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2018.05.13 01:27 Sensorfire A rich, eccentric man owns a museum of giant, alphabet-shaped objects.

The grand opening is planned for soon. He's filled up most of his exhibits, but he's still looking for a final touch to the Q room. He puts up an online ad campaign and waits to hear back, delaying the opening until he can find a good Q. After about a month, he's about to give up and close down the museum for good, when he receives a letter.
"Dear sir,
I've discovered your advertisements and learned about your museum. I'm ecstatic to discover a fellow giant alphabet enthusiast! I, too, quested for a good Q. Fortunately, I have been successful enough to come to have 2 Qs: one is a large, mahogany carving, which I'm willing to part with for $1,500. The other is a marble statue dating back 150 years, which I will sell you for $10,000. I eagerly await your response,
Rodney Joseph King."
The man wrote Mr. King back, and they arranged for the delivery of the wooden Q to the museum. Once the delivery arrived, however, it contained a metal post in the shape of an E. Confused, he wrote to King, explaining that he had received the wrong item. The letter he got back read:
"My apologies. I am having the Q carving sent at once. As a token of good will, you may keep the E for no extra charge.
Rod J. King"
The very next day, another delivery arrived. Relieved, the man went to unload his new Q so he could finally open his museum. However, he was shocked to find a wooden post in the shape of an E had been sent instead. Suspicious, he wrote another letter to King, demanding either the Q or his money back. Soon, a letter arrived in the mail:
"Again, my deepest apologies. Once again, you may keep the E. I would send you the Q carving, but it's recently been stolen from me. I have enclosed a check for $1,500, your payment for the Q. I am also willing to sell you the marble Q statue at a discounted price for your troubles - only $7,500.
R. J. King"
Despite his issues, this was the man's only potential supplier of a Q so far, so he decided to order the Q statue. Sure enough, the delivery came soon. The man went to inspect it, and upon seeing the contents, he yelled out,
"Dammit! It's another E-post from R. Joe K's!"
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