will take about 4 rooms of people at a time on a bus to limit contact. We will tape off parts of the bus for every trip to show which seats to use each run, that way you are not using same seats for each trip. This limits all contact as much as possible.
I tried to get a question in about reddit care packages, but will defer to dispatch tonight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my question on this time around. Should have updates on this!
18:00 We had another knock on the door - masks, sanitary wipes, and gloves!
18:20 To those of you who sent items on our registry, we opened the packages over FaceTime with Rachel’s parents. Thank you SO much for being so kind, we greatly appreciate each and every one of you! Corn holders, a strainer, and a tent for our next travel adventure.
19:15 The CDC came by to check our temperatures. Rachel was 96.8f, I was 98.6f. Much better than our last few temperatures.
20:21 This night shift commander dispatch guy is great! This is the same one who was calm and helped my wife last night. He just sent a mini care package of her favorite things. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people who care.
Here’s the package:
2/21/2020 7:50 Breakfast is here! We have a sausage patty, a hash brown, a banana, and three pieces of french toast with some syrup. I stayed up quite late working on editing my blog, so I slept through it.
Here’s breakfast!
09:30 The CDC swung by to grab our temperatures! 98.6f for both of us. We're still in the clear.
11:00 The health department officials are here! Rachel and I were escorted outside down to the fenced area, where many DMAT/CDC personnel were, as well as the two health department officials. Brett Giroir was the main person we talked to. We discussed our quarantine in Japan, as well as here at Lackland AFB - their main purpose of being on site was to ensure that what they were hearing in DC was accurate.
When we said our names, he said “oh, you’re the famous Rachel and Tyler!” It amazes me how far the media has reached.
I was able to talk with the head of CDC operations on site regarding reddit packages! They are working out logistics today, and should have an email set up for guests to email their needs. I can then communicate with y'all on the needs of packages.
12:00 Rachel and I were tested for COVID-19! We both had a throat swab, as well as a nasopharyngeal swab. Talk about unpleasant - they about near stick it in your brain with the nasal swab! We should have our results in around three days.
We requested test results on paper for our workplaces, as we never received out official results in Japan.
12:20 Lunch is here! We have a beef stir-fry with rice (funny, cooks), spring roll, soup, and an apple.
Here's a picture!
15:00 Rachel and I are doing good! Can you tell that rachel is excited about Dr. Pepper?
16:00 The CDC came by to get our temperatures - rachel was around 97, i was 99.1.
16:58 Here’s my new blog! It's a work in progress. I'll write about all of our travels. I currently have most of our coronavirus quarantine experience up, and in the coming days will write about our honeymoon. Thanks for following!
17:30 Dinner! We had some BOMB pasta with chicken. Rachel has all of the garlic bread, I had the brownie. Fun story: when I was waiting for rachel to come home from Nashville this past summer to move in, I had the great duty of stocking our apartment. When buying seasonings, I got a bunch of mini bottles to make sure I didn’t over buy - except garlic powder. We bought nearly half a pound of garlic powder. She says that when we get home, she’s just going to sauté a significant amount of garlic to just bask in it.
20:00 We’re calling it early tonight - we’re going to try to get ahead of jet lag. We receive a news letter explaining that every other day we will receive a news letter, and the days between will be conference calls - similar to that of the other day. The newsletter reiterated that there will be no Uber wats deliveries, no hand delivered packages, etc.
Rachel and I talked for a bit over what we’ll do when we get out. We think we’ll rent a car and make a pit stop in San Antonio to have some closure to our trip.
Another day down! We’re getting close.
2/22/2020 07:30 Breakfast is here! Today we had a sausage and egg biscuit. A bit of a hockey puck, but we can't win everything! ;) Rachel and I noticed that one of our favorite restaurants are both on the way home, and out in San Antonio - we'll definitely be stopping when we get out. She says that she wants tex-mex instead. I say that we both can get different things - we can hop from one place to another! Check out "Gourdoughs." They make everything they have with donuts.
08:00 Temperature checks! Mine was 97.8f, Rachels was 98.3f.
10:00 We get to go outside! Pictures to come.
11:00 It was awesome to go outside! We walked the perimeters of the quarantine area and got to speak with a few of our fellow passengers. Everyone seems to be in good spirits. We noticed that there was a big trailer parked outside of the quarantine area - we are guessing that this means that we will be staying at this site, rather than moving to another as mentioned previously. It actually felt weird to see and smell grass - we haven't been anywhere near grass for over two weeks. Here’s our building.
13:00 Lunch is here! Today we had some steak strips with carrots, a brownie, and a salad.
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2020.01.30 03:58 titwhiskey Rant: Current State of SB and dunks.

Whats up y’all.
Just a heads up this is a long read.
I’ve been watching the resurgence of Nike SBs and dunks in the popular culture recently and have some very strong opinions I’d like to share with you. Before I begin I’m gonna start off by saying that I am glad that Nike SB is getting some of its old recognition back and am not knocking anyone that is just getting into them now.
I first became aware of Nike SB around 2007/2008 and my first pair was the Newcastle dunk lows. What I really liked about Nike SB at the time and what drew me to them were the unique designs and collaborations. SBs were considered a sub-culture to streetwear and took a backseat to Jordans and other Nikes at the time in NYC(where I grew up).
SBs were also difficult to find as sneaker shops had to apply for special permits to sell them and had to be legit skate shops for a number of years. All in all ,even in NYC, it was difficult to find the latest releases and Flight Club was in the dawn of its days, co-signing was starting to be a thing.
The newcastles that I mentioned before were bought at Flightclub and I still remember that day.
Along the way , I picked up a few more pairs, including some of my favorites to date- Marshall Amps, Stussys, Baby Bears, Bruts, Peewees, Unfuturas, etc... I also missed out on a lot of dunks that i wish I had bought at the time including the now coveted MF Dooms, Tiffanys and Supreme dunks.
Anyway I sold most of my dunks in college (probably to buy weed) and seeing them back on the spotlight took me back to those days, however I dont know if its old age or maybe I’m bitter that I sold most of my collection but I think the hype right now is completely UNJUSTIFIED.
First let me say that overall the market is ridiculous. However the price for the older, rarer dunks is at least somewhat expected. We’ve seen that throughout the years. Tiffanys will always be expensive. Supreme dunks will always be expensive (at least the OG dunk lows and highs).
What I truly don’t understand is the price and hype for the last and latest eras of SB dunks.
To me the last few eras of SB dunks are akin to the Blue Box era. For many OGs the blue box era is when SBs took a creative downward spiral, some would even date it back to the Gold box era, although I believe there were some strong designs then.
However, as someone who has been observing the scene now for a while and who has seen the progression of SBs since the early 2000s, I just dont get it.
The hype around simple colorways, uninspired designs and honestly ugly dunks is insane.
For example the infrared dunks are in my opinion one of the laziest and simplest dunks I’ve ever laid eyes on and yet somehow its selling over retail. Dunks like that would never have gone over retail and were never in short supply.
Thats just one example from the new school.
I’ve seen a pair of cave dunks on here that people were drooling over that honestly probably sold for clearance at Finishline back in 2009.
Even some of the older nike SBs that nobody wanted back in the day and that are honestly trash are somehow going for $500+ on StockX.
I get that celebrities are buying up all the nice dunks and leaving average joes with the scraps but if you’re buying dunks just to say you have them then you’re probably gonna have a hard time once the market crashes .
I’m saying this because it all happened once before. Nike SB had a moment in the early-mid 2000s and they hit it out of the park. Yet it didnt last long, and many people who hopped on the hype train sold their collections as public interest and popularity dwindled.
In my opinion their golden days are behind them.
Nike Sbs shined when no one was looking back in the 2000s and cemented themselves a place in streetwear. They built a brand around bold designs and concepts.
Today it seems like the brand and its popularity is being held up on a shaky foundation made up of bored celebrities, hypebeast tweens and influencers just looking for more clout on social media.
If you’re really into Nike Sbs and dunks I’d wait for this hype wave to pass and cop yourself some dunks for the low when everyone is selling them off to buy some new Yeezys or Foamposites.
Anyway, thats all I had to say.
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2020.01.29 20:52 amyranthlovely Japan Travel, The 2019-nCoV, And You: Guidelines On Travel During An Outbreak.

To better condense the available information to the current situation, we've opted to open a new Megathread, which is now pinned to the top of the page. Please join us there!

We have revamped the Megathread to better reflect the information that most tourists need to know right now, this includes information on the countries that are restricting travel to and from Japan. A backup of the original thread, with minor changes, is found in our FAQ, and will be updated as this situation unfolds.

As the CDC has now issued a Level 2 Warning for travel to Japan, we will be keeping a close eye on the situation and updating the information as frequently and concisely as possible. All comments and links are under Moderator review and removed or approved as necessary.


As of this writing, there are 1,335 confirmed cases in Japan, 17 people have died. This is a combined total, with 639 infections occurring in Japan, and 696 affected from the Diamond Princess Cruise. NHK News Japan has a breakdown of existing cases in Japan by prefecture here. You will need to have a translation system turned on in your browser, as this page is direct from the NHK in Japan - not the english website. This information is provided by the Ministry of Heath in Japan, and the link is updated as necessary.
NHK World, the english subsidiary of NHK News Japan, has provided this graphic of a breakdown of cases in Japan.
The Johns Hopkins CSSE map will be our only source for confirmation of cases going forward – the link can be found here.


Narita Airport has posted a list of citizens that will not be allowed to enter Japan if they have been in the areas listed 14 days prior to their trip, as of 03/11. **
Specifically, people who have visited China, Korea, Italy, Iran, or the Republic of San Marino will be excluded from entry and expected to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Please check the link for more information, or call the JNTO "Japan Visitor Hotline", which provides multilingual support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for foreign travelers in an emergency. They are also able to respond to concerns regarding COVID-19. 【Telephone】050-3816-2787(from overseas:+81-50-3816-2787) 【Hours】available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 【Available languages】English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
More closures and extensions of closures are coming through, please keep an eye on the Closures Thread, pinned at the top of the comments for more information.


"Japan's Cabinet OKs bill to give Prime Minister ability to declare emergency amid virus outbreak." THIS IS NOT A STATE OF EMERGENCY. PLEASE READ THE LINK ABOVE, OR OUR SUMMARY BELOW:
"The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a bill that would enable Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to declare a state of emergency, if needed, as Japan scrambles to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Abe, who faced criticism for being too relaxed in his initial response to the outbreak, has sought the power to prepare for a “worst case scenario.”
"Moreover, the prime minister has extended a government request to event organizers nationwide to refrain from holding such gatherings by about 10 days. The request was initially until March 19."
"The legal change would allow the prime minister to declare a state of emergency lasting up to two years if coronavirus infections spread rapidly across the country and fears are raised of a grave impact on people’s lives and the economy."
"Once an emergency is declared, prefectural governors can instruct residents to stay indoors and ask for schools to close and events to be canceled."
"Local governments can also demand that essential supplies such as medicine and food be sold to them. They can temporarily take over private land and facilities to provide medical care."
"Abe has already requested that schools across the nation close and big sports and cultural events be canceled or postponed. But under the current law, the government does not have the legal power to enforce school closures or event cancellations."
"The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People say the prime minister should seek prior parliamentary approval before any declaration of a state of emergency."
Once again, this bill does not enact a State of Emergency for the country, it merely means to reflect and strengthen the laws put in place from previous viral outbreaks in Japan.
Also of note is the recommendation by a panel of experts to continue closures for another 10 days beyond what has already been noted in the comments. We will be updating the closures thread as necessary as companies extend the break.


Border control increase begins today in Japan. NHK has an article on the general guidelines for border control at this time.
We have reprinted the article in full below.
Japan increased border control measures on Monday in an effort to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
The government is asking people arriving from China and South Korea, including Japanese nationals, to stay at home or other private accommodation for two weeks at their own expense.
Officials are asking those travelers to refrain from using public transportation, including planes, trains, buses and taxis, and use private or rental cars from the airport of their entry to their homes or accommodation facilities.
Visitors are asked to declare to quarantine officials where they will stay during the first two weeks as well as their means of transportation from the airport. They will be asked to remain at the airport until arrangements are ready.
During the two-week period they will be asked to check their health daily. If they develop a fever and other symptoms they are asked to call a consultation center and visit a designated hospital.
The measures are expected to remain in effect until the end of this month. They are not legally-binding, but the health ministry is asking for cooperation.
Once again, we would advise if you have a stopover in any of the affected countries (China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau - named specifically.) that you contact your airline to change your flight as soon as possible. These measures will be in force until the end of this month at the very least.


"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: "We will ask people entering Japan from the two countries to stay at places designated by the quarantine chief for two weeks and not to use public transportation systems in the country."
A more in depth explanation of the restrictions is explained here. We have reprinted the article below:
"Japan will request that people arriving from South Korea and China be quarantined for two weeks at designated facilities in Japan to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday."
“We will strengthen immigration quarantines on people from the two countries,” Abe told a Cabinet-level task force meeting on the virus.
“We will ask them to stay in designated areas for two weeks and not to use public transport in the country.”
"The measure will take effect at 12:00 a.m. on March 9 and last through March 31, he said."
"The government is calling for tourists from China, where the virus emerged and South Korea, which has been hard hit by the outbreak, to put off travel to Japan and will cancel visas for travelers from the two countries, Abe said."
“In order to reduce the amount of in-bound travel from China and South Korea, we will limit arrival destinations for aircraft from the two countries to Narita and Kansai airports,” he said.
The visa suspensions will effectively ban all Chinese nationals from entering Japan.
“We will suspend transport of passengers by ship and cancel temporary and multiple-entry visas that have already been issued,” Abe said.
Flights from China and South Korea will be able to land only in Narita Airport near Tokyo and Osaka’s Kansai Airport, he said. Abe also said that bans on entering Japan will be expanded to foreign nationals who have been in any part of South Korea or Iran.
This appears to be seperate from a bigger bill aimed at reducing the number of overall tourists at this moment to halt the spread of the virus. The NHK has posted an article on the other measures of the bill, and how it will allow the Government to enact a State Of Emergency - giving them the power to "control some businesses' operating hours, close schools and instruct people to stay indoors. Authorities would also be able to use buildings and land without their owners' consent for medical purposes."
In short, if you are a Korean or Chinese National, you will not be allowed to enter the country without facing a 14 day quarantine. Any planes arriving from either location will only be processed at either Narita or Kansai Airport, starting March 9th, and lasting until March 31st. It will also include visitors from Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Japanese Nationals coming from these countries - we are assuming this includes those returning from vacation in those areas. Entry Visas are being cancelled, for China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Iran which sounds like it means you will be quarantined at the border, and could be sent home after the 14 days are up.
If you have a flight with a stopover in either country, you would be wise to contact your airline right away and arrange to either fly direct, or re-route through a different area to avoid getting caught up in the quarantine. We have no confirmation that stopovers are excluded OR included in this requirement, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


More temporary closures and cancellations have been added to the list, please click here to go directly to the comment. We are updating this list as information comes in, and have split the lists by area.


The Japanese Government has rolled out requirements to help curb the spread of the virus, as the next two weeks are crucial for transmission within the country. Presumably, this is why we are currently seeing an increase in closures and cancellations by locations that would normally draw crowds of tourists and locals, such as museums and sports events.
The Government is asking people to take even more care when in public with frequent handwashing and sanitizing, and wearing a mask if you plan to be out in large crowds for long periods of time. As tourists, you should consistently perform with the utmost caution to follow these rules to help prevent yourself from catching the virus. The NHK has provided a very helpful article (with video!) that explains how to wash your hands properly and thoroughly to help break down the chain of bacteria and viruses, and how to wear a mask properly to help stop the spread of infection.
We'd like to remind you that while these measures are effective when applied consistently, they will not necessarily prevent you from catching the virus in the aforementioned "large crowds" that the Health Ministry is asking people to avoid. This information is intended as a guideline to help prevent transmission, but certain risk groups should see this as a warning that the Government is expecting things to get worse before they get better, and they should closely look at the options for travel, as the best method for not catching COVID-19 in Japan is to not go at this time.


The CDC has raised the alert level for travel to Japan to Level 2. This means they are advising that tourists practice enhanced measures to protect themselves from the spread of the virus. Please check the link above for more information. If you are older or have pre-existing health conditions, the CDC now also firmly recommends reconsidering travel to Japan.
If a potential quarantine on arrival home after your trip would disrupt your life enough to cause hardship (job loss, arranging last minute care for family/pets, possible transmission to vulnerable individuals) we firmly recommend that you postpone travel at this time.


Transmission and hospitalization in children under the age of 10 has been confirmed in Sapporo, with 3 recent cases being revealed. The Japan Times has more information here. One child is a preschooler who returned from Wuhan with his parents on a chartered evacuation flight in January, and the child is recovering from a mild infection. The other two cases are local to Hokkaido, one is under the age of 10, the other is presumed to be a bit older, but reported to be elementary school aged. Both have been hospitalized and are recovering. We would urge you to confirm with your pediatrician or family physician before travel with children to Japan in the face of this news. It has been reported that children are not often afflicted, or may have mild symptoms, but that does not equate immunity to the virus - as shown here.


The JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) is advising any and all tourists arriving in Japan to have travel health insurance in case they require treatment or hospitalization as a result of contracting the virus. The Government of Japan will NOT cover the costs associated with treatment during this time, and you will be required to pay out of pocket should an infection occur, and you have no insurance.
More information can be found at the following link from the JNTO, along with links to companies that will provide travel health insurance IN Japan on arrival.
We strongly recommend you add Trip Cancellation and Travel Health Insurance to your budget before you depart - for precisely this kind of occurrence. Please take the time to research travel insurance, and confirm with your bank or personal health care plan what is covered, or not covered, and purchase a plan that meets your needs in accordance with your trip.


The NHK has published an article reporting that JNTO has a phone number to call should tourists currently in Japan require assistance. We would not recommend contacting this number if you are not currently in the country, as this line is intended to assist with possible cases and have them directed to medical facilities for treatment. The article has been removed, but we have a link to the phone numbers here. There is also a link to the JNTO for further information, if needed.
"The Japan National Tourism Organization is offering phone consultation services for foreign tourists who are concerned about the new strain of coronavirus."
"The Japan Visitor Hotline offers 24-hour services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean."
"The hotline can refer callers who may be infected with the virus to the nearest medical institution. It also provides information on measures to prevent infection such as hand washing and gargling."
"The organization encourages foreign tourists to call if they have any concerns."
"The hotline number is 050-3816-2787."
Calling from Overseas? Use: +81-50-3816-2787

General Information

"What is COVID-19? How does it affect me?"

The FAQ from the CDC on COVID-19 is here.
The symptoms more frequently noted include the following:
  • High fever.
  • Shortness of Breath. This is an absolute call to health authorities, if you or anyone in your travel group experiences this symptom you should be notifying staff of your hotel/hostel right away for medical assistance.
  • Coughing, with or without phlegm. If you begin to cough, and feel very congested in the chest quickly, do not delay in notifying health authorities. Pneumonia is one of the reasons why this flu is deadly in certain people, and the CDC has already recorded an instance in China where a healthy 36 year old victim died from pneumonia brought on by the virus. There is currently no treatment for this virus, aside from supportive care to relieve symptoms. Any cases diagnosed with pneumonia are generally hospitalized.
The recommendations for curbing the spread of COVID-19 is detailed on this page.
Major risks with this virus are:
  • Transmission from person to person has been noted in Japan.
  • It can take up to 14 days before you show ANY symptoms, meaning that your body is shedding the virus in bodily fluids such as exhalation (commonly called aerosol), mucus from the nose and mouth, and fecal matter.
  • Carriers of the virus can be asymptomatic (not showing any symptoms like sneezing/coughing) while they are transmitting the virus to others.
The crux of curbing any virus is to wash your hands, or use sanitizer on a frequent basis when touching items in public. Also:
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with hands that have not been washed or sanitized.
  • Cover any coughs or sneezes with your arm, and/or a tissue. Throw the tissue away, and wash your hands afterwards.
  • If you are opening doors and wish to avoid picking up anything from door handles, use your elbow or foot to push the door open if possible.

“I’m traveling to Japan in March/April/May. Should I cancel my trip and reschedule?”

If you are travelling from China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, or Iran, please pay special attention to the update from 03/06. Japan is currently moving to block tourists from those regions to control the spread of the virus within the country. You will be quarantined and possibly sent home after the 14 days is up, as travel visas for those countries are being cancelled as of 03/09. Please contact your airline for more information. In the CDC Level 2 Warning above, they have specifically advised that individuals with pre-existing health problems look to cancel any non-essential travel to Japan at this time. We have noted other instances in the FAQ and provided further information. Some examples include:**
  • If you have a compromised immune system, have asthma, are prone to serious lung infections, are long-term heavy smokers, or reside full-time with anyone in your home that has any of those health concerns.
  • If you are traveling with anyone under the age of 5, or over the age of 50-60, and/or they would be considered in a risk group for the seasonal flu.
  • If you do not have a Trip Cancellation, or Travel Health Insurance package prior to departure, you should strongly reconsider not purchasing it prior to leaving your home country. On February 4th, the JNTO confirmed that tourists without travel health insurance would not be covered by the Japanese Government for treatment if infection occurred, and the patient will have to pay out of pocket for any treatment required. Please see the FAQ for information on obtaining insurance on arrival in Japan from either Tokio Marine, or Sompo Japan Nipponkoa. Note that you will only be able to access either website linked through JNTO on arrival in Japan.
  • If you are in any way concerned about contracting an illness that would put you out of commission for your entire trip, and may require hospitalization. Some users have already informed us that they are being told they would be subject to a mandatory 14 day self-quarantine at home on return from their trip. If you would not able to comply with those restrictions on arrival from Japan, (work, family, pet responsibilities for instance) you will want to seriously reconsider your trip.

”I’m traveling for the Olympics! Is this going to affect the Games? What do I do?”

At this time, there is no clear indication that the Olympics will be affected. The IOC's spokesperson did an interview with the Associated Press on the possibility that the games could be postponed or moved to a different city, and it was noted it was far more likely they would be cancelled outright. (IOC Member Casts Doubt on Postponing Or Moving Tokyo Games - Associated Press.) This is not a solid YES or NO at this time. We will update when necessary if the situation changes.

”I’m currently in Japan, and have been feeling unwell, as outlined in the CDC links above. What do I do?”

Please contact the phone number posted above for assistance. The number is a direct line to the JNTO, who is working in partnership with public health agencies in Japan, and they will assess you and direct you to proper medical facilities for treatment. Please do not attempt to shelter in place without notifying the proper health authorities, as you could still be transmitting the virus to others, including other tourists, staff, and the general public.

"What Are The Current Travel Restrictions To And From Japan?"

This information was provided by JonJonJapon in the /japanlife subreddit. They provided an excellent breakdown of the situation currently, and have allowed us to repost this here with credit.
Coronavirus-related Travel Restrictions
The IATA Travel Center's link above is regularly updated with details about travel bans and restrictions related to the novel coronavirus, not just for Japan but worldwide. As of Feb 28, the post was as follows:
Active Travel Bans on Travelers Coming from Japan:
Israel (under protest by JP gov't as of Feb 25)
Iraq Saudi Arabia (as of 27 Feb)
Mongolia (as of 27 Feb, includes transit)
French Polynesia
Solomon Islands
The Marshall Islands
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Active Travel Bans on Travelers Entering Japan:
Hubei Province, China
Zhejiang Province, China
Daegu City and Cheongdo County, Republic of Korea
Travel Warnings on Japan:
Canada (Level 2 of 4) active March 02
United States (Level 2 of 3 for CDC, 2 of 4 for Dept of State), active Feb 22
Australia (Level 2 of 4), active Feb 24
Taiwan (Level 2 of 3), active Feb 22
Thailand (no unnecessary travel), active Feb 17
Kazakhstan (follow-up monitoring for all arriving from Japan)
Kerala Province, India (follow-up monitoring for all arriving from Japan)
Kyrgyzstan (mandatory quarantine on arrival from JP)
Turkmenistan (examination on arrival)
Oman (14-day mandatory quarantine)
Qatar (14-day self-quarantine)
Paraguay (14-day quarantine)
India (no more visa on arrival - this is JP nationals only for now)

We'd like to thank everyone at this time for all their assistance on this matter! Helping us to keep up to date with the closures and flight information has been a massive help while this situation is rapidly changing.

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2020.01.24 17:03 woofwoofbro i need someone to discuss music with

im a beginner musician, not particularly good or interesting so dont expect any ripping solos but all i can think about is ideas for songs, music theory, guitars and synths and songs that inspire me, and i want someone who shares those same thoughts so we can bounce them off each other. id like someone who also wants to talk to me about this stuff, i dont want it to be one sided.

if theres anyone who can recommend me lots of unique bands, or who is good at giving criticism and feedback and can input ideas, and has something musical they wanna talk about, id love to talk.

im just gonna blab a little as an example of what i want to talk about.

ive been looking for a way to make hiphop that has surf rock and jazz influences, this is simple enough from a theory standpoint, basically just a rap beat with 7th chords and a guitar, but much more complicated when it comes to musical styling, to make something that feels fresh and not plainly slapped together.

my main priority is to have an 808 serve as the bass, with a mix of trap drums and live drums that switch back and forth with each other, and some semi dirty guitar with spring reverb and a marshall or vox amp. maybe the rapping could be directly referential to beach boys lyrics, although that might be too on the nose. the mood im looking for is laid back and relaxed, nothing aggressive. probably no solos, just something easy to drive to. the instrumental ill probably reduce the sample rate of and add some vinyl distortion, to give it a more dated feel so that it sits well and is closer to the surf rock attitude im going for. blah blah blah. i dont think anyone is gonna read this part. something about music. hopsin sucks.
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2019.12.20 19:20 Paroxysmalism WTS: Marshall DSL20HR [NY]
-Mint condition in form and function. -Original footswitch, speaker cable, and box included. -Also includes CME inspection certificate from my date of purchase. -Hoping for local pickup, but shipment can be arranged.
Asking $350
I bought this amp last year after searching for a small all- arounder with a good high gain and a serviceable clean channel. This amp has functioned well in that capacity, but in the meantime I purchased a 65 PRRI that now covers my cleans. Since I no longer need the Marshall for its clean channel, I'd like to sell it and replace it with a single channel dirt amp -- I'm thinking an OR15.
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2019.11.19 21:40 felixorion 2019 Non-DI Bowl Slate Set

There are bowls outside the FBS???
Yes! While the playoffs are larger in the lower divisions, they still often have a handful of bowls games that act sort of like the NIT in basketball, rewarding teams that didn't quite make the playoffs. For 2019, the breakdown looks like:
When and where?
Below you'll find the full slate of non-DI bowls for 2019. Most of these games, are play at campus sites, essentially giving the home team one extra home game. The exception is the D2 bowls, which are at neutral sites. I have not included the NJCCA championship game, the 4-team CCCAA playoffs, or the DI FCS bowl game (the Celebration Bowl).
Division Bowl Home team Away team Date
D2 America's Crossroad Truman State Ohio Dominican Dec. 7
D2 Heart of Texas Bowl (possibly defunct?) ??? ??? Dec. 7
D2 Heritage Eastern New Mexico Southern Arkansas Dec. 7
D2 Live United Henderson State Missouri Western Dec. 7
D2 Mineral Water Bowl Winona State Nebraska-Kearney Dec. 7
D3 ECAC Bushnell Ithaca Washington & Jefferson Nov. 23
D3 ECAC Chapman Morrisville State Westminster (PA) Nov. 23
D3 ECAC Lynah Grove City RPI Nov. 23
D3 ECAC Whitelaw Carnegie Mellon Brevard Nov. 23
D3 Centinnial-MAC Susquehanna Wilkes Nov. 23
D3 Centinnial-MAC Stevenson Johns Hopkins Nov. 23
D3 Centinnial-MAC Misericordia Franklin & Marshall Nov. 23
D3 New England Endicott Dean Nov. 23
D3 New England WPI Western Connecticut Nov. 23
D3 New York Cortland State Hobart Nov. 23
NCCAA Victory Greenville Olivet Nazarene Nov. 23
NJCAA Red Grange DuPage Itasca CC Dec. 7
NJCAA Salt City Hutchinson CC Monroe Dec. 7
NJCAA The Graphic Edge Iowa Western CC Hinds CC Dec. 8
NJCAA The Graphic Edge Iowa Central CC Nassau CC Dec. 8
NJCAA Midwest Classic Butler CC Trinity Valley CC Dec. 8
CCCAA American Championship San Bernardino Valley Chaffey Nov. 23
CCCAA American Championship Reedley Foothill Nov. 23
CCCAA Beach Ventura Cerritos Nov. 23
CCCAA Golden State CC San Francisco Shasta Nov. 23
CCCAA Gridiron Classic Butte College of the Sequoias Nov. 23
CCCAA NorCal Grizzly Laney Sierra Nov. 23
CCCAA Patrioic San Diego Mesa El Camino Nov. 23
CCCAA Southern California Long Beach City Southwestern CC (CA) Nov. 23
CCCAA Western State Allan Hancock Mt. San Jacinto Nov. 23
CCCAA Living Breath Foundation Monterey Peninsula Cabrillo Nov. 30
Did I miss a game? Have an questions? Let me know!
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2019.11.07 02:19 BWPhoenix Witcher Wednesday - October news and discussion round-up

Witcher Wednesday - October news and discussion round-up

October round-up
October was a mammoth month for The Witcher fandom. We had our first official trailer, and conventions in London and Italy. It was a feast matched only by the new footage from Cintra.
Here's a link to the discussion of that trailer. And not only that... showrunner Lauren S Hissrich passed a message on to the subreddit ahead of it! That was only topped when Lauren herself posted new behind-the-scenes pics on the sub!
We've got a little wait until the December 20 release date, also revealed at the Lucca convention in Italy. Unless you're going to the London premiere on December 16. In the meantime, why not listen to Whispers of Oxenfurt, which featured in our fandom friday?
Given that this is a bumper edition of the round-up, we'll be using slightly different categorisation to separate the threads.


The main hits of the month
We suspect everyone reading this has watched the trailer ... but there were also eight post-trailer stills released If you haven't seen them, there's even a shot of Anya Chalotra getting behind the camera - Article Discussion
Those weren't the only stills we were treated to, of course There were several releases pre-trailer - Post 1 Post 2 Post 3
Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski praised the trailer glowingly The noted and beloved grump said if the show was as good, we'd be in for a "masterpiece" - Article Discussion
Lauren Hissrich is planning for seven seasons of The Witcher And while the show is not yet renewed, the S2 writers' room is assembled - Article Discussion
There were posters, special installations featuring dwarves and elves, and more promotion at the Lucca convention Fans shared pictures from the convention - Poster Discussion 1 Video Discussion 2 Images/Discussion Elves Dwarves
A big draw of the Lucca convention was costumes from the set with slightly spoilery descriptions From Geralt's swords to dryad outfits, it was a treat for those in attendance - Costumes/discussion Costumes video Discussion
Titles for six episodes of the first season have been revealed via the WGA The make-up of the writers' room for S2, already under way, was also made clearer - Article Discussion


News on the production of the show
Language creator David J Peterson of Dothraki fame confirmed his involvement in the show This was the first time he'd directly acknowledged it - Image Discussion
Mousesack actor Adam Levy has been recording ADR for The Witcher again This common process can be used to clean up audio or alter it slightly - Image Discussion
Redanian Intelligence reported on a Geralt fight scene and Battle of Sodden tidbits The info came from a source on set - Article Discussion
The Witcher may not return to Hungary for S2 filming Redanian Intelligence stressed that this was simply a rumour they'd heard from someone who would be in-the-know - Article Discussion
John Nolan's Animatronics studio is working on the show Their other work includes Harry Potter and Netflix's Dark Crystal - Discussion


Actors who have joined the cast or had roles confirmed
Veteran actor Ron Cook has been cast in The Witcher It's not known which role he'll play - Article Discussion
Hungarian actor Ferenc Ivan Szabo will play a militia guard He's likely to share scenes with Martin Angerbauer in what is expected to be The Last Wish - Article Discussion
Callum Coates has been cast as Doppler Mousesack We already have a Doppler Cahir - Article Discussion
Levente Lippai has been cast as Zeke This seemingly new character will appear in episode two - IMDb Discussion
Actor Leigh Gill has joined the cast as an unknown character Gill attracted attention with his work on the recent Joker film - Article Discussion
Mate Haumann will play a "Field Marshal" We knew he was in the cast, but not which role ... until now - IMDb Discussion
Viola Prettejohn has been cast in an unknown role The RI article revealing her casting also highlighted a trailer glimpse of the actors playing Hemet and Marton in Blaviken - Article Discussion


Other assorted items you might be interested in...
RI continued its behind-the-scenes Redanian Archives It continued from Part V, through Aretuza, Cintra, Brokilon and more - Redanian Archives
Netlix continued to show confidence in The Witcher The show was an important point in its Q3 earnings address - Discussion
RI revealed official concept art for the show by Nothof Ferenc It features Geralt and the kikimore - Image Discussion
The Witcher teaser made it to the top five of all Netflix videos on YouTube The show passed Birdbox to take the spot - Discussion
Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra will be at Heroes Comic Con Madrid It takes place December 14-15 - Article Discussion


Interviews with cast and crew
There were a healthy four pages of interviews with cast and crew in French magazine Premiere The articles were translated by Valibomba, who IGN cited - Discussion
Lauren Hissrich talked magic, monsters and sex in a post-trailer interview with Variety The exclusive interview was wide-ranging and well worth a read - Article Discussion
Lega Nerd published a rare video interview with Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and Lauren Hissrich They spoke about the fans, the themes of the show and more - Video Discussion
Andrzej Sapkowski said he didn't care what was done to his characters He was very relaxed about changes made in adaptations - Article Discussion
Lauren Hissrich spoke about writing a story focused on a "broken family" She also talked about getting the project off the ground - Article Discussion
The Witcher avoided CGI as much as possible, preferring practical effects Production designer Andrew Laws confirmed the show's approach - Article Discussion
Henry Cavill "lived and breathed" the Witcher games as he prepared for the role We all knew our Geralt would be getting his hands on every source he could! - Article Discussion
Henry Cavill is hoping to play Geralt "for many years " An interview rounded-up by RI also saw him discussing Geralt's relationship with his mother - Article Discussion
Anya Chalotra spoke about the pressure of playing fan-fave Yennefer The interview also features Freya Allan - Article Discussion
It was Henry Cavill who chose the horse that played Roach That was among the reveals in an interview with Lauren Hissrich - Article Discussion
Showrunner Lauren Hissrich addressed sex, violence and Game of Thrones comparisons The Spanish interview was translated by Redanian Intelligence - Article Discussion
Long before Lucca, Freya Allan gave an audio interview on the series and Ciri The audio was also transcribed by Codename_JackRyan - Audio Discussion
Henry Cavill spoke about The Witcher world and Geralt of Rivia "Geralts gaze and gestures are worth a thousand words," said Cavill - Article Discussion
Anya Chalotra spoke about the romantic link between Yen and Geralt The actress mentioned the "link by destiny" - Tweet Discussion
Another video interview with the trinity came from GEDI Visual Though, fair warning: the questions aren't translated from Italian - Video Discussion
Top members of the crew spoke about production, monsters and costumes The people in question were executive producer Tomek Baginski, production designer Andrew Laws, and costume designer Tim Aslam - Article Discussion


News from the MCM convention in London
We ran a live update feed of the MCM Comic Con in London as it happened If you'd like to relive the experience, starring Lauren Hissrich and Freya Allan, you can - Post
The kikimore statue was brought to London ComicCon The two stars in attendance even had their shot at it... - Tweet Discussion
Redanian Intelligence pointed out some of the spoilers that could be deduced from the panel And so, if you're avoiding show spoilers, stay clear - Article Discussion
Lauren Hissrich and Freya Allan were interviewed at MCM They were asked about adapting Andrzej Sapkowski's world - Video Discussion
Redditor boskee recorded audio of exclusive comic con clips from the show You can hear the music, Ciri's scene, Yen's scene and a little Jaskier - Music Jaskier Ciri Yen Yen subs Geralt Comic Con teaser music


News from the Lucca Comics and Games convention in Italy
We also ran a live update feed of the Lucca convention in Italy as it happened If you'd like to relive the experience, starring Lauren Hissrich, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra, you can - Post
On day 3 of Lucca, Baginski, Laws and Aslam talked bringing the books to life The trio were appearing on their own panel - Article Discussion
Lauren Hissrich, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan held a press conference While it wasn't broadcast, a summary made its way out - Image Image discussion Summary
The kikimore made its way to Lucca, too Lucca was turned into the Continent for the convention - Image Discussion
The show was handing out goodies at Lucca That included a Witcher medallion - Tweet Discussion
Henry's ass on a magazine cover (and a translation of the article) - Image Discussion Translation
Sapkowski served up some classic quotes at this panel, of course He's the "master of the video games" - Article Discussion


Some of the top social media posts from cast and crew this month
Andrzej Sapkowski and Lauren S Hissrich met at Lucca. Blessed. - Image Discussion
Lauren S Hissrich was doing a photo-shoot, with the emojis suggesting a Witcher cnnection - Instagram Discussion
Lauren S Hissrich met with Henry Cavill and a very nice dog in London - Instagram Discussion
Lauren S Hissrich threw a little shade at one of her actresses on Twitter - Image Discussion
Istredd actor Royce Pierreson was very ready for the new trailer - Instagram Discussion
Lauren S Hissrich was living her best life in a 300-year-old villa in Italy - Tweet Discussion
We got a glimpse behind the scenes of an interview with Lauren S Hissrich, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan - Image Discussion
Sonya Belousova is still hard at work recording music, including for episode eight - Instagram Discussion
Executive producer Tomek Baginski shared a heartwarming post-trailer post on Facebook - Image Discussion
Casting director Sophie Holland was singing the praises of Jaskier actor Joey Batey - Image Discussion
Lauren S Hissrich answered a fan's question about A Little Sacrifice not being adapted for the show - Image Discussion
Sonya Belousova showed off her harp skills, which she learned for the show - Instagram Discussion


With so much talent in the fandom, we wanted to highlight some of the most popular created content of the month
This is the art I came up with for the art contest on this sub. - Image Post, by kalabear87
Im in hospital and my younger siblings made me this knowing that I'm a big the Witcher fan! - Image Post, by derSaad
Show based Geralt cosplay at NYCC via @HenryCavillNews on Twitter - Image Post, by Abyss_85 via @HenryCavillNews
The Witcher poster in comic style by @_gemeomau at Twitter - Image Post, posted by /Abyss_85, by @_gemeomau
Cool [Henry Cavill as Geralt figure] - Image, post by crinfridreavers
Netflix Yennefer cosplay - Image, post by beloved_cosplay
Netflix The Witcher Butcher of Blaviken Scenes reordered - Video, post by Nocdoom
Netflix The Witcher Question of Price & Slaughter of Cintra Scenes reordered - Video, post by Nocdoom
Bounds of reason done today - Image, post by Cotillion0899
Butcher of Blaviken - Image, post by zkorejo


A selection of the month's best memes
Waiting is hard. - Image, post by evyatari
18 days! - Image, post by evyatari
Shopping Online Expectations vs Reality - Image, post by GuiRodr
Highly scientific graph on sorceresses babysitting Ciri - Image, post by BWPhoenix
Foltest and his boys when they learn Geralt has managed to disenchant the Striga - Image, post by Valibomba
Us being fed like the ravenous beasts that we are - Image, post by jentario
St. Anya, Patron Saint of This Ass - Image, post by badfortheenvironment
Yen I'm trying to sneak but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting the nekkers - Image, post by thecosmicfly
[The Onion] ‘The Witcher’ Producers Assure Gamers Netflix Series Will Include All 400 Side Quests From ‘Wild Hunt’ - Article, post by iliicho1
New format - Image, post by Codename_JackRyan


A selection of some of the top discussions this month
Name a more iconic couple, I'll wait by Colluctancy (509 upvotes, 99 comments)
What do you hope the show will clarify from the books? by TVwalla (21 upvotes, 44 comments)
Account of a silent netflixwitcher observer by sandtanderVonWessberg (137 upvotes, 33 comments)
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Do you really need a summary? Go watch the trailer!
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2019.11.02 20:16 machefrieden Aniah Blanchard (19) missing from Auburn, AL

Aniah Blanchard (19) missing from Auburn, AL
Update 11/8/19: u/PrinceLKamodo linked an article in the comments on the arrest of Yazeed. He was arrested in Escambia County, Pensacola, FL just hours after an arrest warrant was issued. It is unknown when he will extradited back to AL at this time.
Update 11/6/19 @ 12:30 PM: A suspect has been identified and an arrest warrant has been issued. A 30-year-old Montgomery man, Ibraheem Yazeed, is wanted for the kidnapping of Aniah Blanchard. The US Marshal's Task Force along with other agencies are currently assisting with the investigation. Yazeed is out on bond for kidnapping and attempted murder from another jurisdiction and should be considered dangerous/potentially armed. He is believed to have been in the last location Aniah was seen (Chevron convenience store) and is involved in taking Aniah against her will. Any information on his whereabouts please call Auburn Police at 334-501-3140.
Link to article:
Update 11/6/19: From u/KingUrkB
I didn't see that this was updated so I had to post this photo.
Apparently the Auburn police are looking for this guy as a person of interest in the Aniah Blanchard disappearance.
"Driving a late 2000's silvegray Lincoln Town Car. Any Information please call Auburn Police: 334-501-3140".
*See comment below for link to photo!
Update 11/3/19: Texas EquuSearch has joined the search for Aniah. They are a reputable search & recovery organization that has helped bring over 400 missing persons home to their families. I hope they are able to bring peace to Aniah’s friends and family.
Original: 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard, step-daughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris, has not been seen or heard from since October 23, 2019. Her last communication was with a friend before midnight on October 23rd. It is believed she had a date/had met up with an unknown male.
Her vehicle, a 2017 Honda CR-V was located in Montgomery, AL (approximately 55 miles from where she was reported missing) at an apartment complex with damage to the front right passenger side. The vehicle was not wrecked prior to her disappearance. As of October 31st, police have reason to believe she was harmed and is a victim of foul play after her vehicle was examined by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.
As of 2 P.M. November 1st, 2019 more than $100,000 is being offered as a reward for information. Aniah is described as a light-complexioned black female, 5’6”, 125 lbs., brown eyes and brown hair and was last seen wearing a black dress, tan duck boots with black stockings. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Auburn P.D. at 334-501-3140.
Find Aniah Facebook:
Edit: in a deleted tweet from a friend, she is thought to have been meeting up with a guy named Eric she met on Tinder. I have not read this in any news report so I’m not sure how credible that information is. Also her phone was supposedly found in the vehicle with the Life360 app (for tracking) disabled.
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2019.10.09 08:41 JiveChain Madison Square Garden - A Comprehensive History

Since there was a lot of positive response to my comment on the KD thread about The Garden, I floated the idea of a thread, and you all asked for it, so here it is! Here at reddit, there can be a lot of LOL this (Knicks) and LOL that (Knicks again), and while MSG certainly has its own shortcomings to say the least, there is a true story to be told about the buildings and how it came to be where it is today.
Known as ‘The Worlds Most Famous Arena’, MSG played a direct roll in making sports in America what it is today, and while many people criticize the current incarnation of the building, most people don’t know the full story - or that the current one is actually the 4th version (and 3rd location) of the building. The college basketball history at MSG, which I won’t give away yet, is one of if not THE main reason we have our beloved NBA and professional basketball in general today. This is going to be a very long read, like, very very long. But I’m going to try and throw all the really juicy facts in there that I picked up along my years of research from working in the tour department. I thought of splitting it up, but I wanted this post to be a comprehensive history of The World’s Most Famous Arena!
If you’re only concerned with the history of the joint once basketball enters into the picture, skip to MSG III.
If you want the juicy details on the controversy of tearing down old Penn Station then skip to MSG IIII.
If you have any questions on anything or want me to elaborate on anything that I only mention briefly, please feel free to ask! MSG’s history is full of not only amazing moments, but vengeful murders, and a whole lot of sketchy stuff. This is the story of how a small train station on the north east corner of Madison Square Park eventually led to the demolition of an iconic NYC train station some 100 years later. It’s not on Madison Avenue, it’s not square, and it’s not a garden, but there is a good reason for all of this - or at least a good explanation - I promise!
Ironically, just how this story’s climax involves tearing an iconic train station down to build the current arena, the beginning starts in much the same way. Just with a significantly less iconic train station. In the mid 1800’s there was a small railroad depot on the north east corner of Madison Square Park, occupied by New York and Harlem Railroad on East 26th street and Madison Ave and owned by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. For those of you not familiar with the city (yes, we call it ‘the city’) that location is pretty central and throughout time has had a lot of important events happen there, which is a thread for another time. The park was named for president James Madison, just like the street, which was very common at the time. People loved that guy.
The railroad opened up another location you may have heard of, by the name of ‘Grand Central Station’ in 1871, therefor leaving the smaller rail depot on 26th street abandoned. After a few vacant years, the building was leased to PT Barnum, who converted it into what he called the ‘Great Roman Hippodrome’. This place was a big open air oval ‘arena’ where he did exactly what you’d expect. Circuses etc. What happens next is where things start getting interesting.
Then the building was leased to a band leader named Patrick Gilmore. Some historians in that field feel like Gilmore is a forgotten guy compared to the likes of John Phillips Sousa, who is really the only person we common modern folk recognize in terms of old timey band leaders. But Gilmore was a very important figure of his day. Gilmore purchased the building and…wait for it…called it Gilmore’s Concert GARDEN. ‘Garden’ was a semi-popular add on to entertainment centers in NY during that era, starting with what I can tell from my research when Castle Clinton (aka, the old fort turned venue turned place you buy your tickets to go out to the Statue of Liberty now) was converted into a venue called Castle garden in the 1820s.
The other notable contributions Gilmore made to The Garden are holding the first Westminster Kennel Club dog show, the longest running garden event obviously still held there today, and even doing the first boxing matches there. I always found this bit fascinating, because boxing matches were technically illegal at the time. He called them ‘illustrated lectures’ and as any good New Yorker trying to make a buck does, found a way around the rules and got away with it. This is a common theme within the history of The Garden as you will see.
The arena changed hands a few more times, first to an administrator with the dog show, who also started to do more sporty things like tennis and installing one of the first ‘indoor’ ice rinks in the US.
The building went back into Vanderbilt control when Commodore died, by his grandson William Vanderbilt. He was the one who decided, the ‘garden’ part was cool, but since it wasn’t leased by Gilmore anymore, he would rename it after the park which it shared a border. Hence the name, Madison Square Garden. He expanded the range of events that were held there including adding bicycle racing. This would be by far the most widely beloved event held at the Garden, including a long running race called ‘Six Days of New York’ where an insane SIX day bike race would be held. These were basically just endurance contests, with a single bicyclist doing as many laps as possible, they could sleep whenever and join back in whenever. This was all the rage, but also dangerous for not only the participants but the spectators. People who wanted to soak up all the action were easy targets for crooks who were also in attendance. These events were so popular nationwide however, that there is even a bicycle discipline called ‘Madison’ named after the OG garden.
The building however ran its course, because of its lack of roof and decaying infrastructure.
What I mean by decaying can probably best be summed up by the disaster which many people now a days don’t know of, when part of the building collapsed falling outward into the street and some of the roof also caving in with 800 people inside. Apparently it was chaos, and 20 something people were killed or injured. It’s pretty brutal, and if you want to know more about that incident you can read the newspaper article from the time here.
Vanderbilt sold the spot to who's who collection of rich white men. JP Morgan, Carnegie, Astor etc. So they decided to tear it down and build a new extremely extravagant arena on the same spot. They got renowned architect Stanford White (more on him later) and they demolished the building in 1889. After spending more than half a million dollars, MSG II was built.
Madison Square Garden II
By this point, MSG was still not the household name it would become in the future. This building was supposed to change that narrative, which is why these rich guys went all in on it. You’ll see, that they were maybe in over their heads. However, this might be the most fascinating of all the MSGs for several reasons.
Firstly, the building was extremely extravagant. That can not be overstated. I would encourage you all to just google pictures of the building, it was massive and you’ll see all the features I’m describing here. It featured a huge 32 story tall bell tower, which was good for the 2nd tallest building in the city at the time. The bellower was topped by a sculpture of the goddess Diana the huntress, which was sculpted by famous artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and was gilt in copper. They moved the statue not soon after, and you can see it today at the Philly Museum of art! It spun around in the wind, and their original brilliant idea was to have an actual cloth scarf draped on it, but since wind exists, it got blown away not too long after its installation.
Its main hall was the largest in the world. It had not only the main hall which sat 8,000 but just like today’s garden, had a small theater which sat 1200, and even another concert hall which sat 1500. Of course they also had the largest restaurant in the city, because why not. And because it is ‘The Garden’ they decided there should be a roof garden cabaret. They thought this would be a landmark the likes of central park, and it was certainly grandiose enough. They had the same kind of events that the first garden did, including sports, concerts, and all the random stuff they found fun before the invention of TV (not to mention radio, or at least the widespread broadcast of radio). But the problem was, the building was so damn extra, that they had a hard time making enough money to upkeep the place.
Now let’s talk about the architect. Stanford White is probably best remembered for designing the Triumphal arch in Washington square, but then closely followed by being murdered in his own building, MSG II, in a lovers quarrel. This was huge news at the time, and so was the trial that ensued, they called it ‘The Trial of The Century’. The building, being as ridiculous as it was, of course housed an apartment for White, and millionaire Harry Kendall Thaw was not too happy with White who apparently had an affair with his actress wife when she was 16. So he came through, and shot him dead in his own building. It’s all incredibly sketchy and simultaneously intriguing, involving major names of the day, which is probably why the trial was so juicy and gripping in the eyes of the general public.
Anyways, the building was ultimately a failure, and didn’t last very long in retrospect. Everyone knew what Madison Square Garden was, and it was a landmark from 1890-1926, but the building failed to live up to expectations, much less make money. A 36 year run is really nothing to write home about, especially with the illusions (or better yet delusions) of grandeur its rich owners had in mind. There were some important sporting events that happened there, but what would happen in the next building would be the reason The Garden is now known as, The Worlds most Famous Arena. Interestingly the building there today, the New York Life Insurance Company, was built on that plot directly after MSG II was demolished. They owned the mortgage on the building, so they just built their headquarters there. It’s an iconic building in its own right, and if you’re on the NE corner of the park, there’s a plaque on the building which notes that it was the location of the first 2 Gardens.
The only thing MSG still had was, well, the name. And in walked Tex Rickard, to seize an opportunity that proved to be golden.
Madison Square Garden III
If you’ve never heard of Tex Rickard, think PT Barnum, Don King, etc. He was the leading boxing (and more) promoter of the day, and was a very successful businessman, operating saloons, hotels, casinos, and the like. He was a country boy, born in Missouri and raised in Texas, but had a knack for business and promotion. Tex saw the opportunity to buy the name, and incorporated the ‘New Madison Square Garden Corporation’ in 1923. It was smart, although MSG II didn't make money, it was still a household name in NYC. The purpose was to build a less extravagant arena, but a place that would be iconic in its own right and host major sporting events, including NHL games. This is where MSG started to make a name for itself as a major player in venues, and eventually THE most famous arena in the world. So Tex bought a big block of land quite a bit of a ways away from the original site of The Garden, on 8th avenue between 49th and 50th street. He basically built a big box, designed by theater architect Thomas Lamb, at the cost of almost 5 million dollars and in a remarkable 249 days. I think it’s sufficient to say that ol’ Tex knew how to get things done. He had a bunch of rich backers, plenty of clout, and he threw his arena up in sharp contrast to the old garden. It did however have a very iconic marquee, and if you talk to anyone who was around at the time they will note that the marquee was the distinguishing feature of the building. The main draw originally was boxing, as that was Tex’s bag. They had major fights, and drew much larger crowds than the older gardens, mostly because they could cram almost 20,000 people in there. The site lines were apparently terrible, but by all accounts the energy that still haunts the current garden, was the main draw.
Then, hockey happened. This was the idea from the start, as fellow sports promoter Thomas Duggan had options on three expansion teams for the NHL, to be established in the US. One became the Bruins, and then one was arranged to be given to NYC’s most-celebrated prohibition bootlegger Bill Dwyer, who arranged with Tex to have the team play at MSG III. Tex had an agreement with the first team they started, The New York Americans, aka The Amerks (ever heard of them?), that they would be the only hockey team to ever play at The Garden. Although there was a clause in the contract that Tex claimed he would never exercise, that claimed if Tex and MSG ever made a bid for a team, the Amerks would support it. Tex kept his word for approximately one year, when due to the American’s success, he went out and got himself a hockey team. The tabloids dubbed this team Tex’s Rangers, an obvious play on words, and you can guess what that team that became today. The Rangers soon eclipsed the Amerks in success, and The Garden’s lore began to grow as the place to be in NYC.
One more note on Tex, and maybe the most important in my biased Knicks ‘no other arena is THE GARDEN’ mind. he started 7 other Madison Square Garden’s around the country. Including ‘Boston Madison Square Garden’ which as you may guess, became known as Boston Garden. Thats right Celtics fans, your building was named after ours. Thanks Tex, for unknowingly providing another iconic building, that the future inhabitants of your NYC building would lose in over and over again! Anyways…now is where basketball becomes the star - so you can all start paying attention!
At the time, nobody thought professional basketball was a viable way of making money. Rickard passed away in 1929, and during the great depression things stayed somewhat status quo, but also there were now a lot of days where the giant arena wasn’t being used at all. Then, in walked Ned Irish, a successful sports journalist who quit his job covering basketball games for the World-Telegram, to start promoting basketball games at MSG III. The Garden let him promote and hold games there, as long as he would just cover the rent, that’s how bad things were economically. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, the college games became a lot more financially successful than anyone had anticipated. Along with making money, these college games were probably the number one factor in growing the game nationwide in general. College ball became the marquee (pun intended) event at MSG III, especially the double headers. This was a time, before the infamous point shaving scandals, that NYC college basketball was a force in the college game. It’s hard to believe now, but teams like NYU and CCNY were the equivalent of today’s Duke and UNC. By 1946, they were selling out the arena, and the city (and country) had fallen in love with the game of basketball. The NIT was started during this time, and even the first televised basketball game happened there in the form of a Fordham-Pitt / Georgetown-NYU doubleheader. The previously mentioned point shaving scandal involving the NYC schools hamstrung Irish’s ability to put on marquee matchups at MSG III, as a lot of the major teams were banned from playing there, and the NCAA reduced its use of the arena as a result.
Ned, being the promoter genius that he was, saw the success of the college game, knew his limitations with that now, and thought…Why can’t we do this with professional athletes and start a league? There had technically been professional basketball being played at MSG III since its inception, but it was traveling teams like the original Celtics, which weren’t associated with a league. People just didn’t think there was enough money in it, or a means and arenas to have such a league. So with other owners of hockey arenas around the US (and Canada!) They started the NBA in 1946. It wasn’t instantly as popular as the college game as you may suspect, with the Knicks even having to play at the 69th (nice) regiment armory when a college game was on that took priority over the NBA. Ironically, the armory was a few blocks away from the original location of MSG I and II, on Lexington between 25th and 26th, it’s still there for those NYers who happen to walk by and notice the building.
There were other major nationally news worth events that happened at MSG III, including a host of politically themed ventures including both a packed Nazi rally (really, and people were NOT happy about it as you may imagine) and an anti-nazi rally. There are some very famous photos and press about the pro Nazi rally, which happened in 1939 and was organized by the ‘German American Bund’. As Nazi's were wont to do, they recorded the thing, and for what it's worth, its some of the best and most crisp footage of the old garden although the Nazi's really spoil it - Here are the receipts. If only they put their efforts into making beautiful videos of basketball games instead of hate. Too bad the guy who charged the stage didn't do any damage, and I hate to think of what they did to him. Anyways before I get too riled up, a few years later this group would be banned, but MSG certainly took some heat for allowing this to go down, and deservedly so. The tradition of MSG doing anything for a buck holds strong!
Probably the most noteworthy event ever held in that venue was also somewhat a political event. The most famous version of ‘Happy Birthday’ ever sung took place at JFK’s birthday party, sung of course by Marilyn Monroe, at MSG III. Most people probably had no idea where this took place, and it may be realistically the most famous moment from any of the incarnations of MSG.
Another one of my favorite stories from that time is when they had first built MSG III there was a boxer, who’s name escapes me but this is the NBA sub so you all don’t care, that didn’t realize there was a new venue, so he showed up at the site of MSG II only to see that it had been demolished. He scooted uptown as quickly as he could, and won his fight. There is a whole host of boxing history that went down there, but I won’t bore you all with the details, just go look it up if you’re interested! The boxing events most of you have heard of, such as The Fight of the Century, would happen at the building that stands today, MSG IIII.
Now, on to the controversy.
Madison Square Garden IIII (current arena)
This is all just fact, and I won’t get into my biased opinion on why or why not this was the right thing to do. I’m going to lay out the full controversy before I get into some fun facts about the current arena…So here goes…
Yes, there was an above ground Penn Station. It was thought of as one of the most iconic and beautiful landmarks in NYC. Look up some pictures, it’s very cool.
In 1959, Graham-Paige bought a 40% stake in MSG for $4 million. Then, in 1960, Graham-Paige president Irving Felt (old NYers will recognize the name, the Felt Forum, which was the original name for the theater under the arena floor) bought the right to Penn Station. The idea was always that he would tear the old station down, and build the sports complex. The Pennsylvania Railroad company sold the air rights to the property because passenger traffic was on the decline after WW2, and they weren’t making enough money to upkeep the station. I’m sure the Penn Railroad company wasn’t too keen on tearing the building down, but Felt made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. In exchange for the rights of a building they couldn’t support anymore, the Penn Railroad company got a brand new, smaller station completely below the street at no cost, and also a 25% stake in the new MSG complex. That probably worked out ok for them. People tried to save the old station, as it was a beautiful and a lot of people were outraged that the city would let this happen. At the end of the day, the city voted to demolish the building in 1963. A lot went into this, it was simply too much for the railroad company to upkeep, and like I said, they got a pretty great offer. Also, they had at first optioned the air rights to William Zeckendorf in 1954, and he had some plans which would reconfigure the train station into several different things including a ‘world trade center’ and a ‘Palace of Progress’. These things didn’t come to pass, again, this was a MASSIVE building. Now it should be noted, if NYC wanted to save the building, they could have saved the building. It would not have been cheap, but they could have done it. However the city thought that since it was originally intended to be a ‘cost-effective and functional piece of the city’s infrastructure’ it was now mostly just a ‘monument to the past’. Pretty cold, but the city had a history of destroying historic buildings to build even more historic ones. A lot of the criticism from people after MSG4 was built, was that this was not the case in this instance, as opposed to say - tearing down the original Waldorf-Astoria to put up the Empire State Building. That one in retrospect, doesn’t have as much contention. The city thought they were being ‘progressive’ and from what I can gather, people didn’t believe they were actually going to tear the building down until they actually started doing it. When they actually started tearing it down, it sparked international outrage. As another user pointed out on the other thread, this led to the establishment of the NYC landmarks preservation commission, which did in fact save Grand Central from demolition in 1968. So that’s a silver lining to all of this. NYC didn’t step up to save the old Penn Station, but its demolition was not in vain. The outrage that it caused has surely saved plenty of other historic buildings from their demise. Like I said, I’m not trying to say it was right or wrong, this post is simply to state the facts on what happened and why it all happened.
(((I realize that I may have been typing hastily and drunk when I responded with why the old landmark Penn Station building was torn down for the new MSG. Admittedly, my timeline was slightly off, as the ‘no property tax’ thing happened afterwards to keep the Knicks / Rangers / MSG in the city. I went back into my research and wanted to make sure I explained what happened 100% accurately. Even though nobody disputed this in the thread, my post may have been confusing and the timeline in my head was a bit skewed, as I said the threat of moving to NJ was a factor in them originally tearing the train station down. This was the reason for the property tax cut, but not the original demo of the train station, as you've just read. I wanted to make sure the accurate story was told. So this should clear up the timeline, and why and when things happened the way they did.)))
The next big controversy is what I had a little mixed up in my original post, as I clumped it together with the original controversy, and that is the threat of the teams moving to New Jersey. This did happen and this is where it gets very, very, VERY sketchy.
In 1982, when Gulf and Western owned MSG, they threatened to move the teams to NJ, as the Giants and Jets had done, and also the Devils although they didn’t come from Manhattan. NJ had proven a more than viable option for professional sports teams, as it was just a short train ride away to the new Meadowlands Sports Complex. The Garden was in need of renovation, so they made then mayor Ed Koch an ultimatum - give us a tax break to help us renovate the arena and add the new fangled luxury boxes that all the newer arenas had. That led to a full property tax exemption for the next 10 years.
Koch ‘didn’t realize’ that no one put in a sunset date for the tax exemption. Some think he confused the clause that stated the teams would be locked in for at least 10 more years, for a clause that said the tax exemption would only last for 10 more years. The first part of that is true, so interestingly enough the Knicks and Rangers are not allowed to play home games anywhere else but MSG, or they would break the agreement, so things like the NHL winter classic that the Rangers play in, even if in NY they have to be the away team. Knicks in London? Away team. Not that those teams would give up a home games worth of revenue, but still they technically have to be the away team. So the garden has saved somewhere around half a billion dollars, yes BILLION dollars in property tax payments. It’s around $50 Million now, and although there have been bills, most notably in 2014 to try and get this changed, so far it’s fallen on deaf ears.
The argument against this is pretty plain to see, the Knicks and the Rangers are the most profitable teams in their respective sports, and that they don’t need this tax break. Let’s make one thing clear, Jim Dolan definitely does NOT need the tax break. Everyone has to pay property taxes. Except, Dolan and MSG. It’s a hard pill to swallow, even as the most diehard Knicks fan. The City Council almost unanimously voted to take it to state legislature in 2014, which has authority over the cities tax rules. There is sketchy stuff all through this, like state assembly leader at the time Sheldon Silver having his daughter and one of his former top aides on MSG payroll. Oh yeah, Sheldon Silver was convicted of federal fraud and extortion charges sometime after that focused on large payments that Silver received for years from Goldberg & Iryami, a law firm that specialized in seeking reductions of New York City real estate taxes for real estate developers. Silver was alleged to have persuaded developers who had business with the state to use the firm, which in turn generated $700,000 in referral fees to Silver. Totally not sketchy at all.
Here’s where it stands today, as controversy will be back to a fever pitch in a few years.
In 2013, the NYC council voted unanimously to give MSG a ten year permit, as opposed to their current agreement which gave them operating rights in perpetuity. This means that MSG’s operating permit is up in 2023. Penn Station is in dire need of renovation. Like, more-so than the Knicks are in need of talent. Dolan also spent a couple billion on renovating the arena into the state of the art facility it is today. He’s not planning on moving it. If the city wants Dolan to move the garden so they can renovate the station, it would be massively complicated, and the city would be forced to offer huge subsidies to get MSG out of the way. So chances are, everything goes on, status quo. Now I will say, from my time receiving internal emails at MSG, Dolan does not want a fight with the city. They realize that there can potentially be a compromise here. Also, he has a ton of money, and politicians tend to respond to that.
One thing that is a step in the right direction, is the massive building across 8th avenue, the iconic post office, which just like the old Penn Station has gone largely unused but BECAUSE of Penn Stations demolition has been protected itself from demolition. It has already begun to be repurposed for the train station, and by 2021 they are supposed to finish the construction on the inside to a huge, new, modern train hub. This will do a lot honestly in reducing the congestion in the old underground station.
The other internal rumblings, were that Dolan was going to let them build into the theater. Cuomo actually announced this plan, which would leave the arena intact. I will explain the layout of the current building later, but underneath the arena floor up on the 5th floor, sits the 2nd largest theater in all of NYC. In my time there it was being used less and less, mostly because the garden also owns Radio City and The Beacon theater, which are much nicer venues. There have been iconic events down in the theater also, including many NBA drafts, and some epic Eddie Murphy stand up specials, but it is in need of renovation. It is the only area that they didn’t touch during the renovation, because the thought process is that they’d just be competing with themselves in Radio and The Beacon. So The idea is that Dolan will throw the city a bone, and let them build up into the theater, in exchange for keeping the status quo, which would give Penn a much larger footprint. Admittedly, I’m not sure what progress has gone into this plan, and if the Amtrak plan for the post office has changed any of that. Basically, we’re just going to have to wait until 2023 to see what the future really holds for MSG, but knowing a bit about NYC politics, I wouldn’t count on anything changing.
Ok, now that that’s all out of the way, lets talk about the fun side of MSG4, if it hasn’t already left too sour of a taste in your collective mouths.
The new building is actually a pretty fascinating piece of architecture in its own right. Some people think the facade is ugly, and that’s fair, but the inner workings are pretty cool. Charles Luckman was the architect, and he also designed the Forum out in LA, owned now by MSG as well. In my opinion, the most fascinating part of the structure is the cable system which supports it. 48 cables connect from the outer circumference of the building, meeting at the middle in a center tension ring. This allows the arena to not have visual support beams, like the arenas before it all boasted. No visual beams means better sight lines, and less obstructions. This is a cool article from the time about it if you care to know more about the actual construction. If you’re ever at The Garden, look for little circular plaques on the wall, numbered 1-48. These mark where the cables line up in the arena, and security can actually use these to dictate where they are in the building. You’ll probably never notice them, unless you’re looking for them.
The other cool thing about the roof, is that if you look closely you’ll see that the actual ceiling which sits between the cables, you’ll see that it has tiny holes all through it. Thats because the ceiling is designed to absorb sound, its filled with sound absorption material so when the sound passes through the holes it helps deaden the room. Usually arenas are the worst place to see a concert, and the general rule of thumb is - the bigger the room, the louder and boomier it will be. It’s certainly not as good sounding as a smaller concert venue but it is better than any arena you’ll find. As opposed to oracle arena, which has a concrete ceiling meant to amplify sound for sporting events etc. Which makes it even more impressive how loud it gets in there, despite the ceilings best efforts.
When the building was built there was a 48 lane bowling alley, an art gallery, a hall of fame, and a 501 seat cinema. Thats right, a 48 lane bowling alley. It closed in the 80s, but had a lot of bowling events including some sort of bowling TV show apparently. I haven’t been able to confirm this, but this was what I was told by a reliable source! Someone older than myself can probably speak to that.
Unlike most arenas, the arena floor of MSG is actually 5 floors above street level, which allows for the theater underneath the arena floor.
Although the Felt Forum Theater at Madison Square Garden doesn’t have as many events as it used to, they still have events and even at the same time that there are events going on up in the main arena. When I was working there, we had plenty of instances where there were crazy concerts or games going on upstairs, and other events going on in the theater. You would have never known the other was going on, and there is no sound transmitted from one venue to the other. Also if you’re familiar with the theater, the rumor is the lights (probably its defining characteristic) that pattern the theater ceiling, equates exactly to the number of seats in the theater. I never was bored enough to count, so that’ll just have to be a rumor for now!
The floor of the arena itself is pretty cool, and if you’re not familiar with how these multi-sport arenas work, the ice lives underneath the court all through hockey and basketball season. It’s pretty remarkable to watch the ice crew make the ice, and pretty sad when it gets melted. The fun fact here is, not only can they switch over in under 3 hours from one sport to the other, but they WILL do it and have to do it several times a year to do a Knicks and Rangers home game on the same day. All four sides of the arena have expandable seating, think high school gym, which allows for almost 2 thousand more seats during Knicks games as opposed to rangers games. They cover the ice with a fiberglass/plastic compound material, and then the floor fits together like a giant puzzle over top of the material. This current material has been used since the renovation, and the ridiculous thing is before the new material, supposedly they had to melt the ice once during the season - to accommodate for the longest running event in MSG history, the dog show. Apparently the dogs could sense the ice! I wasn’t there at that time, but that was what I was told was the scenario.
Another ridiculous thing is seeing them set up for professional bull riding. It’s insane, they bring in literally 20 something dump trucks of dirt and they do a ‘running of the bulls’ where all the bulls run up the ramp that goes to the street, and into their pens. It’s probably the wildest thing you’ll see being set up there, and also leaves the arena smelling like, well, you know, for several weeks. Not as bad as it smells after Phish comes through for NYE, and no I’m not talking about reefer. That would be one thing, but it just smells…grimy.
As much as we all collectively have some disdain for James Dolan, it hasn’t been all bad. He has hosted 3 of the biggest benifit concerts of all time, for 9/11, Katrina, and Sandy. All the proceeds from these shows went towards victim relief. But what people don’t realize is that the first ever benefit concert happened at MSG, in George Harrison’s ‘The Concert For Bangladesh’.
As for the new renovation, they really did a nice job in a lot of ways. It took 3 years, from 2011-13. First of all, if you’ve never sat on the bridge for a game, do it. It’s truly a one of a kind view. If you’re not familiar with the bridge, they are 2 suspended walkways that were added during the renovation, with several rows of seating that stretch across the arena. One side is the ‘Media bridge’ where there are TV’s with full cable, all kinds of plugs for laptops and internet and all that. They will sell tickets to this side when it’s a game that the media isn’t hogging the whole thing. I like hanging up there during games because there are advanced stats on some of the channels, anything you would need to be covering the game from a journalistic perspective, so it’s pretty cool. Also that’s where the radio, and the hockey TV broadcast booths are, since the vantage point is better up there for hockey than on the glass.
Pro tip - sometimes on stub hub or wherever, those seats can be cheaper than the ones further back not on the bridge. This is because they’re the ‘300’ level, where as the seats all the way up on the sides are the 200 level. However there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. And there are bars INSIDE the seating area, so if you’re up in the top of the 200’s, you can hit the bar without ever leaving the arena bowl and missing a single second of that can’t miss Knicks basketball. The 400 level is cool too, that’s the blue seats, which were the original color of all the 400 level seats.
Back in the day, when there were paper tickets, the seats in the different levels were different colors, and the tickets for those seats would be the same color as your seats!
The suite situation is very insane now a days. There are the event level suites, which are 20 suites located literally on the arena floor, underneath the seating. They have no view of the game, but they come with 8 seats each right in the first few rows. It’s the best of both worlds, so you’ll see the first few rows CLEAR OUT during half time to go into their little luxury caves. There are also suites all through the mid level of the arena, and then a 3rd level of suites up on the 9th floor, facing the stage.
There are also luxury clubs, including the Delta Club, which if you’ve never had a ticket with access to it, and can afford it - I highly recommend it. Everything (minus alcohol of course!) is free, and the food is honestly ridiculous. Further down the hall and down the stairs is the JP Morgan club (throwback!) where an even more elite club (closest 100 or so seats) can hang out. And even more so, there is a place called ‘suite 200’. I never knew about this until I worked there. You can only go there if you’re invited, which means you’re very famous. For some reason, my keycard had access to this, and I explored it a few times. It’s ridiculous. Original trophies, huge original paintings, etc.
Speaking of trophies - everyone used to ask me where the Knicks championship trophies are - and the truth is, back when the Knicks won it was so long ago, that the NBA trophy was like the Stanley cup and changed hands every year. So…no Knicks championship trophies. However if you go to MSG you’ll notice the defining moments collection, the top moments in MSG history that line the walls of the 2 main concourses. There is one dedicated to the 1970 championship, and it has the eastern conference trophy in it. Now this I can confirm is true - if you examine the trophy you’ll notice that the little basketball player on top is a different hue than the rest of the trophy. That’s because apparently when they were compiling these displays a few years ago, they found the trophy in storage with the basketball man broken off the top of it, so they had to replace it. That’s why you can visibly tell that there is a difference between him and the rest of the trophy, if you really examine it.
Obviously there have been so many huge events at The Garden, I don’t really need to get into that here.
Also if you ever get the chance, visit the 9th floor where the signature suites are located. The coolest memorabilia in the building is up there, including one of those signed 50 greatest lithographs, Patrick Ewing and Wayne Gretzky’s locker, and even the statue of Joe Gans, a legendary African American boxer. This statue has the patina pretty much gone from his outstretched left arm is it was tradition for boxers to tap gloves with Joe for good luck before they took the ring. Now it sits up there, right next to the scale that was in use during the time of the fight of the century featuring Frazier and Ali. They also have an old school ice resurfacer up there, which is pretty cool.
Well, I’m sure there’s a ton that I left out - If you made it this far, you’re a champ.
TL;DR - Boston Garden was originally called Boston Madison Square Garden and was named after the arena in NY. There is only one 'The Garden' and it's super duper important. ;)
Edit - I should have mentioned wrestling. It’s intimately tied to MSG, but really deserves its own thread and I have no more characters!
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